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  1. The impact X blog says the rule of thumb with a full unit is charge into white defense dice and shoot into red.
  2. Look great! From the color and layout, I'm expecting you to set up a model Delorean to tear down the street 😂
  3. Phht! At least once after every game to see if my stupid decision was the right move! Someone did a huge breakdown on the discord today with pathfinders vs everything.
  4. I'm in the camp that the cards we've seen can simply flip to show act 2, and the unspoiled cards are for standard play. We'll see how it shakes out!
  5. I feel like when he dies they could have him replaced by a force ghost, and you flip over his card to get your new force ghost stats. He gets a speed increase, has no attacks, but has the ability to pass out aim and dodge tokens.
  6. I wonder why it was an issue at all. If the mini can sit on something without falling, that seems like reasonable criteria for whether or not it's allowed to be somewhere.
  7. I'm going to bet in the original playtesting this thing was an unstoppable monster, and even after toning it down it was hard to shake that original mindset.
  8. Agreed, it's a fantastic story about the regular soldiers in the GCW.
  9. Do speeder bikes in melee still get their cover 1 benefit?
  10. What if you restore Luke? What does he come back at?
  11. If there are a few exhaust weapons on there, that could possibly be mitigated by the pilot giving you extra distance on the one move you make, and the economy of refreshing your pilot and a couple of weapons as well.
  12. In armada any squadrons you're carrying in a ship that dies are also dead.
  13. Really? Man, I've been treating barricades as difficult terrain for my ATRTs.
  14. I can see the E-Web comparison, but that base has to be at least as long as a distance two tool. With a single speed one move I'll bet this bad boy covers the same distance as a speed 3 move or better.
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