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  1. Great writeup, loved the read and the nice visuals. In summary: "Guri does not dream of electric sheep, she does infact dream of burning down the galaxy" ūüėĄ I have played against Fenn+Guri (but not sure if the loadup were exacly the same as this list) in 2 different tournaments against with my seperatist swarm. I actually won both mathups, but only because the target priority is 100% Guri, you have to take her out first. She is the most manuverable of the two so you need the entire swarm to ensure a block on ALL of her possible manouvers. Once blocked she is trapped and will burn down fast. Fenn is a totally different ballgame his concordia is so nasty even in the blocking game.
  2. I like the focus on bombs for Jango, not sure your mentioned ability should be tied on the title, kind of feels it somehow should be his pilot ability, but it works. Should definitely be "Bombs" only. However the shutdown of force-users seems very strong...too strong ihmo and would seriously knock the balance for the Republic...perhaps make it R1 only to make him somewhat like his son.
  3. I also thought about the R3 only which would be fun and a novel design space, but also perhaps a bit too limited so I extended mine to 2-3.
  4. It kinda feels like Proton Rockets already fits that description, but since you already thought of that and : My main question is, what is the reason behind your line of thinking? Because you want it to be cheaper? or you wanted more range or more charges? I also like the idea of a "long-range" unguided cheap torpedo you have to line up to make serious use for, something like: Attack(focus): Spend 1 charge. Bulls-eye: 4 dice Range: 2-3 Charges: 5 Card-text: After the Neutralize Results step, you may spend 1 critical hit result to add 2 normal hit results. This card is meant to be in the design-space inbetween proton rockes, and barrage rockets (and borrowing from Bossk's ability) but as a torpedo.
  5. If FFG were to build an X-wing AI App that gives you a worthy opponent for single player dogfight would you buy it? and if now what if it included a single player story line? It has been a loooong time since my plastic ships have been on the table and I really miss it, but even before this COVID-19 situation there has been times where I really would have liked this option, but now I REALLY would like that FFG had developed such an option. i ) I know there is online play both using VASSAL and TTS, but I play X-wing because I like the tactile feel of it, to have the actual models on the table... and being a long time computer player, the computer mapping of game mechanics developed for the physical world, just does not work for me. ii) I also know there are excellent fan-made AI implementations (they are fun, I suggest you go try them out) but there is always an element where you (the opponent) have to make some choice for the AI/or roll a dice to determine their next step, and since you have to carry out their steps you know in advance what the AI is going to do the next turn - which you can heavily exploit. So, while fun, they are no real challenge. As a thought-experiment: What if FFG where to design an X-wing AI App, where you could upload the list you want to play with, and which would present you with an AI designed list (based on your current collection of ships, minus your current list), and using live recording of the playmat, set dials and act as an opponent? Calling out the movements, actions, and engagements you should perform with the AI's ships. Furthermore, using such technology they could implement a single player campaign where you could play through a story line spanning several scenarios. Would you be interested in buying this? and how much would you pay for such an option? (Appologies if this have already been discussed).
  6. Cant wait to se the finale, and already on monday. Btw, an I the only one hoping they would continue this series beyond, but not going back in the clone wars era but rather into the imperial era. I would love to watch "this" series with the bad-batch, Ashoka, Maul, the clones in the early empire help establishing (Imperial) peace and order to the galaxy, the Inquisitors hunting the remaining jedi, and perhaps running into Saw, Jyn, and the other Rebel groups.
  7. Counterpoint, run like ****, table flip if you can! Whine like the little crybaby you are that you cannot afford 5 x-wings...ahem sorry, just a joke I remember my old professor would sometimes interrupt a research-meeting by shouting "THAT IS COMPLETELY WRONG" which made everyone wake up/look up form their computer.. Actually, I totally I agree with SOTL, 5 X-wings is an average list, which can be beating at multiple levels, list building, turn 0, engagement and follow-up. The first thing you need to ask yourself is why do you need strategic advice against this list? Because if you are flying a TA-175 powered seperatist swarm the answer is simply: "Joust".
  8. Deathray Dash (Dash/Han crew+Roark) was brutal, double tapping with 4-5 dice, focusing on a single ship, that was (too) effective. However, I am afraid the Bistan builds are a trap, as being forced to split fire is simply not acceptable in a competitative situation. I only think there is hope for Dash if his fire power is maximized but still keept as light as possible. Maybe a good starting point is a light build similar to this: Dash + Trick shot + Saw crew (104pt) Jan Ors + Moldy Crow (59pt) Jake/Arvel + Crack shot (37pt/35pt) total: 200pt/198pt (https://raithos.github.io/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v8ZsZ200Z39X133WWW58WWWY46XWWWWW156Y51X116WW&sn=My only hope&obs=) Dash target locks then he has Saw crew to turn eyes into crits, which together with Jan is 5-6 double modded red dice. Not as potent as Deathray Dash but still quite powerfull. Jan also locks in the turn she engages which together with Moldy Crow (and a buildup of focus) also giving her access to 3-4 double modded red dice, and finally Jake+crack is always a solid ship for the points. Could be Arvel instead, but more tricky to time and coordinate the perfect block while Jan and Dash attacks, but if pulled off....then Dash will hit like a ton of bricks (and so will Jan and Arvel) touching the power level of old Deathray Dash. Obviously, target priority is Jan Ors but the list does not fall apart when she dies, and in the mean time Dash and Jake/Arvel has free reign. Should the rookie opponent go for Jake/Arvel instead then they will never catch him and loose a lot of hitpoints during that chase. Going for Dash is also the mistake as Dash can take a beating and will return in kind and giving more time for Jan to boost Jake/Arvels attack. Unsure if you can kill enough Vultures per turn when facing a Sep swarm before you burn out, and perhaps restistance I5s with also play you like a fiddle, but this I my best bet... my only hope
  9. But the "TA-175" Pinata is a good idea, where did you get that from?
  10. Always be nice to your opponent, and just respectfully say "no thanks, I prefer official swag".
  11. Back, to the topic: As others have said, the original title would be not necessarily OP, but NPE. However, just as Biggs was similarly considered OP/NPE, Biggs was brought into 2.0 with an altered ability, and I think the same could happen with the "Captured Tie" title. There are several posibilities, but my favorite would be: "Setup: place 3-5 charges on this card. While there is at least one charge on the title you cannot perform an attack and you cannot be the target of an attack from a ship of lover intiative than your self. At I0, if there is any charge on the title, remove exactly 1 charge from this card." It would be similar to starting in reserve, just you are a super blocker/coordinator, except high init can shoot at you, if they want to, that is.
  12. What is this double trickery, a "Ramp Articulation Reservoir" that is indeed the brand of Coruscants best Espresso maker, huh, those Japanese were right all along....
  13. Hah! Wrong English to Japanese translation on the tall-pointy-thingy in the middle of crew-cabin "Range somthing resevoir", that is most certainly not "Expresso Machine"............ or is it?
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