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  1. Rogue One Discussion Thread

    So sadly the striker was barely in the movie. And we never saw it once in space.
  2. U-wing in HOTAC

    The large base is actually more of a problem than just the terrain...good flying can make up forthe terrain. But the problem with large base ships in almost all of the games weve tried with them, is the AI's reaction to them. Especially if the ship has boost or B-rolling abilities from upgrades or pilot abilities. The AI just cant compensate for the size of the movement in many cases.
  3. Villains of the Aturi Cluster?

    It seems someone else posted it for you yesterday. 802 members are in the group.
  4. Villains of the Aturi Cluster?

    Storgar, if you are on the Heroes of the Aturi Cluster Facebook group I'm sure some people might want or be able to play test or create missions for you if you ask them for help. I and my gaming group are about to start playing the Imperial campaigns (yours and another one) and I'll let you know what we come across while playing.
  5. Most Survivable/Durable Builds

    It can also go on Snap Weley if he has Veteran Instincts (but not Adaptability).
  6. SWX58 Still missing

    An inflatable Death Star could fit in a box size as the standard Core Box.

    I remember I had the same exact collection and then one night, I heard a pop, this was several years later, and I was then being showered with old soda. It was a chain reaction too, one popped, then another, and then another. It wasnt pretty. A chain reaction, like the one that blew up the Death Star!
  8. Poll: Worst Looking Ship in X-Wing

    The TIE PUNISHER is SO UGLY that this shouldnt even be a contest. Though I do agree that the Ywing scuplt of the turret is rather terrible as others have pointed out. We can hope for a Rebel Veteran or Rogue One Ywing release with an actual turret on the ship!
  9. Incorperating the ARC-170 in HOTAC

    I thought you were on it Heychadwick, I guess I'm wrong. if you arent. "Heroes of the Aturi Cluster Custom Campaigns, Missions and Rules. "
  10. Incorperating the ARC-170 in HOTAC

    Josh Derkson has said recently on the Facebook HOTAC site that the ARC170 is rather balanced as a upgrade ship from his play testing, and that it compares well to the Bwing....with a better dial and droid slot, but less ordnance and no cannon slot. also the difference of hull to shields (even if with more total health) seems to balance it a bit.
  11. Why does the Punisher have native boost?

    It has boost since it originally was going to be the Gunboat or Missile Boat and FFG chickened out But seriously I guess they gave it boost to give it some sort of different repositioning that the Bomber lacks, to make it worth the extra cost. And for all that are saying it is to make up for only having 3speed moves, then I guess due to boost it now has a 5 speed move, so is faster than several fast ships that have 4s and not 5s
  12. So R3-A2 is useless now what

    I made it about posts before skipping to the end.... those people are DUMB!!!!!!
  13. Stressbot and a t-70

    I've been running the same thing with Red Ace tooled up, and the two of them are fun to play...with random support ship for a 3rdfighter, usually an Awing or 2 or a Ywing.
  14. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    I miss the real Phantom already. I like the Sheathspide class (or however you spell it) but to me it isnt the would think they could buy another one from the VCX company, or steal one...and mod it to Phantom specs.
  15. Not fixing the T-65: creating it.

    A T65 themed fix could revolve around the deflector shields being shifted to front or aft, lke in the Trench run at Yavin. Luke, or Red Leader (Dreis) says something along the lines of facing deflector shields aft (also I think the Ywings do the same when the turbolasers stop firing. So maybe gaining a shield or defense dieagainst attacks in your arc, or out of arc, if stated which at the start of the turn or after activation of the ship. Could be complicated, but a bit interesting and different from most suggestions.