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  1. Tokens For you Tokens For Me Oh Mindlink How broken thou art.
  2. This. Try Cobra + Fenn and 1 other ship with fearlessness (e.g. Zuckuss). Have you ever wanted to down Ghost, Decimator or Falcon in a single round of firing? This list can and does it consistently.
  3. He was quite the lad. So sad if this is the case. Can we 'Dear FFG' this one as well...?
  4. You might want to have a second look sir
  5. Yes. 180 on a small ship is a bliss. as long as any of the hard turns are white it's good enough. Which is why I was wondering if U-Wing could have been a hit had FFG released it with 180 arcs...the no K-turn part would be fine if this was the case. The pivot title would be amazing paired with the 180 deg arc.
  6. I totally agree with your points. Sorry I didn't mention this earlier but I was comparing generics to generics in my post. On Bwing, if we compare Bwing and Auzituck in a 4 v 4 match, Auzituck could easily lose due to FCS on B-wing. However, given the state of current meta reinforce action is probably the much needed help for heavy fighters. On U-Wing, I also agree that it can be a decent jouster. But you need 4 of them to be effective. The generic could be a 25pt filler in any rebel lists, but without the K-turn I'd rather take B-wing over the extra agility.
  7. That reminds me...didn't Bistan provided covering fire from inside U-Wing? Shouldn't they have 180 arc instead?
  8. Slap engine upgrade on all the large, hard to maneuver ships and they're still in aces' firing arcs at their desired form of donut hole.
  9. If it isn't apparent, the title is a play on "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly". I'm not too confident of my math to show the numbers, but I believe this is the general comparison between said three ships. At least with the leak we have on Auzituck, it seems like a stronger version of B-wing. 180 arc in a small ship is a bliss. Why can't the U-wing K-turn? It hits like a B-Wing, slightly tankier but moves like a huge HWK-290 without a turret slot. When it does reverse its direction, it has to telegraph one round in advance. Shouldn't the pivot wings do better than that? Why is U-Wing a large ship based in the first place? I heard the fluff < balance argument many times. Is this balance? Enlighten me please. I want to make U-Wing works without buying four of them.
  10. =IF('newshipdial' >= 'JumpMaster5000', BROKEN IF('newshipdial' >= 'YT-2400', POWERCREEP IF('newshipdial' =< 'Lambda-Class Shuttle', BURNFFG, FINE)))
  11. This. Recent nerfs put greater emphasis on the disadvantages of being stressed. I can see FFG wanting to see Black Market Slicing Tools see more frequent play. Inspiring recruit and Rebel stress removal shenanigans will see more play as well. Jam on scum is actually a valid idea.
  12. Scurrg has literally everything the universe has to offer...except a cannon slot. Does it matter? NO! Let's pray they have a decent bomb laying capabilities, for I will grab two of these majestic creatures.
  13. Thanks @VanderLegion! You're the best
  14. I'm interested to see how wave 11 meta shapes up, really. Based on what has been revealed, you can sell 10 waves worth collection and stay in the top table by buying 4 each of wookie gunships and Tie Agressors. Maybe keep TIE Strikers for the LWF, again to augment agressors but that's about it.