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  1. I am aware of this and agree, but again thankfully their base costs of 16 pts makes up for it as a solid turret carrier. And the named pilots have decent abilities that surprisingly stays strong in today's meta.
  2. One thing I noticed is that FFG seems to make an effort to make games end quicker by making everything hit stronger. It's a big deal since back then games could end way longer than the standard 60/75 mins the moment one side of the table brings a non-efficient list by tournament standards. It's not satisfying to end the game without lots of casualties either. Also, it kinda mimics real life air combat in the sense that the moment you make bad mistakes during engagement, ships get destroyed so I don't really mind tbh. The downside of this is of course 2 dice primary ships are being slowly creeped out, and only those with solid roles could stay in the top table (e.g. Tie Crackswarm/ Snapcrack greens/ Salvo Zs/ Mindlink Swarms). But they are slowly laying down fixes bit by bit so I'm sure everything will be addressed eventually. And before you mention the HWK, it's not a 1 Dice ship ok? the base cost subsidises turrets already so factor that in. It's a meta ship, whether you admit it or not
  3. I totally agree with you, but it seems that for the past few waves, FFG wants everyone to view the empire as a charitable organization...give everything in their expansion to the other factions, and get nothing in return.
  4. Not just OL by the way. Imagine interceptors with PRS and Shield Upgrade and Juke...
  5. I don't know why people missed the discard part, but this reason is exactly why I lament the fact that imperial pilots can't be Selfless... I mean, we almost had a 25 pts PS8 Imperial Biggs. 27 with Lightweight frame. Sigh.
  6. PS1 tractor a slooping Sarco Plank with pattern analyzer & tractor array. Does it work? occassionally. Does it shock your opponent? every single time. Jank life is good.
  7. @SabineKey Some quick update. I couldn't participate in Singapore Open Championship due to business trip, but the Final round lists were 2 Defenders and Soontir VS Parattanni. Parattanni won in the end but I'm pretty happy that the interceptor still went second :). Will update this post once I get more info on the details.
  8. Drats yer right. 2 points with pimp mah ride! But yeah it's still the same calculation so a Black Sun Ace with Mindlink/Tracer/Hotshot/Chips/Munitions Failsafe come down to a neat 25 pts.
  9. ...and Hot shot blaster for 1, munitions failsafe for both the tracer and the hotshotblaster and guidance chips all for free. If anything, I'm very excited to run 4X Black Sun Ace that can dish out fully modified 3 dice in/outside arc against hi ps arc dodgers.
  10. I mean, in that configuration she defends like Rey with C3P0 + evade title + Finn without the jankiness.
  11. I flew PTL Latts Asajj's..borderline disgusting in terms of tankiness. Put her alongside determination hull upgrade Tel and you can have a list called Thic as Phuc.
  12. Exactly. Even before this build, I've blocked Miranda countless times using the standard PTL build or run away from the impending bombs. The utility Stridan provides just beat palpatine flat out.
  13. Gone for a day and this thread almost Fel into oblivion? I on the other have Just developed a new build that is just as crazy as it is effective: I have you now (98 pts) Soontir Fel: Daredevil + Title + Autothrusters + Experimental Interface (35 pts) Major Stridan: Systems Officer + Inspiring Recruit + Kylo Ren's Shuttle title (37 pts) Omega Leader: Juke + Comms Relay (26 pts) Basic strategy is the same as I discussed previously, but here is the list of what Soontir gets this time: Source Actions Systems Officer Target Lock Coordinate Evade/Barrel Roll/Boost Experimental Interface Focus Daredevil Focus + 1 Hard maneuver Clear 2 Stress (INS REC) Evade/Barrel Roll/Boost That is a total of Six actions a round with the capability to move in any direction you want at any time without the need to perform a K-turn.
  14. A tie agressor with crap dial that spews highly accurate 8 shots a round with focus left purely for defense, yes.
  15. Uh...guys? That means Quad HWK Generic + AC + TLT is exactly 100 pts. It will go down straight from slightly underpowered to jumpmaster-grade cancer! ...that, and you'll start seeing Primarists (i.e, people who condemn the acts of using a secondary weapon) chanting harder for TLT nerfs