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  1. I hope we'll apologyze this title a little bit clicbait but with the recent release of Silas, i was wondering if we couldn't have à way to guess the next investigators. In fact looking closely some players cards allow to grab some clues. All which follow is pure speculation (or bull ) - Already played investigators : Ursula Downs on Perception, Skids O Toole on Lone wolf, Wendy Adams on Waylay, Silas Masrh on Overpower, Mark Harrigan on shotgun, Aschan Pete on Scrapper, Roland Banks on True grit and Ill see you in **** ; - Obvious investigators : Charlie Kane on Charisma, Amanda Sharpe on Encyclopedie, Leo Anderson on Inspiring presence, Rita Young on Not without à fight, Trish Scarborough on Dexterity (and Burglary ?), Monterey Jack on Pathfinder - Supposed investigators : Kate Wintrop on Strange solution, Jacqueline Fine on Hot streak, backstab and ward of protection, Finn Edwards on Hardknock, Tommy Muldoon on Beatcoop, close call, rise to the occasion, Michael McGlenn on master slayer, daring maneuver, Preston Fairmont on Pickpocketing, Calvin Wright on A chance encounter There also a girl, Gené mentionned at the end of Dunwich and on the card Fieldwork who could be personnified on Inquirring mind and Laboratory assistant.
  2. Big news?

    That's the point.
  3. Big news?

    So how does it work ?
  4. Big news?

    Caleb explained that there will be no more combat phases, no resource matches and some cards effects will be simplify (i.e sneak attack). It looks like a lame heartstone or pathfinder game.
  5. Big news?

    Doing video games is not the same thing as board games. FFG, you're not in the same league, you can't expect fight against Blizzard, Bethesda or Obsidian By the way, the design look a bit ugly and the gameplay offers nothing for more than others virtuals card games.
  6. Big news?

    Anybody thought about a versus mode or a real competitive mode ? This could legitimate FAQ 1.9 and the fact that Caleb talked about "metagame".
  7. FAQ 1.9 Released

    Yeah you are right. It's still à good card.
  8. FAQ 1.9 Released

    May be it's time for some to learn how to play without broken cards ? And don't cry too much there is still Glorfindel 2. With the nerf Caldara is less powerfull but way more roleplay (she can't die multiple times). I'm not a fan of Hama, I always found the card not roleplay but it's still playlable. I am more disappointed by Not idle nerf.
  9. Hi guys, so I wonder if I really understood how to use this weapon arrived with dunwich. I think the card allow to spend action to deal +1 damage, without limitations. So you can spend two action and deal +2 without limitations except the actions left ?
  10. Is it possible to update this topic ? Cause I'm very interested by that timeline. According to the expansions' rules, after Numenor comes, Ringmaker, Dread Realm and Grey Havens. And Harad.
  11. You have to try to use Roland's ability at each turn if able because that THE way he collects clues. For example, during the first and the third adventure, I was in room with two clues, 4 in occult, and a cultist in an other place. So, I went to that place, let the cultist engage me, go back to my spot and shot the cultist in order to collect one of the clues. The other way is to use your knowledge, espacially with torch lamp, because you just have 3 points.
  12. Icon skill on cards

    I thought it was only for skill cards ! You might want to go over the rules again, as this is a major component of the cards and has a huge effect on gameplay. I just try to understand clearly the game.
  13. Confirmed by design team that you can't have 2x unique character assets. seems legit. is it mentionned somewhere in the rulesbook ? It's not, but in future printings those cards will have no 'pip' spaces and will instead have the same cost icon as story assets like Lita Chantler. The rules do say that you must follow the deckbuilding rules on the back of the player cards exactly, and those say to include one copy of the player specific cards. I'm sorry Holysorcerer but I speak a bad english. For me when I readed "unique character assets" I believed it applied to all unique assets, not only some specifics.
  14. Icon skill on cards

    I thought it was only for skill cards !
  15. Icon skill on cards

    i totally missed that point ! is it in rules ? Thx !