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  1. I'd say this solves the growing concern of fortressing and ships with cheesy infinite bumping tricks (e.g. Oicunn Palp Ion projector). It would also make the game faster and less trickier to resolve bumping. Also, depending on where the bumping ship ends (right or left bump), It's easier for primary arc ships to get back into the fray after bumping instead of getting bullied by turrets. If this is legit, I think it would make for a welcome change. If this is fake, props to the guy for preparing such a well thought-out trolling. Can I have the acryllic template please?
  2. Casually, I've done tens of games both IRL and Vassal. Competitively, we just lost our only TO in the region and doesn't seem like we're gonna find a replacement soon. Until then, playing against the reigning champions will be my only bet to test the viability of Soontir. :/
  3. This is very untrue sir, at least for the first part. Sable Gryphon's Triple K-wing bomber list (tastefully named "Galaxy Note 7") did 6-2 in worlds 2016 and almost made it to the top 32 list. It's not that they are not good, people simply don't use them anymore when newer wave arrives. The fact that K-wings are as rare as unicorns doesn't help the situation either. Post-nerf, as everybody said both PS2 and PS4 K-wing will be a good missile carrier thanks to long range scanners. Especially considering that triple jumps will no longer exists after the 1-2 nerf punch on Jumpmaster chassis + Attanni nerf. Triple scurrg will lose out simply because they have lower PS.
  4. Just like our last discussion on Soontir right? Speaking of which, I fielded Soontir many times against Nym lists now and he's doing crazy well. He just needs a reliable buddy to finish off Nym while he finishes off the rest. After all, the Baron just laughs off incoming TLT shots.
  5. I wonder why the hate too. Netlisting isn't all bad. It helps newcomers to learn why some combinations are great while others not so much. Ooh I love people like this. If I lose, I get to practice against top tier lists. If I win, their bickering and rant will be my trophy.
  6. Fight Cancer with cancer. Nyms are nothing against other turret lists. Also, we can stop whining about autodamages already. Resistance bomber proves that only more of em is going to come. So ****, I'll play Soontir tonight.
  7. bad you're right IG-2000 is 20m. Might have misread the information somewhere. For the U-wing, the idea of having it in a small base is mostly for gameplay purposes. As it is now U-wing is just a fun ship, and pretty tough to play with competitively. Many here would argue that small base U-wing could see more play.
  8. I totally agree on base size reflecting maneuverability too. but this also means IG-2000 should be a small ship base if we go by this reasoning. Plus the fact that they should have been smaller had they follow 1/270 scale faithfully. Also, U-wing should at least be more maneuverable than a HWK-290, which is a small base ship
  9. TBH, this wouldn't be an issue in the first place if Silencer is a large base ship right? would you rather have silencer as a large base ship though? If ffg would revise their past releases. I'd really appreciate it if they re-release U-Wing as a small base ship. The cards are enough justification to release it in a small box, in addition to the size being too large to fit inside the $20 blister, of course.
  10. Why does everyone assume it's all about Nym? It's about Teh Punishurs....
  11. Edit: nevermind it's as you said, only the search bar doesn't work. I'm pampered by it already I didn't realize I was doing it!
  12. It crashes everytime I try to add upgrades on any ships. Let me try reinstalling and see if it'd help!
  13. Hi @VanderLegion, Awesome update as always! Very clean and beautiful interface One question though my app (iOS on 6S+) seems to be crashing every now and then. Is this a known issue atm? Thanks!
  14. I believe your local community folks require an immediate professional treatment. Either from ENT or Neurologist.