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  1. Sir Admiral, the move will make you relevant again. If the nerf is true, they want to return the flight path guessing part back into mines, as they have always illustrated in the previews. It's still possible to perform drop-in-your-face style bombing, but the opportunities are not as often now. Fragile aces could return into the meta again thanks to this, but will still be kept in check by the likes of VI Genius Nym and other bombing shenanigans. In return, the aces will then keep TLTs & Fat PWTs in check. All in all I'd say the move will address most concerns with the current meta.
  2. Legend says Omega Leader Locked the developers from modifying his upgrades.
  3. Uh any imp ace powered by Stridan can do 4 action shenanigans which includes BR+Boost at PS4. Dalan's flexibility gives a breath of fresh air for mid PS pilots to be playable and competitive. Yes it's very powerful against lower PS, but it's good against hi PS ace just like Ryad. This is taking maneuver-guessing to next level. It's good growth for the game. A game that stays very simple won't last long. A game that's too complex will have lower adoption rate. I still believe X-wing has the right amount of complexity 11.5 waves later.
  4. Whoa why did this topic gets necroed I hope you're not thinking that arc-dodging with high PS aces is Skill, either. When I said fly well, I'm not talking about just setting the dial to move twice and drop bombs. Everyone can do that when you're within reach. I'm talking about how you deploy and plan the engagement. Have you ever seen K-wing bombers moving in circles doing nothing because Fenn Rau is sandwiched safely between a diagonally stacked Jumps? or Imperial aces consistently avoiding the bombing attempt? It's easy to drop bombs when you have the clear path, but not when you are against people who knows very well how to take on bomber lists. If your opponent gives your wardens the green signal to bomb, he deserves it. The mat has six pieces of rocks to move safely. You can't Advance SLAM into a ship strategically placed next to a rock, can you? And I haven't even started discussing how today's meta lists can easily nuke / alpha strike the Sabine carrier before it even begins to drop bombs! Also intel agent doesn't help you when your opponent foresaw your plan. It just lets you know that your plan is screwed earlier. You know that feeling when you know what he's going to do but can't do anything about it at all? exactly. Winning a game with bomber lists is normal. Winning a championship with bomber lists takes real effort to accomplish.
  5. 'MORE SHIPS?! I swear honey, one of these days I will crush a ship in front of you to make a point' 'Point taken dear.., which bag did you fancy again last week?' True story
  6. I always take out my phone. Some people set dials like buying engagement rings. I could literally have a game of clash royale and these blokes are still busy deciding their bridesman maneuver by the time I finish the game.
  7. I bought Five Tie Adv Prototypes with the intention to do proton rockets rush. It was crap. That dream shall be fulfilled in the form of 5X PS2 Adv Prot with Title, Cruise missile & chips. If A-Wings are Chihuahuas, Let them be Mini Pinschers™
  8. The title is apt. Desperate Circumstances
  9. Quad's main issue is on the first engagement. With maximum speed of 3, the maximum travel for tractor coverage is ~6.5 small base (less than range 3, which is 7.5 small base) They almost always take the aggro and died within the first couple exchanges. If you can handle the engagement well and deliver the tractor beam at least one, things' a beast. Killed a corran mercilessly with 2 quads, 2 ion hwk and a missile Z before.
  10. I am aware of this and agree, but again thankfully their base costs of 16 pts makes up for it as a solid turret carrier. And the named pilots have decent abilities that surprisingly stays strong in today's meta.
  11. One thing I noticed is that FFG seems to make an effort to make games end quicker by making everything hit stronger. It's a big deal since back then games could end way longer than the standard 60/75 mins the moment one side of the table brings a non-efficient list by tournament standards. It's not satisfying to end the game without lots of casualties either. Also, it kinda mimics real life air combat in the sense that the moment you make bad mistakes during engagement, ships get destroyed so I don't really mind tbh. The downside of this is of course 2 dice primary ships are being slowly creeped out, and only those with solid roles could stay in the top table (e.g. Tie Crackswarm/ Snapcrack greens/ Salvo Zs/ Mindlink Swarms). But they are slowly laying down fixes bit by bit so I'm sure everything will be addressed eventually. And before you mention the HWK, it's not a 1 Dice ship ok? the base cost subsidises turrets already so factor that in. It's a meta ship, whether you admit it or not
  12. I totally agree with you, but it seems that for the past few waves, FFG wants everyone to view the empire as a charitable organization...give everything in their expansion to the other factions, and get nothing in return.
  13. Not just OL by the way. Imagine interceptors with PRS and Shield Upgrade and Juke...
  14. I don't know why people missed the discard part, but this reason is exactly why I lament the fact that imperial pilots can't be Selfless... I mean, we almost had a 25 pts PS8 Imperial Biggs. 27 with Lightweight frame. Sigh.
  15. PS1 tractor a slooping Sarco Plank with pattern analyzer & tractor array. Does it work? occassionally. Does it shock your opponent? every single time. Jank life is good.