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  1. Family Time Games - Indianapolis, IN - 7-29-27 44 players Winner - Logan Mack - Poe/Maz Runner up - Demetrius Patton - Poe/Maz
  2. Wednesday nights at Family Time Games. Come join us.
  3. With the Nationals at NOVA, are the North American Championships still at GEN CON?
  4. For Manaroo I like using Unhinged Astromech. I find that having those extra green movements make a difference on her, especially the right turn.
  5. Bossk with the crew of 4-Lom, Zuckuss & Darth Vader. 4-Lom stops you from using that token. Zuckuss makes you re-roll those green dice. Vader gives you a critical damage, which Bossk can then change it to 2 hits. That's besides all the other goodies you can load Bossk up with.
  6. I'm liking your list. I've been running this, but think I might give yours a try. 2x Black Sun Ace w/ Mindlink, AHM, CD, GC 2x TPV w/ Mindlink, Title, TB I might even try swapping out N'Dru for Kaa'to, so they can all stay at PS 5.
  7. The Shadow Caster is the first ship with two Illicit slots. Not sure if you would want to build it out like this, but say you have two FeedBack Array's on a Shadow Caster. Would you be able to FB an enemy ship twice for a total of 2 damage? This of course, would give you 2 Ion tokens and 2 damage as well.
  8. Unfortunately, the new FAQ states that you cannot use FB while overlapping an asteroid.
  9. Sometimes it's all about the Looks!
  10. I like this build K Genesis, I would only add Feedback to Manaroo. That would still leave you the 33 points needed to load out the Scout.
  11. Manaroo is equipped with Weapon Engineer and has 2 Target Locks on opponent ships. When she assigns all of her focus, evade, and target lock tokens to another friendly ship, that friendly ship would then have to discard one of the Target Locks if it didn't have Weapon Engineer equipped, but the player in control of Manaroo would get to decide which one it was going to keep. Is this correct?
  12. I like this and you could even drop Juke, Predator & Deadeye on the three and give them Attanni Mindlink. Then put K4 on Manaroo & she can pass her goodies to whoever needs them the most, plus they all will have at least 1 focus due to being Mindlinked.
  13. I'd go with #2, you need as many ships as possible with this kind of list. I've enjoyed flying this before: Cartel Spacer (14) (20) X5 = 100 Title (2) Mangler Cannon (4) If you really want to have fun with your opponents, drop the Mangler for Tractor Beam & Stealth Device. It's still 5 ships at 20 points each & you get to help fly their ships.
  14. I like it, looks like fun. I'll have to give it a go myself.
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