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  1. They only let me record a single like, **** it man.
  2. Good. I have a houseful of kids to buy for before going plasticrack on my own hobbies
  3. I swear when I read the title it was to the tune of Castles made of Sand... they look great dude
  4. @AldousSnow Loove me some custom trees,
  5. Care to link to what you mean? "More cartoony" to my mind kinda conjures up GW box art style, (i.e. multiple line highlights leading up to lighter and lighter colors); and [deadpan Keanu voice] Glazes. . . lots of glazes [/dKv] (DungimmeWong, I love this style) Then there's "Eyeballing that CMON top artist gallery" ,... gradients, gradients everywhere? (Kidding, and certainly no disrespect to CoolMiniorNot top artists) Then there's "I think I've finally got it!! Hang on, we're gonna play soon!" Which is basecoat, wash, drybrush.. Edit: Oh ok, just watched Sorastro's Legion Luke vid.
  6. Not just here, but one of the most hotly discussed topics in this forum, as opposed to general fan-personing about a game we're all presumably excited about playing.
  7. Hallelujah. 40k was my gateway into hobbying (well, originally it was Battletech, but that was loooong ago). So I went heavy with Citadel paints at first, until I discovered Army Painter and Vallejo, now the latter is my go-to. (Although if I could get them semi-locally, I like Reaper as a company enough that I'd give them a solid go). Under no circumstances could anyone say that Citadel makes bad paint, but the sheer quality of life improvement you see when you move to dropper bottles (and paint brands that seem naturally thinner, consistency wise), is tremendous. Props . Pencils and charcoals I've fooled with much, watercolors baffled me, (which I had kids by the time I attempted to futz with it, so it was very half hearted and my game nonsense was more cathartic) I've invested about $1.69 in the construction of a wet palette also, totally worth it.... heck I need to make a YouTube channel on how to hobby 1. on a severe budget, and 2. with no hobby stores around... Dollar Store and Wal-Mart, FTW.
  8. No no, it's good. The sweet potato clumps on my wire/epoxy tree is actually woodland scenics turf I purchased way back when... seriously, I was 13, so two decades ago, that had been packed away in a plastic bag in a roasting hot attic with stuff piled on it for some reason so it was all smooshed and super dense... now I'm sore tempted to drift away from my budgeted found item plant/terrain plans and go actually purchased some proper modelling stuff again.
  9. ...k Force, I told myself "Get these markers painted and I'll dive into those vids".... finally procrastinated enough with the painting to just start on the Luke Towan and ermahgerd.. the trees.. the trees.. yea
  10. How many conventional wargames (build + paint) have you seen at B&N? X-Wing kinda broke a mold by being a "proper" mini game that wound up selling there, but it has an arguably lower barrier to entry... (Don't get me wrong, I hope you are correct, but ennnnnnh)
  11. someone may've already mentioned this but I'm a featherweight in the alcohol department and two beers is enough to get me all chatty and opiniony, I'm ponderating if there won't be some sort of pinning boost (pinning? Stress? What are those counters called? I could look it up but can't be asked), to account for how awful the Z6 seems to be. I mean granted it's tacking on an entire reinforced Stormtrooper squad to your rebel squad, but still.... actually in that light I guess it's fine. :| but it would be in keeping with "The dude with the big, honkin' laser gatling...".. I mean that'd make me more likely to duck for dang sure.
  12. Washington Co. Hour and a half sou'by southwest of Augusta.
  13. I've decided on a planet, but I'll get to that later: My first attempt at wargaming terrain... many mistakes, many things I will try differently next go round. ( @Force Majeure can attest my hobby related updates tend come both sporadically and at a comparative torpor, lots going on in mah house) I've still got to paint the trunk of the little tree and paint the edge of the base. Probs: I relied on the flock too much... the only place I've seen an even swatch of grass like that is a golf course. Like many nubs before me, I couldn't get the static grass to stand up... not a big deal, but there you have it. I don't know why, but my big tree looks an awful lot like Milliput gobbed over a wire coat hanger frame. .. need to lighten the bark color also. The little tree is a cheap leftover Christmas village accent and looks exactly like a cheap, leftover Chrimmas village accent. I actually sculpted several small hillocks and tapered up to the roots of each tree with milliput... annnnd the grass basically made that effort vanish. I also coated the entire ground with baking soda, to resemble scale dirt, before the grass.. you know, to be more accurate, and so you'd see dirt inbetween the grass... yeah that all vanished. (No experience with static grass). I also also sculpted several small hillocks and blended up to the roots of the trees with milliput, because I thought perfectly flat ground would look uninteresting... grass made that go away too. Won't make those two mistakes again. By the time I got to putting the orange... stuff.. on my tree, I was all excited over the prospect of showing it off to my wife, so I got enthusiastic with the glue gun.. got some gnarly hot glue gob trimming to do under the canopy.. or not, you know.. you have to flip the thing up and peer into it to notice, which I assume is a rude thing to do at someone's gaming table. It's too barren. My justification was gameplay and effort.. I was unsure if anything I was doing was going to look remotely decent, so I kinda threw this one together as a test board for minimal effort... also, having never done this before, I was painfully cognizant of the fact that X number of little plastic minis need (in my mind) to be able to move about this terrain piece; now that I look at this, this minor bit of professional landscaping doesn't really say "Forest: Light cover, blocks one hit"... Despite that last point I'm not going to add to it. I have certainly learned the value in "finishing" projects. There reaches a point where you are definitively emotionally done with something, even if there are improvements you could make and things that could certainly be added. Trying to artificially push myself past that point has led to innumerable botched projects and stripped repaints and "breaks" from the hobby. So, there it is. Figured I'd keep myself accountable by presenting stuff on here for momentum-maintaining feedback... I already have two objective markers in various shades of completion (Bases are done, the things themselves have to be painted ), that I'll put up soon. Ah, and I've finally picked my planet. (Pointless blathering, don't bother if you're just hear for the hobby stuff)
  14. exactly, green lasers, much like a count of five, is right out.
  15. I.......... hmmmmmm