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  1. juxstapo

    :( totalbiscuit...

    For whomever is video-gamey-youtubey-watchy... John Bain died of cancer at 33 tonight and that bummed me right the #!&* out. and yea, I acknowledge the immature absurdity of being actually factually sad at the passing of someone you didn't know and with whom you had no connection beyond watching his vids; I guess respectful and regretful would make sense perhaps, but I was just straight up Sad.
  2. juxstapo

    New Falcon from the Solo movie, where is it?

    ... I couldn't come up with a pun, but I'll keep Chewie-ng on it.
  3. juxstapo

    New Solo Trailer Today

    It isn't TLJ, I have therefore decided to enjoy the **** out of it.
  4. juxstapo

    Showcase: TIE Striker

    still no? Cuz they're showing on my screen... in your quote in fact.
  5. juxstapo

    Showcase: Z95 Headhunter

    P-51 inspired Z
  6. juxstapo

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    I absolutely love this. ( I have no regular opponents nearby), thanks much.
  7. juxstapo

    Why Are You Bad At X-Wing?

    I'm bad because my only opponent is my wife, who isnt a "serious" gamer... I'm miserable if I feel like she's not having fun, so I remind her of her upgrades and skills, make her remeasure moves instead of crashing, occasionally forget to point out crits and negative card interactions, and I always try to run thematic and/or silly or funny lists.. because I'm just grateful she'll even make the effort to play from time to time. Also because I adore Interceptors and will jam one into every list I make ever.
  8. Heh, as a mediocre Souls player I have to say... ...I really like this theoretical mindset. <salute> Cubanboy
  9. juxstapo

    BM-1FL - Light Freighter

    Augh! The Suprosa from Shadows. Madd Props!
  10. juxstapo

    Snow Troopers - a little underwhelmed

    As everyone pointed out, theyre a subset of an old clone trooper speciality. Gonna base mine temperate just like my stormies and call them heavy troopers or some such. The cowl and kama give some interesting potential for unit marking variations.
  11. juxstapo

    Opinons - 40K IG Convertability

    I lol'd harder than that quip warrented. I'll try it if you will Funk. Does Forge world still do print wishbo.. uh, catalogs?
  12. juxstapo

    Best Star Wars Gift You've Ever Received

    Honestly, there was a time in my life where I could've "outgrown" Star Wars, to a degree... but as a quiet, daydreamy introvert in a very large extended family, I was pegged as The Star Wars Kid, (there were football and baseball kids, come to think of it it was mostly just a lazy, easy way to catagorize all us kids) so that's what grandparents and droves of aunts, uncles, and cousins got me, and it persisted well into adulthood. now star wars paraphernalia is intrinsically linked with fond family memories. As a grown up ish with a houseful of my own, now my kids call me easy to shop for and just snag me star wars stuff.. and I'm happy with that. But I doubt I could ever pin it down to one thing anymore.
  13. juxstapo

    Snow Troopers - a little underwhelmed

    E web, we will defiantly see the e web , probably as a support choice I love the minis, but is there any crunch reason to take them? For the alternate heavy weapons I guess? Wonder if a flamer will be worth the slow and steady thing... Man I love squads in tt wargames
  14. Polda.... is that a Tzeentchian Star Viper or was the Mass Effect reference a clue?