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  1. I was in college where they filmed it. Was inconvenient.
  2. The quickest way to find the right answer is to say something wrong on the internet.
  3. Drea Swarm, Sloane Swarm, Tie Swarm, Barrage bombers
  4. Part of it is you can win with your ace moving first, but it is harder. In the setting of a tournament trying to minimize the difficulty of as many games as possible is a worthy goal. Mental fatigue is real for sure. As far as my Crossroads list went, I was at 190 because I had nothing else I wanted to do with the points. Didn't want to take a seismic on Kavil because obviously quadjumpers want the rocks. No proton bomb because Kavil's 2 shields were the only shields in the list. And no upgrades on the Quads because I did not want them to cost a point more than 28.
  5. For me, it's not about me moving last and reacting to my opponent. It's so my opponent can't move last and react to me.
  6. Palob is the biggest jerk. But whatever you do, don't bid more than 10 points, no reason. Definitely not because of my 10 point bid.
  7. I find a severe flaw in that you are not listing Kavil as the greatest pilot ever.
  8. At the very least, an FAQ will come out after the next release.
  9. The top 16 has I know for sure
  10. Quickdraw Inquizitor OGP with palp finished second at FFG. 3 palps in top 16, 2 in top 4
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