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  1. Try them first on Vassal, or proxy. I guarantee the 5 TAPs will appear meek and doofus until you set up the inevitable Missile Trap from all directions. The general reaction I got is: "ahahaha hahaha wth is that 5 TAPs? You need to see a doctor man!" "O SHI-" "not funny man, not funny"
  2. Bruh. 5 PS2 TAPs with Title, chips and cruise missiles QD with Targeting synchronizer and harpoon chips + 3 PS2 TAPs with Title, chips and harpoon.
  3. What this man said. Seems the Kessel Run Millennium Falcon is a thing.
  4. EDIT: Nevermind my idea was too jank lol
  5. Your Nick, Your prof pic and your statement. I love everything about you.
  6. I will just drop this here... Green Squadron Pilot + Chardaan + Debris Gambit + Juke + Autothrusters (23) Jake Farrel + Chardaan + Debris Gambit + Juke + Experimental Interface (29) Corran Horn + Swarm Leader + FCS + R2-D2 + Shield/Engine Upgrade (48)
  7. Yeah. I guess it's just wishful thinking in the end.
  8. But they Do have U-wings & Tie Strikers with movable wings, which should have even less trailer screen time than K-2S0 at the time.
  9. What if I tell u...that could be another reason to justify the more expensive expansion? ...Of course we're at the mercy of FFG, still, but one can hope right.
  10. ..Touche sir.
  11. Can't stand not to point it out can you . Yes I prefer Imperial but still play three factions is that a problem. What I mean is I usually rant about imperial nerfs, but I can't stand not to comment about how U-Wing is poorly designed compared to Auzituck.
  12. Am I the only one who wants U-Wing and X-Wing in this would-be expansion? The Y-Wing doesn't need a fix. Like. Seriously. U-Wing on the other hand just got totally powercreeped in JUST ONE WAVE. HOW COOL IS THAT? I'm a diehard imperial but I find Auzituck an insult to my U-Wings.
  13. Someone called for a FAA list? 4X PS2 T65 X-wing w/FAA & IA 1X PS2 Z-95 4BZ who?
  14. Eh. I see this droid as the best opening tool ever. spread your x-wings apart in the map. Then the farthest xwings from opp can spam the boost/br until first engagement, most likely in flanked positions.
  15. I don’t get all the talk about generics being too expensive. 4X PS3 Cartel Brute + LRS and a Sunny Bounder is 100 pts. Possibly more workable dials than B-wing, and starts the engagement with TL, focus, and that Bulls- arc. it’s the new generation BBBBZ. It’s the KKKKS