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  1. It makes sense, they have by far the most data on topline lists since thats' what everyone plays. But... that's exactly how power creep happens. 6 months from now there will be a new topline and it will, almost certainly, be slightly better than the previous topline. If it becomes the new basis for which things should be judged and points adjusted the cycle will repeat. The TIE/ln being the baseline worked because it was unchanging, if they keep dynamically changing the measuring stick we're going to end up with a really long stick Which is the baseline, extended or hyperspace? Is extended bad or is hyperspace good?
  2. This is the 2nd Star Wars/Potter reference I've read in as many days. The other being if Kylo follows a redemption arc in a few days then he'll basically just be diet Snape
  3. Is it synesthesia if I can taste the Spongebob meme in this post?
  4. Downvote Here's a link to MSDN that has nothing to do with your issue Closed as duplicate
  5. Sorry, you've got me confused with some one else, I both wasn't flying that and did worse than Tippet Although according to official Kraytbet results I still did better than Farmer so... win?
  6. I so want an evil Anakin Skywalker "Youngling Slayer"
  7. That seems super undercosted for non-aethersprites at 2 points on Luke/Wedge Non-Aethersprites - agility * (1 + 5 * 0) agility * (1 + 0) agility * 1 = agility base agility * (IF(ship name == aethersprite, 6, 4)) feels better
  8. Same, I couldn't care less about most of the prizes these days but 3 years ago I wanted sparkle dice bad enough to travel for them and that broke the seal
  9. I'd agree they're not balancing for kitchen table players, they're obviously using tournament representation and results in what they target. I think the casual vs competitive question is more what are they trying to maximize the balance for Wednesday night at the store, round 1 of swiss, or the cut?
  10. Duchess is I5 not 6, is on an otherwise mediocre chassis, only has 1 force, has a dial that bakes the boost in, and cannot recycle her and her allies focus I'm also not convinced that CLT Obi is actually good. Sense is good, Obi just lives a long time
  11. America has become better at space fascism than Germany? Oh how the tables have turned
  12. That sounds like a challenge... Washu best girl
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