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  1. I had put it on a table in a local mini champ. Went 2-2 and easily could have went 3-1 even 4-0. Made a few last minute calls that cost me points and was 4th among 8 players. Best thing about this list, even if you panic and do ****, you still can slow roll near to a victory. And the very best thing I would say was, despite the big bases, only once I had lost the entire ship, other games were either one ship or two ships at half points. VERY slow list, not for every to play for sure, but when you see that many mods on ships at least it feels like it has a potential. But the variant with Boskk also needs consideration.
  2. @Da_Brown_Bomber What about instead of a starviper/fang fighter Torani Kulda? I know his ability is hard to pull, but at least 9 health for extra dmg squish and well 3 attack dice profit. Oh and load cybernetics to Torkil Mux too. Keeping him out of combat for long + pulling that focus or even target lock while stressed with that 0 red might be really something.
  3. @K13R4N how would you fly those 3 moded tandoshians? Positioning situation ha sling etc?
  4. Ye I have myself Drea list with 2 loks and crymorah goon, all with VTGs and ION turrets. Have played that for a bit, seems to be legit, but maybe it is time to fly 3 beefy loks now, might do so. @Da_Brown_Bomber How do you fly your drea list: where do you position your ships? how do you fly with Drea in the beginning? what do you try to avoid when you are close range to the opponents ships? how do you get out of a close range with your loks and drea? what action economy are you taking most, target lock + focus or only focus all the way, since all ships have 1 agility it seems that target lock is way better, what you think? Since mid bases might be too sturdy sometimes, what do you do with asteroids, fly around them from the corners or go berzerk into them and fingers crossed? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello all, I have read some topics here recently, very interesting ideas, can't pick one and try. Therefore I am asking if I may, someone who flew them let's sum up the top 3 performing Scum lists you think have a high potential to win VS every other list. I would prefer a list to be beefy enough but also non glass cannony too. Have an extended on Sunday need to prepare a good list :S help needed scumy pilots! Let me know what would you pick your top 3.
  6. I always want to know some insights on the lists. 1. How would you initially set up the ships on the board? 2. How would you fly the lists against most typical other scum, rebel, first order etc. lists? 3. What should be avoided using this list. What action economy should be preferred in the worst case scenarios? 4. What action economy should be preferred in the best case scenarios? 5. Which of your own ships should you protect till the very end? Is this now Kavil or 4-Lom or actually jakku gunrunner? Everything would help hugely! Thank you!
  7. @Jake898 Thank you! Very informative guide I would say, I will definetely try it, I sense the synergy, Hope I can achieve good results as you had
  8. Hi there, very simple stuff I see, are you able to provide some more specific details: 1. What have you played against.? 2. How was your setup when playing against those other lists? 3. What is your winning rate so far.? 4. How would you tactically position the ships in the start? 5. Who has to be the heavy mule all the time? 6. What to avoid against big base ships? 7. What to avoid against mid base ships? 8. What to avoid against small base ships? Last thing that comes on my mind: 9. All 3 ships are mid base. Using 3 mid base ships might be as hard as using 1 big base ship. What do you think makes t he 3 mid base ships a good list to try? Every information would be highly appreciated.
  9. I played hyperspace already and at the moment the dark side ships are too strong... Good working stressing to death lists with 5 to 6 ships on board with rerolls woah... Stop... So since I am playing only scum at all times, I will be choosing Boba with 4 naked ties, 5 ships on board, Boba with fair amount of rerolls plus the back side double tap. Ties are I2. Just for those counter attacks if getting a lot of other Ties with I1 to sometimes pull out enuf dmg before they can engage. And if all goes as planned lots of bumps will keep Boba away from risky situations, so he can come at the right moment and deal to some extent some dmg. Honestly think Scums besides Boba and Ties and Fen in hyperspace have not much to offer for now. Either very strong combos, but low amount of ships, or brainless combo which is cheap but two dice per attack and luck won't get you that far.
  10. I have seen a Hyperspace viable list on a stream: Han Solo with 5 Ties. But since I played with Lando + Han Solo (docked autopilot) + OldT. I can say that 3 ships in Hyperspace do nothing good, the first few engagements are OK but afterwards it gets messy and you probably will have less opportunity to pull something good. My matches in a 6 player Hyperspace tourney was bad, only took one win and only because my opponent made a few minor but in the end huge mistakes. We had 4 out of 6 player Tie swarm lists, two with the Reaper in it and one with Darth Vader. All of the Ties were named ones, and they were brutal with all the rerolls, damage outputs and with that one Tie fighter being able to cancel all dmg dealt OMG - too strong. So I was thinking of another approach to Hyperspace, which seems legit and might get you somewhere. Han Solo with Ties OR Boba with Ties are both legit and brutal lists. The only problem is with Han, his ability is somewhat hard to pull out at some point and big base ship who only rolls 2 dice (yes a beefy ship I know). But Boba straight into any ships or swarm and Ties from the side to follow up and deal in total 8 red dice, at least you trade damage into damage. Well this was the observation at that hyperspace. It seems very red dice + mods heavy meta at the moment, and other factions can trigger way better re-rolls. So better to have some damage output yourself and you are good to go.
  11. Wanna hear something cooler, take all the Unique Pilots, you will get still 4 - 5 ships and even you can try squeezing in a vader or anything else, You will then have ships with initiative from 2 to 6. Well good luck for opponent to beat this list. Only one guys in our hyperspace legal tournament out of 6 people who was playing with resistance won 2nd. 1st and 3rd was TIE swarm builds. OP as **** those ties in hyperspace.
  12. Hi, what do you think the formation should be when deploying the squad and what do you think and how should someone play this list against an aces build who flank you OR a swarm list with a decimator who are slowly coming but when they come they hit hard. How would you fly this list in general. Thank you!
  13. Hi @all, my approach to this list was and I used it for one match perfectly without taking serious loss, only happened to lose 2 shields in total from all of the ships (in total my score for the evening was 1-1). The guys with his two X wings and the Bomber was BIG EYES when I took out his X wing during second maneuvering. 2 scurgs and Y wing did the job perfectly. Only problem was in the mid fight, and during the end that the ships had a hard time turning around, only Loks were able to maneuver better. So during mid fight, his bomber was harassed again by my 3 ships, he could not move coz of ICT. And in the end I harassed down the last X wing who tried to escape, unfortunately no luck for my opponent. Went 200-0 WIN. Second match which i hoped I will do pretty good was a huge disaster: Played against 4 TIEs and 1 decimator ( the one who gives stress if you defeat the a friendly ship). Because I did not know where to put my ships, i started more into middle, but when I saw that he is going from one corner, I said to myself, lets try to flank them (RIGHT like Y wings can flank anyone haha). Anyway, i was trying to approach from the left side of my board view, while he was going quickly towards my ships, and got in range after the 3rd maneuvering, I therefore was a bit confused and turned nose straight to the TIEs, (flashback: because I tried to flank him i had issues moving and therefore all my moving went up bumping more often and somehow DREA went in front of all the ships ). When I have had the TIEs in range I have shot one down, but my Drea was lost during first engagement after that, no re-rolls, not more easy winnings. Here is my list: BTL-A4 Y-wing - •Drea Renthal - 52 •Drea Renthal - Pirate Lord (42) Ion Cannon Turret (4) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) Scurrg H-6 bomber - Lok Revenant - 53 Lok Revenant - (43) Ion Cannon Turret (4) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) Scurrg H-6 bomber - Lok Revenant - 53 Lok Revenant - (43) Ion Cannon Turret (4) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) BTL-A4 Y-wing - Crymorah Goon - 41 Crymorah Goon - (31) Ion Cannon Turret (4) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) Total: 199/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder Now with this list I wanted achieve the following: As many red dice as possible with re-rolls is brutal, count that: 2x Loks shoot 12 dice in total every turn a Lok can put out in worst case scenario at least two damage (considering that only one normal attack is a hit and from ICT you get almost all the time one dmg and plus some IONs) then Y wings can shoot 10 dice in total, If range one well then its unfortunate for the opponent... Please have a look and any ideas are welcome.
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