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    Kaigen got a reaction from OriginalDomingo in Lets talk Coercion!   
    Another thing to remember about Coercion is that it's not just limited to physical threats, but can encompass a variety of negative consequences that you promise to inflict if the target doesn't do what you want. In this way, it's the mirror image of Negotiation: Negotiation involves offering them something they want to get what you want, Coercion involves promising to do something they don't want to get what you want.
    Telling someone to approve your request or you'll bury them in so much red tape they can't go to the refresher without a form signed in triplicate? Coercion.
    Threatening to tell everyone that a shop sells subpar goods unless you get a discount? Coercion.
    It's not just "I'll beat your face in." It's also "I want to talk to your manager."
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    Kaigen got a reaction from Vek Baustrade in Lets talk Coercion!   
    Another thing to remember about Coercion is that it's not just limited to physical threats, but can encompass a variety of negative consequences that you promise to inflict if the target doesn't do what you want. In this way, it's the mirror image of Negotiation: Negotiation involves offering them something they want to get what you want, Coercion involves promising to do something they don't want to get what you want.
    Telling someone to approve your request or you'll bury them in so much red tape they can't go to the refresher without a form signed in triplicate? Coercion.
    Threatening to tell everyone that a shop sells subpar goods unless you get a discount? Coercion.
    It's not just "I'll beat your face in." It's also "I want to talk to your manager."
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    Kaigen reacted to kaosoe in Phydolon   
    I love new content. Every time a edition comes out or the license changes hands, that means another retread of the same stuff. It gets tiring.
    Most importantly, I don't want to discourage FFG from creating original content.
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    Kaigen reacted to Ghostofman in Leadership skill   
    Oh yeah, squad rules are super handy. While they don't make you super-powered, they do allow for larger battle participation, as the squad can take far worse hits than a loan PC. Also with a  high leadership skill you can do some really fancy moves.
    GM: You come to a sealed door. 
    Normal PC: Oh... ummm my Cunning is terrible and I have no ranks in Skullduggery. I may need to find another way in.
    Leader with a Squad: "Hudson, run a bypass!" I use the Mission Specialist formation to allow a Skullduggery Check using my Leadership. 
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    Kaigen reacted to Nytwyng in Warriors rejoice   
    Or one of Aphra’s exploding tookas.

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    Kaigen got a reaction from Joress in Unlimited Power -- Sourcebook for Mystics   
    My reading is that it is a separate hit, soak applies, and the damage is Brawn + 1. This fits in the with the "death of a thousand cuts" aspect, as you'll have to have a pretty high Brawn or be dealing with a low soak opponent for them to really feel it.
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    Kaigen got a reaction from Sarone in Droid Tech (EotE) and Droid Specialization (AoR) combination   
    You mentioned bodyguard talents in your post, and I think that's a good line of thinking for the Droid PC. The DT/DS is very good at repairing you and can flush your strain in a pinch, so it makes sense to follow them around using Bodyguard. The DT/DS also helps provide tactical flexibility through Reroute Processors and Combat Programming. The ability to boost two combat skills at once is particularly important because bodyguards need to be able to switch between melee and ranged combat easily; since you're stuck positioned next to the person you're trying to protect, you can't shift to maintain your preferred range vs. the enemy.
    Soldier/Vanguard sets you up nicely for all of that. It's arguably the best Bodyguard spec, and the Soldier career gives you access to all the personal combat skills to provide a base for Combat Programming to build off of. It also provides a couple of ranks of Rapid Reaction and Seize the Initiative, which improves the party's tactical situation overall. Given the need for flexibility, this build might call for something a little less hyper-specialized than your usual droid build. You might start with 3 Brawn/Agility/Willpower (toss in 2 Presence for Cool checks and the odd instance where you need to moonlight as a protocol droid), with Willpower giving you a little better strain threshold and Vigilance roll, and once you've rolled initiative in combat, Reroute Processors can shift a point from Vigilance to whichever of Brawn/Agility looks like it will be more useful without losing either of the things you took Willpower for in the first place.
    As for the next spec, you have two great career spec choices in Commando or Sharpshooter, depending on whether you want to withstand damage better or kill enemies faster. The nice thing about Sharpshooter is that True Aim works at any range, and you have two instances of Deadly Accuracy, allowing you to boost a melee-range skill and a ranged-combat skill (and Sniper Shot can help if an enemy tries to kite you by ducking outside of your normal range). There's also Heavy, but I think that spec has less utility for a bodyguard-focused build, since even Dynamic Fire can't make Gunnery weapons viable at Engaged range.
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    Kaigen reacted to Sarone in Droid Tech (EotE) and Droid Specialization (AoR) combination   
    Ok, initially, I thought there would be several repeat non-ranked talents in the Droid Specialist specialization.  Looking at it, the only repeat talent is Rerouted Processors.  Here are the stats (DS= Droid Specialist, DT = Droid Tech)
    Career Skills:
    Computers, Mechanics, Perception,  Specialization Skills:
    Computers, Cool, Mechanics For both Career and Specialization, the Droid Specialist and Tech only share four skills.  This is surprising, it also means they are not a carbon copy of each other.  These four skills help define the role for these two specializations, which is focused on the mechanical and technical situations.  In addition, Perception and Cool are practical combat/investigation skills that allows a group to spot trouble and to plan ambushes.  Presence, Intellect, and Cunning are going to be a decent priority for a PCs to focus on for these four skills.
    Intellect (2), Cunning (1), and Presence (1) are the characteristics the skills rely on.
    Both specs share six talent types, though it is in different numbers of each in three cases.  A combined ten appear in Droid Specialist and thirteen appear in the Droid Tech. 
    Speaks Binary (Two in DS/Three in DT) - Adds a up five (5) Boost Die to NPC droids being directed by the PC. Grit (Two in DS/Three in DT) - Adds five (5) to the PC's Strain Threshold. Machine Render (Two in DS/Three in DT) - Heals an additional five (5) wounds for Mechanics checks to heal. Dedication (One in DS/One in DT) - Gain two increases to a single characteristic. Hidden Storage (Two in DS/Two in DT) - Gain hidden storage in a vehicle or equipment with a total encumbrance of four (4).  That is hiding a blaster rifle. Reroute Processors* (One in DS/One in DT) - Non-ranked.  An once per encounter ability that lowers one characteristic by one while raises another characteristic by one.  Lasts until the end of the encounter. The one talent that is noticed is the Reroute Processors.  This is a non-ranked talent that comes in at 25 XP for both specializations.  Buy it once and save the XP on other specializations.
    The ones mentioned above are ranked, so getting a third specialization with these in it will just make them better.  Giving an NPC droid five boost die can easily help out a party, whether in a firefight or doing maintenance.  Hidden storage is one of those talents that can be fun, especially if you want to smuggle a blaster rifle.  Or bring in a modified rivet gun to nail an opponent to a wall.
    DS gets Athletics, Knowledge (Education), Piloting (Space), Ranged (Light), Vigilance for career. DS gains Melee for specialization. Droid Specialists gain a bit more combat focus from their career skills in addition to the more used Piloting (Space).  The Education focus for Knowledge makes the Specialist for book smart and to boost investigation and research sessions.  The Ranged (Light) and Vigilance makes it a go person for firefights and can be left alone to fend for themselves for a bit.
    Brawn (2), Intelligence (1), Agility (2), and Willpower (1) are the characteristics needed by these skills, which can be a problem for those seeking to make the most out of their characteristics.  Adding the skills from the similar discussion can easily make them a "jack of all trades, master of none".  However, because brawn is tied to soak and Encumbrance threshold, having two skills be dependent on it can be useful.
    DT gets Astrogation, Coordination, Discipline, Knowledge (Outer Rim), Piloting (Planetary) DT gains Leadership On the other side, Droid Techs are more focused on on party support.  Astrogation is often used for space travel and can give the Tech a role for helping the pilot.  Outer Rim is useful for getting through and to places that are off the beaten path.  Leadership is also extremely useful, as there is a prior incentive to build droid followers for Speak Binary.  Planetary provides a bit of relief for the pilot of the group, especially if the team has access to two or more vehicles.
    Intellect (2), Agility (2), Willpower (1), and Presence (1) are needed for the skills mentioned above.  Adding the similar skills to this discussion means that Brawn is the only one not used outside of the Wound and Encumbrance Thresholds.  In addition, having four skills rely on intellect means that a character can justify having this being the focus for character.
    DS has access to:
    Design Flaw (Two) Toughened (One) Gearhead (Two) Repair Patch Specialization (Two) Combat Programming* (One) Desperate Repairs* (One) Master Artisan* (One) For being a combat focused Specialization, the Specialist plays it up in this regard.  Being able to heal two additional wounds with repair patches is nice.  Getting rid of two Setback die from Mechanic checks with an out of combat bonus is also nice, especially when combined with Machine Mender.  This makes the Specialist a good combat repair tech.
    Design Flaw, though, makes the Specialist decent in basic combat to extremely useful in combat against droids.  Adding Advantage can cause crits to occur more often, especially for using melee weapons.
    With Combat Programming, a droid the Specialist is working on gains a rank in two different combat skills.  This is good, as it can easily help the team heavy/sniper split the threat.  However, when combined with the above mentioned Reroute Processors, this can push a droid with meh combat stats to a competitive, if I dare say, superior, combat junky.  Being able to increase a droid with Agility 4 and Ranged (Heavy) 2 to Agility 5 and Ranged (Heavy 3) is something that can easily tip the combat into the PCs favor.  Especially if said droid is a PC who has the various bodyguard talents.
    Desperate Repairs is a God-send for the Droid PCs.  In exchange for being staggered and immobile for one round, the droids negates all strain and heals one critical with a rating of Hard or less.  That bodyguard PC Droid might be looking out for his new Specialist friend.
    Last but just as equally important, the Master Artisan allows a Specialist to suffer two strain and decrease the difficulty of the next Mechanics Check by.  This can be done to a minimum of Easy.  This talent can be activated once per round.  Again ONCE PER ROUND, a Specialist can decrease the Mechanics check by one.  
    DT has access to:
    Deft Maker (Two) Eye for Detail (Two) Improved Speaks Binary* (One) Supreme Speaks Binary* (One) Redundant Systems* (One) If the Specialist is the combat specialization, then the Droid tech is the support version.  Deft Maker removes Setback in the same vein as Gearhead, but is focused on droids instead of modifications.  Check with the GM before combining the two for constructing droids.
    Eye for Detail can be likened to the Master Artisan, especially in regards to the strain being taken.  However, where the MA has the strain taken before the check, Eye for Detail can be taken after the roll but before interpreting results.  This converts a number of Successes into Advantages, up to the number of ranks in Eye for Detail.  One Success needs to still be around in order for the check to succeed.
    Redundant Systems is a once per session ability, but it allows the Tech to use parts from a functioning device to repair a broken device.  While it might not be much on the surface, it does allow a tech to repair droids, vehicles, and other pieces of equipment with an Easy Mechanics check.  This will not break the original device.
    Improved Speaks Binary adds a Boost die to an NPC when it assists another character, on top of the Boost added by Speaks Binary.  Which is eh until...
    Supreme Speaks Binary, which is directed at NPC, non-minion droids up to the ranks the PC has in Speaks Binary.  A once per encounter ability, it allows the NPC droids that aren't minions to use the PCs ranks in a skill that PC has.  For a combat skill that is reasonably used with maxed out Speaks Binary, that means five droids can use the PCs ranks, plus gain access to the boost die from Speaks Binary.
    The Experience Math
    Minimum for cross career specializations: 180
    Minimum for Droid Specialist and Droid Tech: 255 (125 for DS/100 for DT)
    The minimum is at 75 Experience to go from 5 Experience to 25 Experience to get access to the Dedication Talent.  For the Droid Specialist and Droid Tech, it would take 100 Experience and 125 Experience to get the Dedication talents.
    Max Experience spent on a cross career specializations: 630
    Max Experience spent on Droid Specialist and Droid Tech: 605
    Usually, it will run a PC 630 Experience points to take both specializations in full (300 Experience per full tree, plus a 30 XP "cross career tax").  In the Droid Specialist/Droid Tech case, it is actually at 605 due to Reroute Processors not being a ranked talent.
    This is just my perspective about the Droid Specialist/Droid Tech specializations.  I hope this is informative and useful for you.  Let me know if you ahev any questions, comments, and critiques.
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    Kaigen got a reaction from Edgehawk in Mouse Guard with Edge of the Empire   
    The big difference between Mouse Guard and Redwall is that normal size differences are maintained, meaning mice can use birds and rabbits as mounts, and wolves and the like take whole armies of mice to combat. Also, communication between species is a lot more difficult.
    In terms of the conversion, EotE feels like a good system to use because of the ease with which characters can cross-specialize; guardmice need a broad skill set to do their jobs. That said, it might not make sense to use specializations or careers at all if you're aiming for a stripped down RPG. You might take a page out of WoD and just have the players assign different set scores to their characteristics (say, a 2, a 3, and a 4), and then let them buy skill ranks, wises, and maybe traits with starting XP.
    (Personally, I really like the Mouse Guard system despite finding Burning Wheel proper to be a complicated mess, but to each their own.)
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    Kaigen got a reaction from Cartergame in Spade Squadron- Fighter Campaign IC   
    Hyperspace is something Camanis is still getting used to, so he's thankful for the short length of the jump. He frowns as he checks his scopes after coming out of the black. Those fighters could be Heart Squadron, but it is odd that their IFF is off. Unless they meant to get right to the "maneuvers" mentioned in the mission briefing.
    "Zh1-M," he says on the internal comm, "divert aux to the shields and angle them forward. No sense getting caught with our choobies out." The Dug listens intently for some indication from their squadron leader as to whether or not this is expected as Zh1-M blats acknowledgement and reinforces the forward shields. Camanis grips his controls tighter, ready to evade if the unidentified fighters start shooting.
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    Kaigen got a reaction from Random Bystander in Another Character Generator   
    The quick and dirty fix would be to say "You cannot use signature abilities from more than one career in the same scene/encounter." That prevents any unforeseen combinations while still allowing those few careers whose signature abilities already synergize to keep using them together.
    Of course, since we're in house-rule territory already, the GM can always address detrimental combos on an ad hoc basis.
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    Kaigen got a reaction from satkaz in SWRPG - Condensed Skill List   
    On the other hand, in my experience players (myself included) rarely invest XP into skill ranks unless there's some kind of talent synergy, so if this setup makes buying skill ranks more attractive, that might not be such a terrible thing.
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    Kaigen reacted to KungFuFerret in Force Powers Out of Combat   
    Except the quintessential example of this is from Empire Strikes Back, where Luke fails to lift the X-Wing from the bog.   That scene is the epitome of a "take 20" type of handwave a GM might do, but the possibility of failure had significant ramifications.   There wasn't any need to do it, and theoretically he could've kept trying over and over, but dramatically it was more fitting to see him try and fail.

    If it's something inconsequential like "I want to use Move to pull my flashlight from my workstation to my hand, just for flavor text" ok fine.  But if it's something that could have consequences, it should still be rolled.
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    Kaigen reacted to Absol197 in Force Powers Out of Combat   
    I have a couple of different things I do. 
    First, for "causal" uses of the Force, where the character isn't really trying to do anything impressive, just using it for convenience in their everyday life (i.e. using Move to draw the remote to you on the couch, or Sense to feel the emotions of the guy in the other car to know whether to give them a break or honk really loud), nothing that is narratively important, I allow them to auto-generate a number of Force points of their color equal to the average for all their Force dice.
    Since the average for both Light and Dark is 8 pips over 12 sides, that comes out to 2/3 a Force point per Force rating.  So if your Force rating is 1, no attempt at using the Force is casual, it always involves a significant amount of effort and concentration.  But with FR 2, you can generate an auto-Force point whenever, suitable for the basic power of most powers.  If you're rushed, threatened, you want to generate more than the average, or the consequences for failure are high, you still have to roll.  But it cuts down on a lot of superfluous rolls for those tiny, mostly narrative actions that have no consequence.
    For things like the main subject of this thread, it depends on the circumstances and power in use.  For something like the aforementioned trying to move the boulders into position, if the character has enough time I would simply allow it to auto-succeed.  Or, more likely, I'd let it auto-succeed, but make the character roll a Discipline check with a Difficulty equal to the number of Force points needed to move the boulders in the first place.  Threat would inflict strain, failure would mean that they just don't have the spiritual strength to move them all in time.
    For sensory powers, especially Foresee or Seek, I usually limit it to one check.  If they want to check again, they need to wait until circumstances have changed.  Basically, the current "configuration" of the Force is not conducive to you seeing the future now.  Wait until it changes and you can try again, but multiple attempts are just throwing yourself against a wall.
    That's how I do it, at least  .
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    Kaigen got a reaction from Absol197 in SWRPG - Condensed Skill List   
    On the other hand, in my experience players (myself included) rarely invest XP into skill ranks unless there's some kind of talent synergy, so if this setup makes buying skill ranks more attractive, that might not be such a terrible thing.
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    Kaigen reacted to Daeglan in Genesys Vehicle Rules and Star Wars   
    Brrel Roll
    Tier 3
    Out of turn incidental.
    When hit after damage calculated before armor is applied. you may choose to suffer 3 system strain to reduce damage by ranks in piloting. Not ranked.
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    Kaigen reacted to edwardavern in SWRPG - Condensed Skill List   
    Hey all.  I'm considering running a session for some proper RPG newbies, and was playing with the idea of condensing the skill list for the purposes of a one-shot.  Just because, in my experience, the first thing that puts non-gamers off is being handed an A4 sheet covered in skills and numbers.  Plus, it's quite a fun academic exercise.  For example, reducing the number of skills made the Characteristics all wonky, so I've reduced those as well.
    Anyway, this is what I've come up with - just thought I'd see what everyone thought.
    Athletics [Physical] – covers Athletics, Coordination, Resilience Close Combat [Physical] – covers Melee, Brawn, Lightsaber Communication [Social] – covers Charm, Coercion, Deception, Negotiation Discipline [Social] – covers Cool, Discipline, Leadership Education [Intellectual] – covers all Knowledge skills Medicine [Intellectual] – RAW Piloting [Physical] – covers both Piloting skills Shooting [Physical] – covers Ranged Light, Ranged Heavy, Gunnery Stealth [Physical] – covers Stealth, Skulduggery Tech [Intellectual] – covers Computers, Mechanics Vigilance [Intellectual] – covers Perception, Vigilance  
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    Kaigen reacted to Absol197 in SWRPG - Condensed Skill List   
    I like it!  My sister plays a lot of RPGs, and one of her biggest gripes about the SWRPG is the number of skills.  I may direct her here and see what she thinks...
    If I were to utilize this is some manner, I probably wouldn't condense the characteristics as well, I'd just use the WoD method where characteristics and skills are not linked, and the type of task your attempting determines which characteristic you use.
    But good work!  I think most of the associations make sense.  The only problem I see is that it makes the Social characteristic less useful, as it only involves two out of your eleven skills.  Physical, by contrast, has five, and Intellectual has four.  Just something to consider.
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    Kaigen reacted to Therian in Genesys Vehicle Rules and Star Wars   
    Yeah I'm thinking I'm going to leave the attack difficulties silhouette based.  For sure in Star Wars anyway.   
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    Kaigen got a reaction from Paris Teta in Genesys Vehicle Rules and Star Wars   
    Would porting those rules over make a vehicle-focused campaign (such as a starfighter squadron) run a bit more smoothly? Is there anything that would help the fragility problem with starfighters?
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    Kaigen reacted to Abyss in More Card Spoilers   
    I've got to disagree with a lot of arguments against her.
    Dynasty character vs Conflict character - this makes no practical difference. Playing a Conflict character is only a disadvantage if the character is worse than a Dynasty character (e.g. low stats to cost). Otherwise being able to Ambush them in is pure benefit. You're not 'down a character' or anything; you just get to play your character at the most beneficial time. 
    She's expensive for a Conflict card - again, this makes no practical difference because you didn't buy a character (granted, this means she's probably dead the turn you draw her, unless you're playing some kind of low dynasty/high conflict cost deck). She's not competing with your 'left over' fate, she's competing with your other characters. 
    She's a courtier but doesn't like dishonour/high glory - How often are you using Forged Edict with Shojo? Because that's the comparison you're making. Just because she's a Conflict character doesn't mean she's a disposable chump. And yeah, she has high glory - it's balance. As a counter point, she's also much more able to dodge dishonour due to her being a Conflict character (e.g. you can scout/try to draw out Shameful Display before putting her in, she's potentially not around if the opponent Fire Rings before you play her etc).
    10 Conflict character limit - okay, this one's actually somewhat reasonable. But realistically, what are you playing? Because if you're playing stuff like Goblin Sneak, you're probably not playing the kind of deck she wants to be in. I don't think you necessarily want to build around her, but you want to play her in the right kind of deck. Something that wants to break provinces like the 'Dropbears' deck, I think she absolutely fits in conceptually. Something like a dedicated dishonour deck, probably not, because she's not really advancing your primary win condition that much (though she can probably force unopposed in a lot of cases). 
    Do I think she fits in every deck? No. But she's certainly viable. The other big thing is that I get the impression people feel like they have to be running her 3x copies, which I think is wrong in most cases. I'd run her one or two, and she'll probably turn up at the right time often enough to be worth it without completely destroying your Conflict deck. 
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    Kaigen reacted to theaficionado in More Card Spoilers   
    "Having a pig's ear at the near and far to get have some time away from the hugs and kisses" has nothing to do with pigs ears, hugs and kisses, or things that are near or far away.

    Vegemite is delicious.

    Kangaroos are not ridden around in or on, but occasionally eaten.

    Contrary to popular belief, not all Australians who draw their heritage back to England are descended from convicts, though those that are wear it as a badge of pride.

    "Mate" has very different connotations depending on the sentence. The mate in "Listen, mate" and "He's my mate" are very different.


    Oh, did you mean about L5R?

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    Kaigen reacted to Absol197 in Your favorite Force power   
    Eh.  I have little desire to continue arguing about it.  I've never been much of a canon-hawk, and from my point of view:
    1)  Unleash is a power that lets you shoot energy from your hands.
    2)  Electricity is a form of energy.
    3)  We have previously-canon evidence that Force Lightning, or something very similar, can be used by a light-sider, albeit at the risk of going too far and slipping into the dark.
    4)  The mentor option for the Force tradition native to the species of the only Jedi Master who was known to use the power in 3) allows you to use Unleash without gaining Conflict every so often.
    5)  Unleash is a power that can be used by anyone, but gets significantly more potent very quickly if you are a dark-sider.
    All of these things combined mean to me that Unleash, at any level, can allow someone to use the Force to shoot lightning.  Which is all I need to call something Force Lightning.  It just requires you to be a Dark-sider who has advanced all the way down the tree to be the best it can be, which makes sense based on what we've been shown.  Only a very powerful and corrupt person can use the ability to shoot lightning to its fullest extent (i.e. can "Master" the ability).
    If your definition is more strict, then so be it.  Mine isn't  .
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    Kaigen got a reaction from Silim in Your favorite Force power   
    And then there's the Baran Do Mentor benefit in Disciples of Harmony that lets you use Unleash a couple of times a session without Conflict. If that wasn't written to enable "Electric Judgement"-esque fun I'll eat my hat. 
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    Kaigen got a reaction from JorArns in Your favorite Force power   
    And then there's the Baran Do Mentor benefit in Disciples of Harmony that lets you use Unleash a couple of times a session without Conflict. If that wasn't written to enable "Electric Judgement"-esque fun I'll eat my hat. 
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