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  1. Ugh, yea. I've got to move all my crap over to somewhere. Got several new ships to show and lost heart with this last whatsis.
  2. Bloody hell Photobucket wants child support!
  3. uhrm. Not sure what you mean by a "good" violet color, that's kinda like telling someone what milk tastes like.. However! I've been using Army Painter's Purple "Tone" (it's an Ink), for quite awhile and am pleased with the quality and so forth. (Not sure if it's what you'd be looking for)
  4. OKAY! I have actually been working on stuff... actually an unforeseen consequence of having a hobby desk is I suddenly have a dozen projects started but nothing completed. :| Anyhoo... here's my HD update for Rebel Assault... added a few more polygons to the cockpit mesh: (And yea, I am using the rest of the Striker for something else
  5. Must... Get... To.. Desktop. And respond! {end.Shatner}
  6. Went through alll the fiddly 5&$&! Of resetting my password so I could log in on my phone (with my phone); just so I could respond to this. No, it doesn't need to be bigger, it's eye candy. I dig it. I expect a like for the tremendous effort I took in telling you that
  7. Oh wow, that is better.
  8. ^ that. Coping saw (or just a short section of a coping saw blade secured in a pin vise) will do it.
  9. Man, that looks awesome, and is an exponentially cooler ship than the official Scum epic.
  10. AUGH! I poked a corpse and it moved!! Glad to see you back Six EDIT: Ahh! You beat me to the blue solar panels! LoL. Wanted to try and make a set look like actual photovoltaic cells. They look great man.
  11. $##!?!&. Now I've got to go home and finish the things
  12. Ah, my mistake.. let me reduce that to; "I **think** TIE phantoms, Interceptors and perhaps y-wings are cast white, as these are the ship's I've actually hacked apart. But I'm not sure of anything anymore."
  13. That's cash there mate. Cohesive scheme with enough varied colors and textures to make it interesting, and frankly fr my eyes it's hard to make a Jumpmaster interesting
  14. Naw, the plastic is white, but the color coat is so thin as to be practically a non issue. Paint right over that joker.