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  1. I have to say that Im begining to see the SH has an NPE. Just the fact that at the end of the video neither of you could say anything beyond the fact that it was an unkillable ship. (Just look at Ken's face, I wonder how much fun he had on the game after turn 3. Before the sh I havent seen soo one sided games in armada, maybe except the ackbars farm. Beyond that it was a nice video.
  2. In the old thrawn trilogy, The admiral was famous for his use of interdictor and fighters, so i would definitly include one in the this fleet.
  3. Hello! Iḿ trying to build a heavy bomber fleet around a pelta, so far this is what I have: Faction: Rebel Alliance Points: 399/400 Commander: General Rieekan Assault Objective: Precision Strike Defense Objective: Fighter Ambush Navigation Objective: Superior Positions [ flagship ] Modified Pelta-class Command Ship (60 points) - General Rieekan ( 30 points) - Adar Tallon ( 10 points) - Fighter Coordination Team ( 3 points) - Boosted Comms ( 4 points) - All Fighters, Follow Me! ( 5 points) = 112 total ship cost Nebulon-B Escort Frigate (57 points) - Yavaris ( 5 points) - Flight Commander ( 3 points) - Auxiliary Shields Team ( 3 points) = 68 total ship cost GR-75 Medium Transports (18 points) - Bright Hope ( 2 points) - Toryn Farr ( 7 points) = 27 total ship cost GR-75 Medium Transports (18 points) - Bomber Command Center ( 8 points) = 26 total ship cost Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette (36 points) - External Racks ( 3 points) = 39 total ship cost 1 Ten Numb ( 19 points) 1 Dagger Squadron ( 15 points) 1 Biggs Darklighter ( 19 points) 1 Gold Squadron ( 12 points) 1 Jan Ors ( 19 points) 1 YT-1300 ( 13 points) 1 Dutch Vander ( 16 points) 1 B-Wing Squadron ( 14 points) = 127 total squadron cost The idea is to slingshot the bwings using AFFM! and FCT, I feel that against another heavy squadron ball it may lack the firepower to win the squadron fight. I'm also not sold on Adar Tallon on the Pelta, a 112 pts pelta seems like an awful lot of points in a fragile ship. Any comments or suggestions?
  4. Or just some reprints...Raiders are over 99 USD on amazon and I found an Aquitens over 150!! still no luck finding an Imperial squadrons II
  5. Are you looking for a full 400pts match or a smaller 200pts taskforce game? For demo/introduction games I have found that 200 - 250 points are better as they are faster and a bad engagement/deploy isn't the end of the word. Also for new players, I don't recommend using upgrades besides an admiral, s the new player can be focused on playing instead of remembering all the interactions. 2 list that I have been usingn for some demos are 300 pts Faction: Rebel Commander: Admiral Ackbar Assault: Defense: Navigation: Assault Frigate Mk2 B (72) • Admiral Ackbar (38) = 110 Points CR90 Corvette A (44) = 44 Points CR90 Corvette A (44) = 44 Points GR-75 Medium Transports (18) • Expanded Hangar Bay (5) = 23 Points Squadrons: • 3 x X-wing Squadron (39) • 2 x Y-wing Squadron (20) • Wedge Antilles (19) = 78 Points Total Points: 299 Faction: Imperial Commander: Darth Vader Assault: Defense: Navigation: Victory I (73) • Expanded Hangar Bay (5) = 78 Points Imperial II (120) • Darth Vader (36) = 156 Points Squadrons: • 6 x TIE Fighter Squadron (48) • 2 x TIE Bomber Squadron (18) = 66 Points Total Points: 300 Why this lists?? 1. Iconic Ships and characters only. 2. Both have a strong flagship that is not going to be killed easily. 3. Each list a simple strategy that can be explained in less that 3 minutes. 4. Battle can go either way, generally the rebels win the squadron fight (this is intended) and move to bombard the imperial shipskill the victory. Imps kill both corvettes. The final between the AF and the ISD is a coin toss. 5. If player is experience enough you can add a 100 points in upgrades or a couple extra ships to round both list up: Some ideas on the imperial side is adding a Demolisher o a second Victory, Gunnery teams and Leading shots on the ISD. For the rebels add a TRC to both corvettes, upgrade the AFMKII for an MC80 and some extra fighters.
  6. @Sandrem It looks like Leia (Resistance) is no longer available as crew. Has always thanks a lot for the great simulator!
  7. Hello, Just saw the last episode of Resistance and the FO TIE BOMBER debuted there! I guess the design is pretty slick, I got this image from the SWR page in starwars.com Also from the same page: The First Order TIE bomber makes its on-screen debut in “No Safe Place,” and in memorable fashion. But the ship’s look has its own story. “It was designed specifically for this episode,” says series art director Amy Beth Christenson. Christenson notes that the ship takes visual cues, such as double pods, from the original Imperial TIE bomber. It differs from its Imperial cousin, however, in wing configuration. “The original TIE bomber had wings similar to the TIE Advanced, but the Interceptor-inspired wings give the First Order TIE bomber a more aggressive feel. The wing angles are also reversed. Both of these changes helped the bomber to have a more unique silhouette from the front and the top, to distinguish it from the other TIE ships,” Christenson says.
  8. DerRitter


    Systems Opens are now going ti be hyperspace only, the same with the first wave of store championships
  9. I belive he means a wing by the definition in Epic Battles expansion, that is all ships must be of the same type (except specific fo and empire cases). Anyway I had great results with this 200pt wing in one of the scenarios Wedge Antilles (55) Crack Shot (1) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Veteran Wing Leader (2) Ship total: 58 Half Points: 29 Threshold: 3 Garven Dreis (X-Wing) (47) Crack Shot (1) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Ship total: 48 Half Points: 24 Threshold: 3 Biggs Darklighter (48) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Ship total: 48 Half Points: 24 Threshold: 3 Red Squadron Veteran (43) Selfless (3) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Ship total: 46 Half Points: 23 Threshold: 3 Total: 200 With a lot of damage distribution and a 12 red dice is a jousting monster.
  10. Form what I see the versions of @Hinnyboy and the one from the Facebook are quite different. The Hinnyboy is more streamlined, offers different progression paths for pilots (Engineer, Ace, Force) and uses Wing mechanics from Epic Play for Enemy formations. On the other hand the Facebook one is a more direct upgrade from 1st Edition and I guess as a more uptodate AI Card. Wich one to play??
  11. Thats because both rebel RZ-1 Awing and T-65 are both overcosted for what they do. T-65 are only at 41 to not allow 5.
  12. I really hope this is the case, but it would be mean returning to the days of "card-fix-upgrades" of 1ED where you had to build X just to play Y. The idea of keeping it at zero and raising the cost of all b-wings to compensate hurts the generics most as they recive very little help from the upgrade. I guess my point is: "I really wish they would cost 0, as its the way the ship is meant to be. I belive a lot of people would feel cheated if it does".
  13. Thanks! just played Rift Ambush is a really crowded space, pretty much every single ship stepped in at least 2 obstacles. Not a good place for double victorys
  14. Hello, quick question here. When playing a Ritb (or any 3x3 btw): 1 How many obstacle do you place? 2 When an objective says: "place all the obstacles plus X" how many obstacles are placed? My guess is that "all the obstacles are the ones than come in the core set (3 Asteroid Fields, 2 Debris Fields, 1 Station), buy that leads to some very crowded games.
  15. Its gonna by tricky to cost the s-foils. You are trading a moded 3 dice primary for an unmoded primary and and an unmoded cannon. And you still have to pay for the cannon. Some quick math doesn't show too much improved damage ON AVERAGE while using either autoblaster or ion cannon (Going from 1.8 to 2 expected damage at range 2). Now splitting the damage in two attacks will have very different results depending on who you are attacking. On the other hand, Braylen with Adv. Protorp and Autoblaster does a whooping 5.2 expected hits (5.8 if in bulls-eye!).
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