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  1. Hello everyone. I just started playing Warhammer Invasion. I have some questions that I hope some of you might be able to answer. 1: When I am defending my Kingdom. Do the three power symbols at the Kingdom count as actual powers, that I can use to defend my kingdom, ore are they only used for collecting resources? 2: There is a warpstone support card that reads: "Your units enters this zone corrupted." Why would I ever want to play this card? Is there some advantage to having a corrupted unit? 3: Can a support card be attached to an allied unit when you have an alliance card?
  2. Hello everyone. Just started playing Warhammer Invasion a few days ago. My question is: When you are defending your Kingdom. Do the three powers you have in your Kingdom from the beginning, count as actual powers you can use to defend you kingdom. Ore do they only count as resources?
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