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  1. Not that it really matters, but the amount of global possible stat points in the game is limited. How can you circumvent that using dice? I use dials myself and I couldn't care less about the limit (i actually cap my attributes as a house rule), but I'm curious.
  2. I like Relic's Dials Gold should remain as coins imho.
  3. In my Gates of Hell homebrew ( https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/191984-the-gates-of-hell-expansion/) I implemented an idea somewhat based on Relic's Nemesis concept. But it'd be fairly easy to port the entire nemesis concept to Talisman.
  4. Barzil's Language is Portuguese (there are some minor differences between pt_PT and pt_BR, but orthographically is the same due to recent changes on how some words should be written). The base game is translated to portuguese by Devir, but in my honest opinion the english version is the way to go. Too many mistakes due to different translators translating the same keywords. I don't know how fast they get the expansions on Brazil, but here in Portugal we get them pretty fast.
  5. Ya know... When I designed my Gates of Hell expansion I came across something that I didn't like: the addition of another NPC. I went it because it was a center piece on my design, but even so it's my least favorite thing in that homebrew (the idea, not the NPC per se). It's fine if you're only playing the base game, but a LOT of people invested copious amount of time, effort and money to get a few expansion running along the base game, and the NPCs pile up pretty quickly :/ I tend to use my expansion with only another NPC. Why? That way we don't get a NPC flying around everytime someone rolls something. That being said, can you show us more? The idea? The setting? Is it another board? Best regards, Silvio
  6. Haven't read it in detail, but I like the fact that you didn't castrate the expansion by requiring a specific expansion to be able to play it. Kudos.
  7. It really depends on what theme or mechanic you want to implement on your game. But I'm with Jedi on this one, smaller expansion (and preferably ones that do not add to the main decks) are the way to go imho. The Vision is an awesome expansion, but the complexity it brings and the sheer amount of work needed to get it up and ready is immense.
  8. Here you go Jon: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jw3omoh3mfgusop/Loudo%27s%20Expansion.zip?dl=0
  9. I'm sorry about that. If you like the Judge and you want to use it without the City expansion, I would suggest the following changes: -> Ignore the part about drawing cards from the City deck when you are on the same space as the Judge. -> When you roll a 1, Followers are simply discarded. If you have no Followers, you are transported to the City space and you have to treat it as if it were the Jail: 1-2) fail to escape and lose 1 life; 3-4) fail to escape; 5-6) you escape, roll for your movement. -> When you roll a 4, discard 1 gold. If you can't, miss a turn. It's ok I have a lack of space issue regarding my table (and my living-room for that matter, lol) and I sadly cannot play with corner expansions at home (I'm trying to figure out a solution tough). So the beef is my own only, I'm sure other people like that aspect as the City is a pretty cool expansion (love it on Digital). Until I move to a bigger flat I'm doomed to play with only card expansions and homebrews that don't use the corners (which was one of the reasons I made Gates of Hell and download homebrews). Cheers!
  10. I ilke it. My only beef with it being the requirement of owning the City expansion (and play with it) for the Judge to work properly. Other than that, pretty nifty Lots of custom characters to choose from.
  11. The last game I played was with 5 players. Me, my girlfriend, my best friend and his girlfriend and another friend. It took a lot of time, and eventually my best friend decided to make a run for it. I'd just secured a Talisman so I too make a run for it, but he way way ahead of me. By the time I got to the Plain of Peril he was already at the Pits. The order of play was: My best friend, my other friend, my best friend's gf and me (the game took so long we implemented perma-death on the second day run, my gf bit the dust). My best friend plays and moves to the Valley of Fire, his face a semblance of pure joy and smugness. Our other friend moves and draws an event (Astral Conjunction). My friend's girlfriend makes her play. Then I play a spell that I got from the event... Transference! I switch places with my best friend and the next turn I went and resolved whatever ending we got (can't remember which one was, fighting someone). I won not by a stroke of dumb luck, but by two. In bird culture this would be considered a **** move.
  12. It's his website. He does whatever he feels like it. Go ahead a create a new talisman hub and play with yourself there. Also, although I doubt it, if he's making any money with his focus on FFG or Nomad, good for him. Running a website costs money. So, yeah. I see nothing wrong with Talisman Island. And you shouldn't either.
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