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  1. From what I've heard: Location of event - Tier 1 Games Temecula, CA - 7/29/17 Number of players - 20 Winner - EPalp Runner up - EVader (AWK)/ Guard and Location of event - The Guild House Bellflower, CA - 7/29/17 Number of players - 15 Winner - Rey/Padawan/Padawan Runner up - EPhasma/FOST/Guavian
  2. Hi all, I was running some practice games last week and I had a Black One special showing plus other dice when I used All In. The question came up on whether the rerolled Black One dice could be activated again that turn. This triggered another question. Can you resolve a Black One special reroll the same turn you triggered its special. Many thanks in advance!
  3. I'm wondering how long awakening will be printed with this set coming out.
  4. The rules say to use a die with a collector's number and set symbol that matches that card. That die matches the collector's number me set symbol of the card. Nothing in the rules say the sides have to match or anything like that. Rules as written suggest its legal and I would say rules as intended suggest it is legal as well or if it weren't they would replace incorrect dice. I tried looking for this in the rules but I can't seem to find this rule anywhere. Anyone have an idea where I can find it in the rulebook?
  5. For the most part yes. The only doubles I recall you get is 2 power of the dark side on Kylo's deck and 2 awakenings in Rey's deck. Each deck comes with 1 lightsaber, 1 aim, 1 use the force, 1 close quarters. I might have missed some.
  6. In my opinion, I don't think total resource costs matter too much but more of the breakdown of each card. This will probably be based on what your deck is doing (fast aggro, control, etc.). If I want to play the long game, I may have some higher cost cards but will require low cost cards to either ramp resources or defend. Again, just my thought.
  7. So if dice are not replaced and the dice has a misprint side, can you still use the dice in official tournaments since it is still a legal FFG product?
  8. I have the same problem with my force choke (dice faces are wrong). What information did you provide to ffg? Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks for all the feedback! I'll definitely bring it up the next time I come across this.
  10. Hello all, Question about rolling dice. I played an opponent today who rolled each of his red dice one at a time for each of his attacks the entire game including his rerolls. I was wondering if it was legal and I asked him. His answer was the rules state that when too many dice are rolled, all dice are picked up and the correct amount is supposed to be rolled. For rolling too little, which he does by rolling one at a time, you are supposed to roll additional dice until the correct amount it rolled. I couldn't find an argument against this reasoning since I believe what he said was accurate. I thought I could argue slow play but he didn't wait too long in between rolls. Are there any rules against this? Thanks in advance!
  11. I was wondering if anyone had problems with the binders bending cards near the rings. I am not sure if it's a common issue with loose pages or just something that happens over time.
  12. I'm a fan of recreator studios. Templates are fairly basic but you can customize them and the acrylics are awesome. Also, the templates matched really well to my cardboard ones in size.
  13. If you're willing to drop the feedback arrays and keep extra munitions, I would downgrade two of the R4s to overclocked R4s (as suggested), upgrade one plasma torpedo to proton, and add crew. Boba to the R4 agromech and 4-LOM to one with plasmas. This gives you a good chance of pushing a crit to trigger Boba, and 4-LOM shuts down a token. As K Genesis stated, keep the feedback arrays if there are lots of aces in your meta. Happy flying!
  14. As TheTechWookie mentioned, it really is used to kill aces. It's unavoidable damage and on top of it, it is a critical damage that is taken so if there are no shields on the targeted ship, it just becomes worse for the opponent.
  15. Hello Red 7! I think your list is fine although I would probably add proton rockets to Jake and change your green to a prototype. This will give you a nice one shot. I am not sure how I feel about marksmanship on a 2 attack dice ship but you can always try! I think for me (for my playstyle), I would probably swap jake out for poe giving him veteran instincts and R2-D2 so you have a fun ace. (Well, at least I think he's fun!) This can be paired with chewie, push the limit, and engine upgrade with a prototype blocker using chardaan refit Just my 2 cents! Happy flying!.
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