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  1. 1) Upsilon-class shuttle: When the wingspan can cover half the playmat, there is something seriously wrong with this ship for X-wing. 2) Quadjumper: C'mon, it looks like a dang frog. Maybe that is why they decided to blow it up in TFA before it could even fly.
  2. it's called life, check back a decade to see if you can find them again. Yep, I guess you have been trolled.
  3. Did you read the first three posts? I agree with you in the case of Nera, but Shamoth's point is that he wants to be able to apply Nera's ability to a Seismic Torp, like any other torpedo. It's Shamoth's opinion, which Shamoth is entitled to. Your assessment of the VCX is incorrect. The rules specify you may fire torpedo secondary weapons from the special firing arc. The seismic torpedo is not a secondary weapon. Just because the card has an "Action" header in its text instead of "Attack", does not make the card invalid as a secondary weapon (it is still a torpedo). The "Action" header is telling you which phase it is suppose take place. Bombs are considered secondary weapons and some have "Action" headers at the start of the text.
  4. Ok, everyone is misinterpreting just what a cluster missile and TLT are in relation to cards like Gunner and Luke. Cluster Missile and TLT are both one weapon firings with two attack rolls to each. Cluster Missile is one missile that targets one ship then breaks up into two mini groups of 3 sub munitions each to attack the same target. Twin Laser Turret is one firing of twin beams where you roll for each beam to see if one or both strike their one assigned target. Gunner (an Luke) is an addition firing of a primary weapon in the same turn on the condition if the first firing had missed it's assigned target. You may choose a different target to attack with Gunner, because it is a second firing of the primary weapon.
  5. Sentinal

    The Empire is evil.

    It's not evil. Like all malevolent dictatorships, a few malcontents try to stir up the populous with totally bogus malignant rumors of oppression and attempt to put the beloved government in a bad light. (Waves hand across at nothing) "There is nothing to see here... these are not the truths you are looking for... move along now"
  6. I don't really see the problem with this. Seismic torpedo fires during the "action" phase of a turn. The "special" arc on the VCX allows the torpedo to be fired out that arc whether there is a shuttle docked to it or not (it is treated as a primary arc if the obstacle is in front of or in back of the VCX). In Nera's case, it is the obstacle that has to to be inside the primary firing arc, so her ability doesn'the really apply to the Seismic torpedo's text.
  7. I think the Lancer-class pursuit ship (a.k.a. "Shadowcaster") is more inline with a A-20 Havoc or A-26 Invader.
  8. It can't be the Kom'rk class. If you watch the scene, you get to see the size comparison of the A-wing as it flies by overhead. There is no way that ship there is larger than the VCX. Therefore it has to be some other kind of Mandalorian fighter. Edit: It looks very much like a Fang class fighter to me.
  9. The Phantom title reference the Ghost title in its effect... That is because the "Phantom" can only be equipped on the "Ghost". The Phantom cannot work on any VCX-100, it can only be equipped on one that started out with the "Ghost" title on it.
  10. Ok, I think people are missing the point of the Ghost/Phantom titles and how Boba Fett(crew) can affect them. 1) Boba can only affect 'Phantom' title once the Phantom has deployed from from the Ghost, which has little or no effect on the ship because the title is written as to how the Ghost operates with an equipped 'Phantom' onboard. 2) The 'Phantom' title card can only be included in a game only if a VCX-100 has a 'Ghost' title card equipped to it. (This is for "SET UP PHASE" purposes only!) 3) If Boba attacked a A-wing with the 'Test pilot' title, or a Firespray-31 with the 'Andrastra' title or M3-A with the 'Heavy Scyk' title on them; those ships would still be able to carry their added upgrades even if the titles were removed because they were equipped with those upgrades during the "set up phase" of a game. The same holds true with with the Ghost. The 'Ghost' title allows the Phantom to be equipped onto the Ghost during the "set up phase" of the game, removing the 'Ghost' title will only prevent the Phantom from deploying after a maneuver. The Phantom can still deploy if the Ghost is destroyed. The Phantom's abilities while docked are still in effect even if the 'Ghost' title is removed.
  11. Like all the new ships that were in the Force Awakens? I think it is a stretch they're doing the quadjumper. I'm pretty sure Rogue One already has em beat. What I mean is both of the other core sets are based off of trilogies. They each come with their own factions and full sets of rules expansion packs are based off of the trilogy timelines [Galactic Rebellion and First Order]. 'Rogue One' is no more the equivalent of a core set just as 'Star Wars: Rebels' will become one [both are really just part of the 'Rebellion' saga]. Now a core set based off the Clone Wars prequel trilogy could happen in the future. Two factions, new rules using clones and droids, possibly integrating ground assaults is a good possibility.
  12. Double-post filter wouldn't work here in this case. Two different titles with different start dates.
  13. Rogue One is a one-off movie, there won't be enough ships in it to qualify for it's own core set, it will just be either an expansion, like "Heroes of the Rebellion", or just a few single packs.
  14. With U-boats being of the "Scum" faction, having a "scum" pilot being the counter to them wouldn't really be worth much to everyone. Since both "Rebel" and "Imperial" have already been revealed, the counter would have to either be an upgrade card or there wasn't one included in the base wave 9 package.
  15. This... I believe Asmodee rearranged shipping priorities at last minute which caused delays all around. Usually "On the boat" notification meant 6-8 weeks before stores received product, so mid to late September. But with Asmodee in the picture, I think mid to late October is an early prediction to shoot for.
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