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  1. I was also thinking about picking up the 1.0 Decimator now that the contents for 2.0 have been spoiled. If anything, it looks like the color scheme for the 2.0 model is slightly more blue than grey. Can't tell for sure, though. Also, the 2.0 comes with a Proximity Mine template, which is always nice to have more of just in case.
  2. Thank you all. I believe this answers my question.
  3. I know I'm late to the party but I was under the impression that only the expansions in "Wave 1" would be just cards from the Conversion Kits. I ask because I'm wondering if I should buy some ships like the 1st edition Quadjumper (which is on sale now for 50% off) or wait for a second edition Quadjumper expansion? Will ANY of the re-releases contain "new" cards not found in Conversion Kits?
  4. Omicron Group Pilot — Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle Jamming Beam 0 Freelance Slicer 3 ST-321 4 Major Vermeil — TIE Reaper 49 ISB Slicer 3 Darth Vader 14 Hull Upgrade 3 “Whisper” — TIE/ph Phantom 54 Juke 5 Everything strips tokens and punishes enemy for lack of tokens. I'm close, but I need some help allocating my last 22 points. Any Suggestions? Current list-building objectives: - make opponents want to target Lambda (too easy to ignore atm) - draw aggro away from Major Vermeil (he's too tasty a target atm)
  5. Something came to mind. What kind of pilots or upgrade cards have abilities that require a token to work? You know... using Jamming Beam to stop ability interactions and combos, like throwing a wrench in an opponent's plan. Only one that comes to mind is Rexler Brath's pilot ability requiring an evade token to flip a damage card and also as someone mentioned using a high initiative Jamming Beam to stop a missile/torpedo attack. I'm sure some more are out there.
  6. It has uses. Not many, but I know it does. This thread is to compile a list of situations on which Jamming Beam is useful. I'll start with getting the most obvious out of the way... free cannon shots via the "Xg-1 Assault Configuration" on the Alpha-Class Star Wing and IG-88B's pilot ability. EDIT: Best suggestions - stripping "Reinforce" - focus fire - denying torpedo shots (especially from 2-ATK primary carriers) - stalling (for MoV, regenerating, etc.) - when you know an opponent wants to use tokens for offense instead of defense - stopping a TIE-Phantom from re-cloaking - disabling "Juke" - setting up for a following turn with "ISB Slicer"
  7. ASTROMECH - LIMITED - SCUM After you fully execute a maneuver, if you have not dropped or launched a device this round, you may drop 1 bomb. So... what's up with this? I thought there wasn't supposed to be any more unavoidable damage in 2.0 anymore? Looks like this enables high PS bombing shenanigans again. Not sure if I'm missing something, so someone please fill me in. Do we have reason to be worried about this?
  8. You're right. It doesn't. But I never said it did, did I? It's a pre-order bonus. Parakitor was nice enough to give you a link for more info.
  9. I heard you get a free one with different art from pre-orders.
  10. Are all of you getting two second edition core sets, then? I only "need" one for a damage deck (since I'm getting a second from the TIE Reaper) and the cards. Literally the only thing I need from another second edition core set is JUST the templates because sharing one pair is too bothersome. Not sure if there's a better option since I don't know if people will be Ebay-ing those off, especially since they need them.
  11. I read something about lines down the middle of the new second edition movement templates, but I don't know what the purpose they serve as well as how important they are. Anyone care to fill me in?
  12. Just to be clear about trading here in order to make sure no one is violating the forum rules... we're not allowed to sell or post links to any of our stuff on Ebay or anything, right? I'll be getting one of every conversion kit, so I'm likely to have about a spare dial for every ship.
  13. If you wish to update your collection, in reality all you need is the models and obstacles/bombs from v1.0. So the question I have is... what do you do with the rest of your v1.0 collection? And what is the most cost-effective way of getting what I need (assuming I need roughly half the contents of a conversion set for each faction)? I personally don't need all my old v1.0 upgrade cards anymore. Can I sell them for a reasonable amount on Ebay? Is it worth the hassle? Is there enough demand for just upgrades now that v2.0 is announced? Anything else you can think of?
  14. No way, man. TLT is not balanced at all. Not even close. Some people did the math on the equivalent damage it does, and it's approximately the equivalent of chucking around 3.50-3.62 red dice. Here, let me link you all the thread. This thread also uses actual results from Worlds, so this isn't just theory and numbers pulled out of someone's butt. The data is legit. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/191287-tlt-by-the-numbers/ Now, using the formula from my thread, which can extremely accurately predict point costs of current and non-released ships, I'll plug in the data from the other thread to calculate how powerful a Y-Wing with TLT really is. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/238121-discovered-official-formula-for-ship-stat-pricing/ base stat line cost (meaning the PS1 point cost) = 2(attack) * [(hull + shields) / (5 - agility) + 1.5] Realistically, the red dice equivalent range of TLT should be in the 3.50-3.62 range, but those numbers also don't account for the fact that secondary weapons ignore range 3 modifiers, meaning that the effective damage is actually a bit higher. However, let's treat TLT as 3.5 red dice, anyways. Now, the formula from my thread treats turrets as being worth an extra red die more than their standard primary firing arc equivalent, meaning that a 4 red die attack standard firing arc has a point cost value equal to a 3 red dice turret. This means that TLT throwing the equivalent of 3.5 red dice is equivalent to a 4.5 standard firing arc. Now with this knowledge, we can combine all the data to predict the point cost value of the stats of a Y-Wing with TLT. 2(attack) * [(hull + shields) / (5 - agility) + 1.5] = base stat line point cost 2(4.5) * [(5+ 3) / (5 - 1) + 1.5] = 31.5 points This means that the Y-Wing's stats are worth 31.5 points, which is a whopping 7.5 points above what you pay for at 24 points. However, there is a "catch." TLT cannot hit at range 1, although this is mostly (but not entirely) offset by its lack of range 3 negative modifier. Is that difference REALLY worth 7.5 points? **** no. Just to put things into perspective, the lack of K-turn on an Auzituck Gunship saves it 2-3 points from where its stat line should suggest. Even if the TLT donut hole was worth 2.5 points of savings, that means a TLT Y-Wing is STILL around 5 points overpowered. TLDR: TLT is not balanced at all.
  15. Yeah, this is a load of crap. I have a decent sized collection of around 20 ships of each faction, and I have NEVER bought a ship because "something better was available." In fact, I do the opposite. I purposely AVOID the overpowered ships like the Jumpmaster. I buy ships based on theme, nostalgia, function, or enjoyable design. Gotta open your mind, man. Not everyone thinks like you, and the fact that ships like Punisher sell prove that point. And yes... I also bought a Punisher.
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