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  1. I think just for the next attack roll. So once target is declared it shows the expected damage distribution of the attack. Or if a simple number is enough info then similar to the range lines show the expected damage to each target next to the line
  2. Very followable, but then neither of the lists really had any crazy dice interactions going on. And I expect Bunn/Blair to know what they're doing more than rando #7 (though apparently not what crits do, rekt) Incidentally I think the discussion about ships count was accurate. In my, limited and closer to Nathan's version, testing it seems to do very well against 3 ships lists but has a harder time against larger counts that don't need to be clumped up. Haven't hit a TIE swarm with it yet but I think it's going to have a hard time getting sufficient arcs on Han while maintaining Howlrunner bubble and lacking the 3 dice punch to occasionally stick a crit just through having more results than Han has dice P.S. Bunn you should have boosted
  3. Makaze

    Inert Fat Han

    Whoa there. Han didn't keep his ability, Han got a massively upgraded version of his ability. He went from rerolling attack dice to rerolling attack, defense, crit cards, obstacles, R2-D2 crew, bombs, and literally any other reason he would ever roll dice that I forgot to mention. Sure you have to be at R1 of an obstacles which I think didn't happen... once out of my last 3 games with him? They can all be bad for the game. No one is saying fix Fat Han but leave Phantoms alone
  4. I think this is a huge part of it. 2.0, with some notable exceptions, made dials matter more. RZ2s don't care as much about their dial as much as most 2.0 ships and so it seems like they should be paying a premium for that privilege and yet are dirt cheap Yes
  5. Yes, they almost always have a shot. It's not all that hard to open up the arc and cover a wide range. It's not always a good shot or against the target you really want but yeah, in my experience, they will generally have a shot The only time they don't is if they need to boost->rotate. Any other time they have a focus. That happens, hence the qualifier "almost". But yeah, again in my experience they generally have a focus. You are correct though that a lot are spent on defense, so point taken there If you disengage then they don't take any return shots and you given them that chance to safely rotate the following turn before reengaging. Sure disengagement can sometimes be the right call but it hardly seems like some sort of silver bullet grand strategy I have played them, that's when I put my finger on what I dislike about them. Was agonizing over my dials and it dawned on me that it just didn't matter. I could go any direction and still get a shot but my opponent had only about a 1 in 3 chance of guessing right and getting one. They had no way of knowing which way I'd go because all of my options were equally good. For some reason I'm OK with dice randomness but that aspect of randomness bothered me. Again, feeling
  6. I'm not sure that's true though. The frustrating, not necessarily OP but frustrating, feeling I get from RZ2s is that they remind me effectively of 1.0 turrets. They almost always have a shot, it's almost always modified, and because they don't particularly have to care about facing they have a wide variety of move choices available. It's that last part that bothers me. Typically I can look at a ship and run through the list of reasonable moves and rank them for risk vs reward and then take an educated guess about what the other player will do. With RZ2s... half or more of the dial gives them a shot so it's a pure guessing game. A game where I'm right half the time and they're right all the time, the saving grace is that they're not very good at killing things without good variance so it evens out hence them not actually being OP. But it's a weird thing where I feel like me and my opponent are playing very different games. I'm trying to predict largely unpredictable maneuvers and they're dicking around waiting for good dice. Again, just feeling, no basis in any objective sense
  7. Without a purple reinforce why even bother? Unplayable
  8. Am I the only one that immediately went Bnanan uh nuh nuh nuhhh nuhhh nuhhh nuhhhhhhhhh out loud?
  9. I think I'd phrase it more like most players don't like it when their opponent gets to play the game
  10. Which is fine because you pay for that ability, it's on one ship, and Han wasn't going to joust you anyways
  11. If Sidious, being the ultimate power behind the Seperatists, was considered an enemy combatant then... yes?
  12. Maybe? But juke Phantoms are incredibly consistent. There are other ships out there that have more upside potential but given the token stacks and multiple jukes downside variance doesn't hurt them nearly as bad as other ships. So in a given match, sure they're beatable. But across an entire day that shift in the variance window really shines through and it's a huge part of why they're placing so well
  13. Juke Soontir isn't bad, especially in a list with other another juke. But... he's in the same boat as the Phantom/Defender with Juke working on him because he gets the evade "for free". In the sense that you're leveraging the bullseye focus to free up your action to take the evade. And even then at current cost I'm not sure it's worth it. Ignoring points juke is clearly better than crackshot, including them much less so
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