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  1. Snow Troopers - a little underwhelmed

    As everyone pointed out, theyre a subset of an old clone trooper speciality. Gonna base mine temperate just like my stormies and call them heavy troopers or some such. The cowl and kama give some interesting potential for unit marking variations.
  2. Opinons - 40K IG Convertability

    I lol'd harder than that quip warrented. I'll try it if you will Funk. Does Forge world still do print wishbo.. uh, catalogs?
  3. Best Star Wars Gift You've Ever Received

    Honestly, there was a time in my life where I could've "outgrown" Star Wars, to a degree... but as a quiet, daydreamy introvert in a very large extended family, I was pegged as The Star Wars Kid, (there were football and baseball kids, come to think of it it was mostly just a lazy, easy way to catagorize all us kids) so that's what grandparents and droves of aunts, uncles, and cousins got me, and it persisted well into adulthood. now star wars paraphernalia is intrinsically linked with fond family memories. As a grown up ish with a houseful of my own, now my kids call me easy to shop for and just snag me star wars stuff.. and I'm happy with that. But I doubt I could ever pin it down to one thing anymore.
  4. Snow Troopers - a little underwhelmed

    E web, we will defiantly see the e web , probably as a support choice I love the minis, but is there any crunch reason to take them? For the alternate heavy weapons I guess? Wonder if a flamer will be worth the slow and steady thing... Man I love squads in tt wargames
  5. Polda.... is that a Tzeentchian Star Viper or was the Mass Effect reference a clue?
  6. think I fixed it... Edit: I'll post up better pics of the engine intakes, turret and not-source-accurate multibarrel cannon on the nose if folks want to see them, (and when I get time to take them), but didn't want to push my luck with everyone's patience
  7. Showcase: TIE Phantom

    front of a Striker. Fixing what they botched in Rebel Assault. Gotta get pix of the Striker it came off of too.
  8. don't hate me, but I made a kitbashed alt for Talonbane Cobra out of a plane I found at the Dollar Tree. (Yeah, mounts on a base and everything) (and in my head I've been theorizing an x-wing style game centered around that theme entirely )
  9. Showcase: HWK-290

    the first "vidya game only ship made tangible" and my first repaint, at my wife's request, (and her favorite ship because of that) It's special to me.
  10. Showcase: Kihraxz

    gotta get around to finishing that cockpit someday.. and regret trying to freehand the number.
  11. Google Drive Picture Question

    Right cli... @Force Majeure said it already.... (@#$!@$# God I spend most of my posting time on here immediately echoing what Force just said... , gonna deliberately not do that anymore). If I click the 'link' button in the upper right on my google photos, doesn't work on these boards... if I copy/paste the URL from the address bar, doesn't work on these boards... If I right click the image and "Copy Image Address" and Insert media that way, it does work on these boards. Go Figure. edit; and if you're logged in to your google account anywhere else, just pop into photos.google.com and shazam, you're in your... photos...
  12. Showcase: TIE Phantom

    must... start.... painting again! (Prolly after Christmas) Love the work guys.
  13. Sinister! As far as If you have Dollar stores around you, there's a product called LA's Totally Awesome (like a high strength degreaser, essentially.. yellow fluid in a spray bottle, smells super strong), that'll take acrylic right off these ships without harming the original finish. I left my Lambda soaking an entire weekend by accident and it was fine. My freehand sucks, but I think the successful emblem painters on here would (perhaps) use a stencil for the circle prior to adding the stripes? I'm reaching at this point... Keep it up.
  14. NEW PAINTER!!!!

    Drago.. I completely agree, do this thing... like yesterday. Looking forward to it. Good Work man
  15. He's certainly branched off into a more creative vein, but you can clearly see his roots are still firmly Star Wars, and that's something he'll never leaf. Polda, I don't know which demands more props: the concept or the execution.