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  1. It depends on when their noticed. You're right to go with the agent tracking scholar as a good first call and as others have said if they swipe the items that's going to draw attention too. I have a third contingency; my players are being hunted by bounty hunters after they botched the heist in Lure of the Lost. If they avoid detection and the bounty hunters the hunters are going to get caught up by the ISB anyway and give the information about their target. Leading the agent to follow the players. It's unlikely you can do the same but all it takes is for a previous enemy who they may have upset to be at the space port, gun fight ensues and the players escape but it's enough to get the ISBs attention.
  2. There's a description of it here http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Emperor's_Retreatbut I'm not sure how 'cannon' that is. It also makes it sound pretty impenetrable by al bar some serious espionage. I like the idea of it being a dark side nexus though perhaps rather than a time limit have the force amplify emotions like fear and switch the strain penalty from the dark side to the light side as it'll be easier to channel is such a place .
  3. Palpatine is one of the most powerful force users in the Galaxy, compared only to Vader and Yoda, do you think the players will really be able to take him out? It's ok for the answer to be no, as a large number of other situations could arise from their attempt. As you've already suggested a trick by the Inquisition or the ISB would be a fitting plot twist perhaps with the goal of them acquiring some fantastically useful tactical data for the Rebellion or maybe the location of the Inquisitions training base. As for threats on the inside, I imagine it would be heavily guarded by troopers (probably Dark Troopers) and Royal Guards. Perhaps with Palpatines own personal darksider guardian/inquisitor in overall command. The retreat itself would seem unremarkable past its lavish look but then with secret paths only accessible through the force which would contain all manor of traps.
  4. I wrote this as a mod as I gave it mechanical effect. I think it was a few hundred credits; one hard point and as an effect gave a set back dice to perception checks to find the light sabre when it was stowed away with a -1 encoumberance mod if I remember correctly.
  5. RPG combat is often thought as each dice roll is one strike, with FFG SW it's good to step away from that and think of each round as being more of say 30 seconds to a minute. The way I look at it is that during that time two melee combats will be moving, ducking, spinning etc as well as trying to strike. When an opening appears the attacker swings for it and defender blocks and whilst mechanically you only roll once you're actually hitting multiple times (hence why you can parry but still take damage. The attacks that you parry are often more the defender closing the opening and stopping an attack than an actual parry.
  6. FfG produced a deck of critical hit cards. You'll need the table for this as well but you could take the 1-100 cards shuffle them up and then draw at random. You either then use that critical hit or if you have modifiers simply take the number on the cards and use the table.
  7. As others have said it would be case by case. I would be inclined to say no to most mods however; with guns you can't just change a sight and expect it to work the same and you certainly couldn't remove a serrated edge for a vibro blade on the fly. However in rebels we see Kanan take his lightsaber apart regularly so I'd be happy to allow a player to switch between a regular and a training emitter for their lightsaber. also detaching a heavy repeating blaster from a weapon harness and fixing it to a tripod so that you can better set up a defensive position I would still only allow this in narrative time however not structured.
  8. I don't think order matters this kind of role play will likely come across quite episodic (not necessarily a bad thing) From here I'd certainly add in Lessons from the Past (F&D core) and Hidden Depths (F&D GM) both may need a little tweaking to make sure their are rewards for the edge characters. However it's worth noting you may need to tweak the difficulties of all the later adventures as your group may start to out power them; this should just be a matter of adding some set back dice/ upgrading a few dice rolls and possibly throwing in some additional minions
  9. Are you handing out setback dice? Giving their rival and nemesis opponents defensive, or when it comes to minions give them setback for them being in combat with so many opponents.
  10. If the player rolls a success but also a despair rather than having them hit the ally how about have it clip the ally meaning they lose either their manoeuvre or action from their next round whilst recover. However if you fail the check (ie miss) then you still hit the ally with a normal hit?
  11. Part of the seductive side of the dark side is also thematic as well as mechanical. With the dark side you can drain another's life force and wound them lashing lightening. You can dominate minds and strangle the life out of someone access to that power should be just as tempting as using the dark side in general.
  12. This is covered by your soak value which is your brawn value plus any armour you're wearing. It's also covered by the parry and reflect talents available in the talent trees
  13. From the description of the bind basic power on p286 of FaD core: "Binds basic power allows the Force user to restrain those nearby, preventing them from harming others and themselves." I think that's quite clear on what the power does. The control upgrade also only allows the target to be moved a single range band. It has been clarified by the developers that the range upgrade for Move affects both start and end range too, I'll see if I can find the post. On bind, yeah that is what the fluff says, but the rules say the target is immobilized, and the description of immobilized on page 223 says 'An immobilized character cannot perform maneuvers'. Nothing about actions. If you alow the basic power to prevent actions, what is the point of the upgrades that alow targets to be disorientated and staggered? As for move, if the developers have said then that is more than a clarification, it is a rules change, as the rules as written are quite specific. Did they clarify how the range upgrades should work with the change? As it is not as simple as just saying you can affect targets beyond short range. For example if I want to move an object from extreme range in front of me to extreme range behind me do I need enough range upgrades to reach extreme once or twice? The basic power yes but as mentioned about the mastery upgrade allows you to stagger them which stops them performing actions
  14. Fear is the path to the dark side. If you're 'bouncing' a person off a wall you're being intentionally cruell and likely their last moments will be them hurtling toward a wall at speed before intense pain that is inciting terror in a person. I get that you don't like that your 'fun trick' isn't what I would consider Jedi behaviour and your welcome to your opinion however I can't think of a point in cannon or legends except during Anakins fall (gaining conflict) that such an act would be considered ok for a Jedi. However it's also not just the terror you put in the person you just turned into a ragdoll it's the fear that you put into other opponents as well as potentially innocents who happen to be around. I'm also not saying there wouldn't be other consequences, if despair was generated through the roll as they flung someone off a building I might well have it cause harm to an innocent or damage to something but that would be situational within the context of the event. Being cruel is a path to the dark side ragdolling people to bounce them I would consider cruel.
  15. The ILH-KK Citadel from the Edge core book crew of 3 with a good passenger capacity (14) for soldiers On the flip side the HWK-290 in the F&D core rule book (2 crew and 2 passengers) is a nice ship combining freighter with fighter but you won't have the ability to move troops
  16. I found handing out a healthy dose of conflict for inciting terror was a really good was to dissuade them; except in the droid factory I sent them to.
  17. Move is fluid telekinesis for the most part the thing you are moving is kept moving the entire time. I'm aware the book references the idea of being able to hold an object if the GM says it's ok but that shouldn't be the main focus of the power and is more narrative and thematic such as moving a sheet of plasteel and holding it in front of a group on innocents to protect them from a blast. Bind actively holds the target in place however and isn't used on objects. Only one of its upgrades focuses on the ability to move a person around. Pointing out to Players that Move is for objects (or throwing people about) and Bind is for people goes along way towards stopping the abuse and if someone does try to use Move to hold a person a GM is within their rights to have that person make an easy athletics check to break the hold as nothing in the Move power holds a person. I'd also say slowly lifting a person up a wall is the Bind power used without applying pressure and the control upgrade but that my opinion
  18. I got the impression that the temple couldn't operate without the Holocrons but I couldn't see a reason the holocrons wouldn't work of they took them away. I thought to do this with one of the Holocrons from Lure of the Lost.How did you tie in part of the holocron being on a thousand year old ship? I had a similar plans until my players did a bodge job of staying hidden during Lure or the Lost. Good thoughts I like the idea of the records.
  19. So next session I'm running Lessons of the Past from the F&D core book. Having already ran Mountaintop Rescue and Lure of the Lost I don't really want to give my players a 4th super rare Holocron. So looking for suggestions of other Old Republic era treasures that would fit the missions theme.
  20. It would depend on the cause of the dark side taint. If it's a natural vergence than this cannot be changed however if the taint is due to the corruption by a dark sider then this should be fine. Although I do think the focus shouldn't be on shifiting it to the light side but bringing balance to the site. As for a mechanical way of doing it I think the Lost Knowledge adventure has a fantastic process using the destiny points lay them out all dark side (with a couple in hand) they then have to complete a series of tasks that require various tests to be completed. These could include discipline checks, Sense and meditation to calm to sense of anger in the area; Cool checks including seek to get around fear etc. Success means that the dark side token flips to the light side, failure flips it back to the dark side If they have ten dark side tokens and fail put another token on top of one of the ten this will put a setback dice on the required tests. Three advantages or a triumph puts a boost dice on the next test Three disadvantages or a despair adds setback dice. Their objective is to flip five to the light side and thusly balance the area in the force. You'd probably need to come up with ten different tasks and randomise which ones you hand out.
  21. It's an energy shield that only stops ranged attacks; which is why it can only be used on the reflect talent and not parry. As such Deflection 2 makes sense, giving it defensive 1 means that it's also good in melee as well as ranged which imo makes it less balanced. As for ways to stop the whole party getting them, they're rarity 8 and described as only a handful being away from the Kilia meaning as a GM I wouldn't put more that 1 out unless the players really worked hard for it and even then that one would be a pain to get hold of.
  22. OK so on topic question. One ofy players has really taken a shine and started investing experience into move more than any other players I've had. He currently has 2 magnitude, 3 strength, 2 range and the control upgrade on 2 force dice. With a lucky roll of 2 pips on each dice am I right in thinking he could lift 3 silhouette 2 items (says rocks) and auto-fire hurl them at a target? 1 pip to activate power 1 pip for magnitude 1 pip for strength 1 pip for range? Obviously he'did have to make a discipline roll to actually hit the target but with a successful for that's 3x 20 damage (before soak)
  23. It's worth noting that on droids at least the arm upgrade could well be all hidden under its outer chassis. Just having one will give you the mechanical benefit and saying the other one looks the same is fine as it's just cosmetic. With the legs that give + to characteristics yes I think they have to be used in pairs but other artificial limbs don't. I house ruled to allow a droid PC to have 2 different arms as to me it made sense as he's a droids (meaning he had +1 brawn and a hidden weapon) but I wouldn't let a human player do it.
  24. Have some ideas of what advantages, triumphs and threats, despair could do in your encounters. And encourage your players to think about how they can a apply the advantages and triumphs, this can help them to join in the narrative side of the game. Don't get too hung up on combat; I've found like the films it can be quite swift and brutal. It's not D&D your players aren't 100% defined by you class; encourage your players to see their specialisation more as a guideline.
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