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    TheGMSource reacted to KRKappel in Android: Official Genesys System   
    So, as a guy who runs a lot of Star Wars/Genesys at cons and such, I can say that I rarely lug a Core book with me. A few character sheets, a deck or two or adversary cards, and a GM screen with the crit tables on them (and dice), and I'm good to go. Adversary cards are so, so amazing as a product. Strongly prefer them to flipping through a book. 
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    Looking forward to seeing you all there, maybe even at my table!
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    Here was a post on the topic from the FAQ.
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    TheGMSource reacted to GM Hooly in What's a Defense Zone?   
    The fact is that the talents are a direct import with little to no playtesting. Having used them extensively, many don’t work in GeneSys and break the game. Remember that some of these talents require purchase of additional trees and then due to their positioning, even more XP. SW talents and GeneSys talents don’t always mix.
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    TheGMSource reacted to GM Hooly in What's a Defense Zone?   
    Having used the Expanded Talent list, I feel that many of the Star Wars talents don’t translate well at all. I refuse to use them in my games.
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    TheGMSource reacted to Hutchback in Where's the FFG Genesys Live-stream?   
    WOTC just reported another year of 30% growth for D&D, again crediting live-streaming for the game's renewed popularity. I'm amazed how few other RPG publishers have delved into the world of Twitch and live-streaming. The production costs seem minuscule compared to traditional marketing and surely they could pull a couple of employees together for a regular game. Seems like a real missed opportunity. 
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    TheGMSource reacted to Enfid in Android: Official Genesys System   
    I might get it only to run Shadowrun. This is probably the best solution for me who loves the Shadowrun universe but hates the rules with a passion.
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    TheGMSource reacted to Solsar in Android: Official Genesys System   
    I made my account 4 years ago just to tell FFG to make an Android RPG, and it's finally happening! Already have the Genesys book, just waiting for this to come out!
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    TheGMSource reacted to Archellus in Android: Official Genesys System   
    Dont know anything about the setting but it looks kinda interesting. But its a genesys source book so keep em comming  
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    TheGMSource reacted to drainsmith in Android: Official Genesys System   
    FYI, we already have a Facebook group for discussion of this if you want to discuss over there as well.
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    TheGMSource reacted to Duciris in Android: Official Genesys System   
    Shadow of the Beanstalk

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    TheGMSource reacted to Klort in Verse and Rune Magic vs Arcana   
    Another option would be the Entertainer from the Core Book, and swap Discipline (or another skill you deem more fitting) for Verse.
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    TheGMSource reacted to drainsmith in Adversaries Anthology: a boldy bound creature collection (updated v2.0.0)   
    All of the adversaries currently published.
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/oxdft3482m19npx/Adversaries Anthology v2.2.0.pdf?dl=0
    Update: I stayed up almost all night and updated the Adversaries Anthology to include all the new adversaries in Shadow of the Beanstalk. Newly rearranged by genre also.
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    TheGMSource reacted to Farnir in FAQ   
    Why did you choose the different mechanic for „Overide Security Program“? The system is usually very clean and uses the standard difficulty/opposition mechanic in most situation. Therefore, my expectation was that the rating of a Security Program is the difficulty to overcome it. However, it is not. Instead, the rating is the number of successes needed, which derivates from all other actions in Genesys. I‘d like to understand why, so that I better know the implications if I copy one or the other dice mechanic for my own usage. 
    Answer: That’s a good question. We chose to design the Override Security program the way that we did for several reasons. One is that scaling successes (the more successes you get, the more effective your action is) is already a part in Genesys (most notably whenever you make a combat check). Although the structure here is slightly different, the core conceit is the same.    The second reason is that it creates additional design space for the future. Talents already exist that allow you to modify the difficulty of checks. By taking this approach, it allows us to open up new avenues for affecting your character’s ability to hack. It also means we can create Firewalls that are hard to get through (large numbers of successes required to ‘break’) but don’t have severe risks of complications if you fail. System defenders can take talents such Defensive Sysops that can increase the difficulty, and this way these talents don’t compound with an increased difficulty to create an impossible task.   Hope that helps!   Sam Stewart RPG Manager Fantasy Flight Games
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    TheGMSource reacted to Richardbuxton in The Cards Rant?? Sorry   
    I’m definitely disappointed that there hasn’t been more Genesys material released since its launch. The community created stuff is awesome, but it’s not developed anywhere near as much as a first party release. I really hope they underestimated how popular it would be, perhaps the original plan was two large supplements a year. Theoretically they could now be working on more books, their production cycle seems to be about 12 months long so it could definitely take them time to catch up and release 4 books a year which would be much more appropriate (imho)
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    TheGMSource reacted to PzVIE in The Cards Rant?? Sorry   
    If you would have NPC/Monster cards for every occasion (usable or compatible with many systems), you could run any adventure from any game.
    I guess that would make Genesys very strong; e.g., if I would be able to run any of the gazillion D&D/Pathfinder adventures floating around (even in their setting) by simply replacing the NPCs and monsters in those books by (more or less) matching Genesys cards, Genesys would be an absolute winner. At least, for me.
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    TheGMSource reacted to lyinggod in The Cards Rant?? Sorry   
    I have found that modules are, at best, a crutch. The greater issue is that Genesys is that it is a universal rule system, not a predefined setting like Forgotten Realms, HoL, Shadowrun, or even Realms of Terrinoth (for genesys). In order to have an adventure, you first have to define the setting that strikes the fancy of you and your players. If you or your players dont like fantasy, then that one shot fantasy adventure you refer to wouldnt be of much regardless of power level. Genesys has suggestions on how to go about doing this but doesnt do it for you. An adventure doesnt need to have 300 pages of defined world to set it up nor does it even need to have 30+ pages of defined adventure path. It only needs some scribbled notes that indicate what the goal of the adventure is, a few adversaries, and maybe some important points about their environment. The only real question to ask for that first starting adventure is are you bringing the characters together for the first time or are they starting as an established group (like in the first Dragonlance novel). Then give the players a few crumbs and let them lead the adventure. If the reward (or penalty) is sufficient they will meander (or bee-line) in the right direction with just a little coxing. Be spontaneous. If you cant decide how to start things, then start in the middle of the action like how a James Bond movie begins.
    IF you need help with coming up with plots and the like, there is plenty of web sites that deal with plot creation or generating plot points. DriveThruRPG is also a good source of cheap or free plot or adventure material.
    If you are not the "wing it" type, consider listening to the excellent DICE POOL PODCASTS. They talk extensively about how a GM that is new to Genesys can make the most of everything from creating characters to designing worlds to just winging it.
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