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  1. L5R has been heavily weighing on my mind once more, and cannot wait for previews to start! Sadly, I've never been to GenCon, and this year is no different... BUT I'll definitely be giving some cash to any friends that DO go in the hopes that they can bring me as much of the new L5R loot as possible!
  2. See what you can find about the old L5R Miniatures game: Clan War. It has been OOP for so long, but you never what kind of stuff may be ut there on the interwebs. It has been so long ago, I cant even recall the manufacturer or anything, though I *think* Reaper may have made the figures. It vaguely remember it being being fun, albeit maybe not entirely balanced. (Naga were OP iirc)
  3. Check amazon (if you haven't found a copy already) There is a seller with some copies (as of a few minutes ago) "rarewave-imports" or something like that, basically at MSRP when you factor in shipping costs. I'm not 100% sure where they are from, but seeing as it takes 18+ days to reach me in the US and only 5 days for Canada, my guess is that they are a Canadian seller. Only thing keeping me from ordering is the fact that it wouldn't hit my doors until some time March.... Hope that helps...
  4. I wouldn't be sad to see it go.... it had been a really long time since I had sent any in or redeemed them for cards. That's my 2 Koku's worth...
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