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  1. I guess its from Poland. So some.did ship out. Image i tried loading says to big. But its in the star wars:legion FB page
  2. Love the the way you can pose these as well as it states in article
  3. What yall think of todays reveal of the Arc Trooper? Me? Im.ecstatic!!!
  4. I think.homemade alts are amazing. Even if I dont like it..man. the amount of time and energy put into it makes me wanna use it and show others. Some friends may want it themselves
  5. Got this in my inbox????? Wth
  6. Delta8

    Candians at Worlds

    Jeeez fellas. Typo lol
  7. Delta8

    Candians at Worlds

    Found and contacted with reply. Ty everyone!
  8. Delta8

    Candians at Worlds

    Next to the fella in the blue shirt
  9. Delta8

    Candians at Worlds

    Yes!!! First row 3rd fella in!
  10. Delta8

    Candians at Worlds

    Hey guys. It was an older fellow. I believe that had some type of jersey. Sorry about the answer delay
  11. Delta8

    Candians at Worlds

    Met a cool Canadian fella at worlds on Wednsday before the LCQ. Was gonna add um on FB but cant remember name. Anyone know if there is a Canadian page somewhere. Thanks
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