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  1. The title pretty much says it all. This game looks very fun and intriguing to me, but unfortunately I can't seem to find anywhere online that still carries Awakenings packs. I was able to order the Rey/Kylo base sets via Amazon, but I am looking to get deeper into the game. Suggestions or any advice as to purchasing packs as a new player???
  2. As I fan of the SW LCG, I have to agree. The LCG I feel has slowed down in recent times, as they are only focusing on original trilogy content. But this feels fresh as it is from prequels, originals, and sequels.
  3. All in all, it seems like FFG wants to stick to the main films here. It's going to a stretch if they consult the tv shows. Then again, in the SW LCG (which I am also into) they have basically run amount of content from the original trilogy and are turning to adding content from Rebels. So it's possible.
  4. We will have to wait and see. If FFG ever runs out of ideas for cards (which is unlikely) then MAYBE we'll see some Legends and KOTOR content. Would be cool to see it happen though.
  5. Looking at the rules and demo, this is starting to look like an amazing game.
  6. Many times this. And sorry Legends folks, I hope this is a strictly Canon game. Same same same, sorry legends fans but I'm a canon girl and I agree with this statement. As for KOTOR, if it had to be made imo it would be better as its own game. Yeah KOTOR era stuff is pretty different in terms of characters and storylines. I've always seen it as a fan written era, not really as part of a "George Lucas style" canon.
  7. Do you think they will add new cards based on these new films? Or what about Clone Wars/Rebels tv series? I certainly hope so. People would be all over it if they did so, I'm thinking they will. Thoughts?
  8. Did anyone else see Finn's ability to include enemy red vehicle and weapon cards in a light side deck? Thought that was an ingenious idea, and I think he will be a well used character as he will open up different combos and such. My question is, will there be a DS character who does this and if so, who? Thoughts on Finn?
  9. Kylo: "I know what I have to do, but I don't know if I have the strength to do it. Will you help me?" Han: "Anything..." Rey(after she has the dream): "What was that? I shouldn't have gone in there!" "What's in there?" "Only what you take with you."
  10. Yeah, I've always been a Jedi kinda guy, so I've never really focused on the smugglers and rebel afflictions as much. Thanks btw for the deck I'll have to try it
  11. So after playing the game for a year or two, I've come to realize the true power of the core set's Han Solo. It's an extremely aggressive card that can shut down an enemy's board if he strikes just once. I've killed many a Jabba and Palpaptine with the the famous smuggler. Back in the days where the Han-Luke-Yoda deck was the meta, he saw constant play and many dark side decks had to conform with the aggressiveness of this deck. FF even tried to help out players succeed in shuting down this deck, but to little avail, the most infamous example being the Hunt for Solo pod. It seems to me, after seeing all the cards roll out over time, that Han Solo remains the single best aggro card in the game. Yes, he is a bit unhealthy on hit points but it gives your opponent a priority target that he has to deal with quickly. Most of this is my opinion, anyone agree/disagree? I know reign of smugglers in the meta has ended, but do you guys still run him? I've also been looking for a deck centered around Solo, If anyone has one to share that would be great:)
  12. Questionable Contacts-cause you get an OP objective ability and one of the most OP sumgglers in the game:)
  13. Sabotage in the snow from the Hoth cycle. What garbage:/
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