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  1. Let me help you over there, this is what you have been waiting for: English Japanese X-wing translation guide: English Japanese Do you want to play X-wing? Asobu X-winga-san? Lets begin the game Chop sui! Hit the rock Akirakadesu Roll dice Sagi-shi Critical hit Anata no okāsan wa futotte imasu! That was a nice game, thank you Anata no shinimashita!
  2. Are you sure? From someone with a background in industrial production, the actual product production cost is usually roughly 1/6th of the sale price (before tax). So, lets just assume for simplicity that the produciton of the plastic-miniature takes up 100% i.e. is that 1/6th, and that card production is 0 (that is not the case in reality). In otherwords, would you buy the card-only pack for a single miniature for 5/6th of the price of the box with the mini in it? Only containing e.g. one new upgrade and 2 new pilots? Cause if you do not, then FFG would be losing money if they had to sell it to you cheaper, and/or this forum would be filled with angry posters about how greedy FFG are. Then allright they could produce a "wave-upgrade box" with all the new card-board and pilots in an entire wave, like an extra upgrade kit - with more content we the consumers would be more willing to pay a higher price for that. But should ofcourse only include new pilots and cards for ships that are being re-released in from 1.0 to 2.0 not allready contained in the conversion-kit. Now wave 4, has the biggest number of re-releases so far, that is 5 ships, potentially 10-15 new pilots and configurations/cards and could potentially be a good card pack which people would be happy to buy at a price where FFG would not be losing money. But wave 3 only has 2 re-releases so that would only be 2-5 new pilots and upgrades. Would you pay the same price for a wave-upgrade box for both waves? And what about if you do not care about the other factions and only want scum? or rebel? or empire? are you going to then ***** about not having the other pilots? because you did not buy the other conversionkits? There is no way FFG would make any of us happy, and they would also be loosing money (which would kill the game long term) - it is not a win neither for FFG nor us. What they are going to do, is let us either spend money on the new Clonewars factions, or save money and wait for the inevitable Ace/Veterans/Heros/Most wanted/Guns for hire 2.0 boxes with mini that are going to re-re-release including new configurations, titles and pilots and up-grades.
  3. Sciencius

    Getting Over the Jousting Syndrome

    I never said otherwise. That is entirely going on inside your own head.
  4. Sciencius

    Getting Over the Jousting Syndrome

    I am sure a competent flanker with the appropriate ships as you mention would be able to flank - but why would you give yourself that disadvantage?
  5. Sciencius

    Getting Over the Jousting Syndrome

    Everything happens at setup: The Joust: When jousting you tend to place you ships in formation together and facing the enemy and then keeping formation you approach the enemy head-on and focus fire, and that "barrage" will hopefully do more damage on the opponent that he does to you. If successful, you won the joust. Rinse repeat. The Gambit: If you are trying to avoid the joust, you have to setup your ships far apart from eachother on your side of the board. This makes it difficult for your opponent to decide which ship to target and focus on. When opening you approach the enemy ships from different directions such that the opponent can only focus on one (group) of ship(s) and the remaining flanking ships are flying towards the enemy ships without having any enemy guns pointing at them. Just when you get in range, you disengage hard with the ship - "the bait" - your opponent is targeting with his ships. If you are successful your flanking group of ships will have shoots at the enemy ships and do damage without the risk of return fire - and your "bait" ship will escape also unscathed. If successful, you managed to flank the enemy. Rinse repeat.
  6. Sciencius

    《Spoiler alert》 the new ownership of Millennium Falcon

    In return of the Jedi Lando got the Millenium back (kinda) when he flew the Falcon on the important mission to destroy the second death star. There would be no point to return to that. To quote someone from the new trilogy "Let the past die, kill it if you have to".
  7. Since a force-sensitive pilot can 'spend a force to' perform any one additional action, they can do that anyway, so there are basically 3 options: 1) You cannot perform the purple action normally, but are forced to spend a force-token - so a weaker action 2) You can spend a force-token to do this action, even when you are otherwise prohibited (e.g. when stressed). 3) When you spend a force-token you may also perform this action for free. Presently I think the "evade"-action is purple on the Delta-7. Ad. 1) As you could just spend that force when defending to change a die to an evade if need so - this only make sense for giving you that evade for e.g. Juke, but since force-pilots (so far) do not have elite pilot talents, this seems a less likely option. Ad.3) This would be very powerfull action-economy which easily could get out of hand, with extra actions in the engagement phase etc. But perhaps the Delta-7 is so fragile/expensive and Jedi's in the Republic Area are so amazing space wizards it works. Imho this leaves option 2) which also would be very powerful, but not that different from Advanced sensors/Pattern Analyser and thus not too OP.
  8. Sciencius

    Will Vulture swarms be the new meta swarm list?

    But the Vulture only gives you one calculate, it is very weak. I always thought they would have a kind of "attani-mindlink"-ability just limited to ship-type and calculates only - to avoid being abused like in 1.0, where the top-pilots could taken it for 1 pt - limited to ship and calculate only they would be more balanced, while still provide action economy. Love the ship though, only choice is what color do I want my vultures to have...
  9. Sciencius

    Will Vulture swarms be the new meta swarm list?

    Very thoughtful analysis, I agree completely.
  10. Sciencius

    New Epic Line Star Destroyer Reveal

    Hyperspace legal?
  11. Sciencius

    Servants of Strife Preview Article

    Why not? The IG-88 family of bots have them? 4-Lom have it? FYI: HEROIC is Resistance only, my comment was a pun..
  12. Sciencius

    Servants of Strife Preview Article

    Two words: "bring seismics" Deathrain and friends are going to have a field day...
  13. Sciencius

    Servants of Strife Preview Article

    Heroic! oh...sorry
  14. Sciencius

    Counterpoint: the Defender is Underrated

    RE: @theBitterFig Nobody is insulting your X-wing community, I am afraid that is all inside your head. Of course there is a difference between winning/going to cut a large 300+ player tournament and winning a few casual games at game night, and this has nothing to do with your local X-wing community.
  15. Sciencius

    Counterpoint: the Defender is Underrated

    Interesting point, and thanks for this @theBitterFig could you share with us the details of your Delta,Delta,OGP list? Is it https://raithos.github.io/?f=Galactic Empire&d=v5!s!198:-1,-1,-1:;198:-1,-1,-1:;168:-1,-1,29,-1,-1,-1:&sn=Delta%2CDelta%3BOGP&obs= or another loadout? And what large tournaments have you won with the list? and what lists did you beat? I have for a long time argued that the Defender is overcosted*, and overall agree with (https://midwestscrub.wordpress.com/2018/12/28/tie-defenders-too-good-to-be-viable/) - and here I am especially thinking about the Aces. I am not saying the TIE Defender is bad, if flown by an "experienced defender player"(=who knows how to utilize "Full Throttle") against a rookie at casual game night, the TIE Defender will murder what ever list the rookie brings - but so will MANY other pilots and lists, so I don't really accept that as an argument for the price to be right. The true test are results form large-scale tournaments, where you face competent players who knows how to understands the weakness of the TIE Defender. In 1.0 I have flown tripple /x7 Defenders, Two /x7 aces + support, /D Ace + Cirpy, and placed in top 30 of large 300+player tournaments, which means when I fly against /x7 I known precisely where I have to be to block your "Full Throttle", and have some aces ready to capitalize on this. And with only "room" for a maximum of two TIE Defenders, well, in 2.0, I have not yet lost to a TIE Defender list. (Which makes me kinda sad). I dont think the price of the Delta has to go down to the point where you can just fit 3 naked - allthough EVEN 3 Deltas WILL get murded by at least one other legal list I know, but the Delta has to go down 1-3 points so there is room to fit some upgrades or at least bring a more competent 3'rd ship, which is why I am curious about your list. The aces HAS to come down in price without a question. I would really like some MathWing on this.... * = by overcosted I mean relative to other ships, the argument that the TIE Defender is fine, and that other ships have to go up in prices is just the other side of the same coin.