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  1. I completly agree with this
  2. I'm thinking this from a totally logical point of view. (and to get thinks clear I belive that the intended rule is as you say) With the inclusion of revealed manuevers in the RR we now have to maneuvers in the game the revelead and the performed (let's call it hat way), the RR defines de RM as follows: • "Some abilities reference a ship’s revealed maneuver outside of that ship’s activation. A ship’s revealed maneuver is the maneuver selected on its dial, which remains faceup next to that ship’s ship card until the next Planning Phase." The key word in that definition is selected. A player selects a red 1 turn and as the above rule says it will become the revealed manuever at the beginning of the ships activation. Now, the ship does perform a white 1 turn (because R4 reduced is difficulty), but the maneuver that the player originaly selected and is now the revelead manuever does not change. BB8, Nien, etc. all check for the performed manuever color. Cova is the only example of a ship using the revelead maneuver color, so there is no jurisprudence on this. RAW I would say that Cova does check for the piece of cardboard that is near yor pilot card, nothing else. In the case of all references to revelead maneuver speed FFG avoided this issues by setting the dial to the new one. I do belive that they would rule that R4 does change the color (difficulty) of the maneuver for all instanced and keep the the game simple and clearer. "I did a red manuever, so now I shoot an extra die".
  3. Strangely I think that @ClassicalMoser AND @ficklegreendice are right 😆 1) Cova calls for the REVEALED MANEUVER and (without further clarification from FFG) it means what is printed on the dial (Salmon text on the quoted RR). - Reason: R2-A6 and Kaydel Connix explicitly SET the dial in order to change the revealed maneuver. 2) Manuevers have dificulties (blue, white, red) all the time and R4 has no time window. Therefore, the maneuver for all purposes other than the REVEALED MANEUVER has its difficulty reduced. - Reason: Nien Numb and Lando (Rebel) do work together, I think that RAW R4 does not affect Cova, but the rules will change to address that persistent effect (or at least R4) do change the revelead maneuver color
  4. Because both ships have access to different upgrades and wingmen and therefore will perform different. We would see much less Resistance A-wings if there were cheaper filler options or they weren't I5. Also we would probably see more Rebel A-wings if they could access Advance optics. If you want a pure chassis to chassis comparison, I agree that that the -1 is overpriced, while the -2 is pretty much spot-on (maybe they went too far with Lulo, but that's another topic.
  5. I pretty much agree on what have been said, the Rebel A-wing as no niche inside the rebel faction: - For a blocker you can bring a z-95 for 7 points less o go to a Blue Pathfinder U-wing that can carry a crew, and is medium size base. Also the 5s + boost is not that great for blocking, because if a) you land the block the rest of you squadron is probably R3, so not so great opportunity to do meaningful damage and b) if you miss the block (or the opponent sees it) you have a 4hp ship sitting R1 of the enemy formation. - It lacks firepower to be an effective flanker. 2 red dice are not gonna hurt to much. The talents are supposed to help compensate for this, but in such a fragile ship you don't want to spend too much on them: Outmaneuver (6), juke (7), Proton rockets (8). Cheaper talents like Crack Shot and Predator require bullseye, that is not easy to land on low I pilots. - It's a lousy arcdodger (what?): The thinks are fast, but they are not great arcdodgers like the Interceptor o Silencer. First low In, second lacks the option to link barrel roll to mod, so generally even if you dodged the arc (of a lower In ship) you are now with 2 unmodded red dice. Comparing them with the RZ-2 is very unfair, because the -2 is the only "cheap" ship in the resistance, and Heroic + Advanced Sensors help a lot to mitigate variance and finally the back arc gives them a great uptime on the targets.
  6. Why do you need to fix a problem that doesn't exists?
  7. I'll have to disagree here. In a 200 point skirmish game, this game is about ACES,. Because the limited number of bodies in the field, the value of each individual ship is greater. In epic games, the value of extra generic ships goes up as you can field more ships.
  8. if heroic goes up because is too used, the same coule be say about crack shot. I'm on the fence regarding Lulo's cost (and all A wings btw). While l, It is cheap for a 3 dice, 2 agi, 3 hp ship...it is still only 4 hp. Many times I have seen it pop in the first engagement. I believe that the problem isn't cheap resistance awings, but that rebel ones are too expensive.
  9. But it also hitted the old rebel list pretty hard: Proton Torpedoes, Jan Ors, Moldy Crow, Sabine, Ap5, Zeb. Also in the old points Y wings, B wings, A wings and the falcon were out of the meta. In January we had a massive bid war, now rebels and phantoms bring several good pieces ar in 4, that allows more aces (in 5, 6) to see play at lower bids. Which in turn *should* helps for a more diverse meta. While I belive Leia is bit too cheap and 4x phantomd are too good. I don't want to see them out of the meta and return to thr in 5 bid war. Maybe the path is to find new list/upgrades that counter these archetypes? Like the new range 2 bomb or even plasma torps.
  10. Not tha much. Thr value of high int changes with the chasis. Fragile highly mobile ships value initiative a lot more because they need to arcdodge to survive. Jousting ships, especially those without passive dice mods value In mostly for shooting first. The Xwing has much less to gain for having in 6 than lets say an interceptor. Without linked focus or lock the barrel roll action (the most usual arcdodging action) leaves you token less. So the value of that ship in the engagement phases lessens.
  11. The golds are ok, but the others besides being too expensive, they also have quite mediocre abilities. So definitely need a price drop.
  12. As funny as it looks can't be done as Ani only has 1 force, so if you use SNR you no longer have an available force to use his ability. Which is basically the whole problem with force talents, they look good but there is just too much competition for those force tokens.
  13. that would be too good with Obi-wan.
  14. Back on topic. I liked the Linked Batteries cannon upgrade from 1.0, it was tailor-made for the B-wing, unfortunately B's weren't competitive when it appeared.
  15. Some answers here made my change my opinion on Sense (maybe drop to 5) and I totally agree that SNR is very tricky to balance. HP Windu is interesting too. He has been killed before shooting more than once and generally has Force to spend. The comparison between Brilliant Evasion and Heroic is interesting. Both are situational and can be very powerful in with some good (bad?) luck. And indeed if a pilot that adds eyeballs to defense dice appears it would be incredibly valuable.
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