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  1. Thanks. I've been doing it wrong for years then. Guess that's one reason my MOV has been pretty bad. The other reason being that I'm fairly shite.
  2. Not sure if this was answered anywhere, but in a tournament when you opponent shakes your hand and concedes the game before time is up what is the scoring in this situation? Does your opponent concede a full 200 point loss, or say the 120-25 score at the time of the handshake? If the latter is the case, is it actually okay/rude for you to not accept the concession and say you would like to play till time?
  3. Yeah, Hikaru (Rick) and Roy were my original duo. Max Jenius is the new addition to skull squadron! Now if FFG would just drop the points of IG-88A and let us fly A in a triple brobot list... 👌 EDIT: They just did! Long live!
  4. Well in my experience I have flown 4 naked V19s and gotten them absolutely mauled by droid swarms. I found it hard to pop the droids with 2 dice attacks due to their networked battery of calculates, and had no jank for self-preservation when they shot back with their energy shell crits. But maybe it was a bad matchup and bad dice luck. I just wish they had more jank to them. They just seem like awkward headhunters at the moment. Sinker would help though for sure. The rest of the named pilots on the torrents and ARCs are a bit overcosted for what they do IMHO. Flying lean Jedi as support is pretty legit. Maybe with Ahsoka or Barris you might actually get some bloody damage out of the **** things. I might dust them off at some point to try again in the future.
  5. Exactly this IMHO. No good ordinance for torrents unlike droids and every pilot except the Gold Squadron trooper is currently overpriced.
  6. My Macross-themed triple IGs (feat. some smexy Starvipers)
  7. It's basically the "Anakin faction" at the moment. Support Ani with other Jedi, ARCS with Palp/7th Fleet Gunner or whatever, but have him basically fly as an i6 arc dodger. Ahsoka's ability is really good. She's basically AP-5 with a good chassis and force. Mace is decent but i4 hurts him. The rest of the Jedi have been meh for me. They really need a way to recharge their force like with Hate to get any real use out of their abilities. Republic ARC pilot abilities are not super great. Nowhere near Norra Wexley levels. I have seen V19 swarms tried, and they're kind of meh. If they could take barrage rockets, maybe. As it stands they're nowhere as good as vulture droids as an ordinance swarm due to poor initiative for target locking. Named torrent pilots are a tad too expensive. Also, Dedicated is my lead contender for worst upgrade in 2.0 so far. If they made it 0 points... perhaps. You still need to overpay for a generic pilot with a talent slot after all. The fact that you then have to jump through so many hoops for not even a guaranteed evade is awful.
  8. Fully agree with that. FFG currently too busy revealing new plastic trinkets at SWC I reckon. I am perfectly happy with the way debris clouds worked in 1.0, powerful though as it is but they do need to tidy up the rulings. I do agree that the spare parts canisters seem of limited use without instant effect, though I guess it is primarily an astromech charge with a secondary function.
  9. Now that I think about it I do feel like immediate effect is a bit powerful especially if it triggers a move on all other obstacles (and other possible card related effects that trigger when you 'move'). Even just picture Dash Rendar flying past Vader and dropping a debris cloud under him. Whoops, take a stress Lord Vader. No more supernatural for you. Initiative 6 comes up next and Vader reveals a K-Turn. Now an illegal move. Seems highly uninteractive and unmitigatable, Not what I think FFG intended for 2.0.
  10. Consider this particular scenario though: An academy pilot moves and overlaps an obstacle (and rolls for damage etc), then later in the same activation phase gets a debris cloud dropped under it by Han as well. If we consider this ship to have 'moved' during this debris dropping action, then it should suffer the effects of the first obstacle once again, if we follow overlap RAW. This interpretation of the rules demands a double trigger on the first obstacle if we agree that a new 'move' has occurred whilst the academy pilot sits on it.
  11. This take comes the closest to making sense for me. All this really needs is a simple addition to the MOVE section to clarify things. MOVE: A ship moves when it executes a maneuver, changes position using a template (such as barrel rolling or boosting), or if an obstacle appears under its position. The current move description does not include the current situation is all.
  12. It'd be totally fine with me if FFG intended the debris not to work immediately. It would just mean that they are used slightly differently. You'd probably just drop them as a seventh obstacle in your trick shot/han/grappling strut list rather than treat them as the stress bombs of 1.0.
  13. I reckon the actual debris overlapping occurs instantly and that is beyond dispute. The issue here is at which step does the game check for an overlap effect to occur (stress and roll for damage). Rules as currently written, overlap checks are done during a move. A stationary ship is not moving. If FFG would simply state that an instant overlap effect check happens the moment the overlap occurs, we're Gucci. I am personally in the camp of immediate effect as that seems to be the spirit of how the card is meant to be since 1.0 and how 90% of people have been playing it so far I think. Not every TO might see eye to eye on this though, so when going to your local events you should probably check with TO's opinion before you start playing if you intend to use this mechanic.
  14. Yeah this kind of sloppy rules writing is disappointing... and the vague FAQ answer is frustrating. Just thought we should clarify it sooner than later or risk another Talon Roll debacle at a major event. Losing a match because a rule wasn't clear enough to a TO is the kind of thing that kills people's trust in a game's organised play. Have sent them an email, thanks for the link.
  15. if a ship gets a cargo chute or spare parts dropped on it, it overlaps and suffers the affects. It won't suffer them again until it moves through or overlaps it a second time. That's all fine and good. I agree that the ship suffers the effects of overlapping the debris... which RAW is absolutely nothing unless it moves through it. The first two lines of highlighted text clearly outline that the check happens during a 'move' step. The phrase 'While a ship is moving' is a condition here. My questions here for FFG is if they can confirm if the overlap check is suppose to now happen immediately when the debris appears below a stationary ship, because as AceDogbert points out there isn't a step to check for debris while a ship isn't moving.
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