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  1. The HWK-290, specifically Torkil Mux. I don't fly other HWK-290 pilots. He commands a squadron of PS1 pilots dubbed the "warthogs of outer rim" - his crew used to consist of 2 Y-wings and 2 Z-95, but they are phased out recently and replaced by 2 Quadjumpers, another HWK and a Scavenger Z-95 in response to the up and coming threat that is the 'meta'. He strikes fear upon the most fearless of pilots, including Fenn Rau and Dengar.
  2. Sorry for being a TL:DR guy but I saw someone saying Half MOV should be applicable to ships of all size with 9 hull and above? You da man bro.
  3. Psst! my favorite pilot is Torkil Mux and my main competitive list has him in it . My post was more of a complain that the HWK should actually have better dials, at least a K-turn is good. Or, they can errata the primary value to "2" now that ffg got their hands dirty on hard erratas Oh and yes you guessed it, I'm imperial pilot by heart and scum pilot by expertise. I am more interested in the unguided rockets that will buff TIE Bombers and Punishers, along with the yet-to-be revealed minelayer systems upgrade card than the prospect of a Quad imperial TLT. that'd be too boring to fly.
  4. Are you seriously responding to my comment above? Sir, with all due respect I don't think you understand the nature of this thread.
  5. Yeah seriously. Why does HWK and U-Wing have a single white turn maneuver?? They shouldn't be able to turn at all, at least make it red FFG! The Lambda Shuttle is a perfect example of a balanced ships. They're only supposed to go straight and exit the battlefield from opposing side!
  6. Looking forward to it! OOT but I was trying to build a list consisting of Dengar and Boba Fett that uses scavenger crane and torps each. I call it "Solo Haters Club".
  7. Found the issue - It's labelled as unique on the app. Scavenger crane is not unique
  8. Hi @VanderLegion, great work as always! Btw Just noticed a small bug where Scavenger crane didn't appear in Boba Fett (and possibly other Scum Firespray pilots)'s illicit slot.
  9. Despite my fanatical devotion towards the empire, deep down I have to admit that I am more suited to command outer rim thugs than imperial cadets. If I can only take one list, it will be this: Warthogs of the Outer Rim (100) (18) Jakku Gunrunner (15) + Spacetug Tractor Array (2) + Ketsu Onyo (1) (18) Jakku Gunrunner (15) + Spacetug Tractor Array (2) + Intelligence Agent (1) (18) Binayre Pirate (12) + Concussion Missile (4) + Scavenger Crane (2) + Guidance Chips (0) (22) Spice Runner (16) + Ion Cannon Turret (5) + Zuckuss (1) (24) Torkil Mux (19) + Ion Cannon Turret (5) They will not come home in one piece. But they will bring victory in honor of the galaxy's deadliest.
  10. The HWK is still the cheapest turret carrier, even after agressor's release. It's here to stay. It has comparable durability to Y-Wing or B-wing, just slightly more reliant on the green dice. It doesn't require fixes. Well if you insist they can introduce errata on the primary value from "1" to "2" and call it a day. My competitive list now consists of 2 Quadjumpers, 2 HWKs and a Z. My previous competitive list was 2 Ys, 2 Zs and a HWK. They're never out of the game. at least in my meta.
  11. Both Public 100/6 and private X/Y where X depends on the number of people and Y is as many as I want. I usually assign 75 pts & 2 asteroids per person. so on a typical day I will have 2 Vs 2, 150/8 game that usually ends ard 1.5 hrs. Fun casual games
  12. Ssh! you know Ghost is not scared of Fenn when the two fearless friends are not around
  13. I gave some thought on your feedback, and made below list: 100 pts (no need for PS war since both aces are PS8) Major Stridan (32) + Electronic Baffle (1) + Systems Officer (2) Rexler Brath (37) + Expertise (4) + TIE/x7 (-2) Omega Leader (21) + Juke (2) + Comms Relay (3) Stridan plays slightly differently here. instead of always moving green, he could perform tactical stops and still gets to do action and leaves his dial open for the next round. A Tokened up rexler can really intimidate other aces especially those with lower agility. On the other hand though he will inevitably draw more aggro, hence Stridan's 4-dice primary might actually see some action to ward off potential threats to Rexler.
  14. Hi Dracon, welcome back! Quick update on how these ships actually fare in real meta: ARC-170 1. Its dial is better than Y-wing/B-wing. 2. Norra hits like a truck, but haven't seen a list that reaches top table consistently yet 3. The PS3 pilot, Braylen Stramm is the real star of this expansion. He is also known as the StressBaron (i.e R3-A2 + Gunner + Title, double stress from both arcs at all ranges + chance to end activation phase unstressed) TIE/sf 1. The stats and dial of this ship is actually better than a T-70 Xwing. It's pretty decent and with Lightweight Frame from TIE Striker expansion, It's a very reliable jouster with rear arc. 2. The title's second ability means you can align your ships next to a big ship and do range 1, 3-attack dice twice. With FCS or Accuracy corrector it's even better. 3. Quickdraw and Backdraft have really good abilities. I personally prefer backdraft as it doesn't restrict your maneuvering to be effective, unlike Quickdraw. Protectorate Starfighter 1. Fenn Rau once flew into range 1 of a full health Ghost fearlessly with his equally fearless friends, Zuckuss and Cobra. Have you ever witnessed a VCX-100 going down in a single round of firing? They did. Shadowcaster 1. Asajj hands out free stress every round to your opponent's ships. if Latts Razzi is on board, she helps remove the stress from that opponent ship in exchange for 1 free evade. isn't that annoying? It is. 2. Title is mostly unused. The gyroscopic targeting is seen frequently and a good pair with PTL. just do 3 hard every round and you're set for life.
  15. Also don't bother putting a defender into this list. They don't benefit much from action efficiency (they're already efficient, in both maneuvering and durability) and too low on PS to pair effectively with Stridan. The only Defender I see viable flying with Stridan is Rexler but this means your other ace is..not an ace due to very little pts left.