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  1. I think your idea of using the combat mechanic from RoTE is a great idea. The use of tactic values and all of the small combat cards along with the various ways to add and cancel damage really slowed down the game fro me and my friends during the base campaign. The combat mechanic in the new game with a single card facedown before combat and the hero tactical values only pertaining to re-rolls is far simpler to understand and does not impede the flow of the game nearly as much.
  2. I assume you are talking about the cards "Establish Trade Relations" a 3 - diplomacy card which gains you loyalty or the starter card "Build Alliance" a 1 - diplomacy card. Each of these can give you loyalty in a system even if it has imperial troops which will block the right most resource icon. Yes a rebel player can do this and it can be very annoying but when playing against a veteran imperial player you need to be very careful to avoid having your leader captures as your opponent seems to favor characters with high Spec. Ops rating (fist), and this is used on the capture card. The imperial player can also turn your leader to the dark side with the "lure of the Dark Side" card which can be quite detrimental. If an imperial player plays their cards correctly they can take up to 3 of your rebel heroes. One with "Lure of the Dark Side" giving your hero to their pool, one with "Carbon Freezing", and one with the "Capture Rebel Operative" card which is a starter card for the Imperial player. Also, if you ever play the imperial player I would suggest always leaving a single unit behind when crossing the board taking one system at a time to prevent losing all of your systems to the diplomacy effect since the starter empire card requires a unit on the planet to gain loyalty. Also, you mentioned that the imperial player took Boba and focused on capturing systems, because Boba does not have a tactic values he cannot move troops so people who pick him often assign him to the capture card since he can only resolve mission cards. This game has quite a bit of depth and there are various strategies that either player can take to win or counter their opponent. hopefully this helped
  3. Agenda missions played by the imperial player are added to the side mission pool the rebel heroes have to choose from. If the rebel heroes choose to ignore your mission and play one of their side missions you simply earn the reward which is the ability to bring Boba on any future missions. If the rebel heroes choose to play your agenda side mission, you would continue as normal and the agenda side mission will use up one of the side mission slots on the back of the book for the campaign, the caveat here is that the rebels in an attempt to deny you Boba give up one of their side missions which can produce some nice rewards. Also, if they chose to do your agenda side mission, the two side missions they have on the table remain, no new cards are drawn. I hope this made sense.
  4. Hey CP, when are you going to paint the rest of our IA stuff? We have a Rancor to paint soon.
  5. Peter: (Peter pulls his hand out of the officer's grasp). Ah ah ah! Can't touch me! Can't touch me! Ju-ju-ju-ju-just like the bad guy from Lethal Weapon 2, I've got diplomatic immunity, so Hammer you can't sue. Peter: I can write graffiti, even jaywalk in the street! I can riot, loot, not give a hoot, and touch your sister's teat! Can't touch me! Can't touch me! Peter (dancing): Can't touch me! Peter: STOP! Peter Time! I'm a big shot! There's no doubt! Light a fire then pee it out! Don't like it, kiss my rump! Just for a minute let's all do the bump. Everybody does the bump Peter: Can't touch me, Yeah, do the Peter Griffin bump! Can't touch me! I'm Presidential Peter! Interns think I'm hot! Don't care if you're handicapped! I'll still park in your spot! (Ties Joe to a back of the truck with chains) I've been around the world from Hartford to Back Bay! It's Peter, Go Peter, MC Peter, Yo Peter! Let's see Regis rap this way! Can't touch me! The song ends. A police officer is writing a ticket. Peter to woman: Except for you, you can touch me.
  6. So because he is a card effect can he superseded accuracy rolls and allow the token to be discarded regardless if it is targeted by an accuracy roll?
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