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  1. After one of my players caused a commotion and started a fight a group of Storm Troopers enter weapons drawn ready to arrest everyone involved. In order to help his companion escape one of the other players (who'd not been involved in the fight) used Move from the sidelines to bash one troopers head into the other then dived on the first claiming he had attacked his friend and was clearly a rebel (Triumphing his deception check in the process), in the ensuring confusion the others escape. The player who'd grabbed the trooper gets taken into questioning but after some very charming (another triumph) and to be fair some very logical reasoning I couldn't think of a reason why the Imps would hold him.
  2. I kind of use my own mix. I keep the cannon in the background for major events (Separatist uprising, fall of the Republic, destruction of Alderaan etc) but outside that I pinch a few ideas for the EU occasionally but mostly I create my own. About the only thing I do use is information on planets and their inhabitants whichb i either grab from the books or a mix of cannon and EU.
  3. That will come down to your players. In structured game play its much easier for the player to suggest how they would like to use the Advantages and Triumphs, sometimes it's good as a gm to think of additional ways they can be used
  4. I never give over stat numbers, keep it narrative. So as an example the party on on route to a location, they've cut through the back streets to avoid Imperial eyes watching them, I would then describe that a group of 6 thuggish looking men seem to be gathering at the far side of the street and looking their way hands reaching for hip holstered blaster pistols. At this point if a keen eyed player said they wanted to see what kind of arms and armour they had I'd tell them to make a perception check. On a pass I'd explain that they all seem to be wearing heavy clothing and light armour (let them know there is armour there but not the mechanical value), and are armed with a blaster pistol, a combat knife and two of them seem to be carrying grenades. If they also rolled 1 advantage I'd describe the kind of grenade. Any further advantages or Triumphs and it would likely help them in the first round of combat with spotting good positioning, a gap in some armour or maybe a barrel of something explosive nearby. Remember these are very narrative games.
  5. Firstly read the adventure again, then re-read it, the more familiar you are with the basic story and goals the easier it should be to guide the players back to the story if they stray too far. Secondly the information you give the players should be reactive based on their actions, certainly don't give them any stats but do keep in mind what they can see describe the basics of the scene to them and from there let them ask questions and do perception checks to get more information. Thirdly yes always be ready to adapt pre-written adventures, I know I could use the entirety of the 2nd Act from Lure of the Lost for my players because knowing the objective they went completely off reservation and ran with their own fantastic idea that I had to run on the fly. this ties back into point 1 however which is know where the story is going and use it to pull them back in if needs be. Good advice I can give you is to remember set back dice, it took me a few sessions to start using them properly however players will have and develop ways to remove them with talents and for situations that don;t it can really swing the difficulty of a situation
  6. To get to 15 damage are you adding their brawny to damage? Whilst physical melee weapons do (damage as +X) light sabres don't (damage as X) obviously you then add success on top. If your player is regularly rolling 9 successes then you need to make the dice rolls harder, adversary talent and defensive along with other setback dice are great ways to make rolls harder. I've given rivals a strain level before and let them have the dodge talent to help make a fight last longer.
  7. Yeah I'd use an inquisitor as a base, don't forget that he's got mechanical legs, it's a great reason to give him some extra stat, however it's also a weakness for the players to exploit. I'd give him a modded lightsaber too.
  8. The thing is it things like this usually don't end up as 1 extra. Every player will want one which is then 3-5 extra NPCs. And whilst it's not really any more difficult for the PC to control an extra character it's basically a free set of upgraded skills for them with no cost of EXP
  9. Tbh from a constructive point of view. As a GM I'd probably only allow the party as a whole to have 1.companion to save book keeping. And I'd probably only allow a droid like R2 if the players severely lacked any Astrogation/Mechanic/Slicing capabilities, like R2 it'd squirrel itself away somewhere and slice the system or stay on the ship and keep the engines ready. Players would roll for the Astromech as an action something like Command Astromech.
  10. The problem I can see with this idea is who controls the companions? If it's the Player then you're basically giving them an additional attack each round per companion and the chance to min-max by making sure their own companion can do the things their main character can't do. Whilst not really adding any extra role play as the Player is both roles. If its the GM then you're handling yourself a huge amount of additional work, plus you're then probably handling about 2/3 of combat whilst the players observe. There is a middle ground of course where the players control the actions and the GM controls the role play but you're then giving the disadvantage of both. Their a fantastic part of SW:TOR but I've never liked player 'minions' for table tops as the party are supposed to work together as a team as such they make up for each other's short comings
  11. The dark sabre I'd say is a special 'relic' item. The blade colour itself isn't important but I'd certainly give the Crystal a few damage mods (making it 9 or 10), and vicious 2 in addition to Sunder and Breach.. The blade shape is more interesting, perhaps a one off emitters that creates the thinner blade, making it harder to parry and therefore Accuracy 1.
  12. What about an anti-machine cult? Believing bthat cybernetics is a corruption of the body and that technology has gone too far, that it should be a tool in the hands of sentients rather than (as they see it) the rulers of.
  13. Ok so I've had an idea for a campaign where my F&D players will be learning about the force and uncovering a thousand year old mystery that will help them find their strength in the force. My idea is to borrow something from Final Fantasy 8; in the game there's a number of sequences where the characters lose consciousness and wake up in control of others from a few years in the past where they learn things that happened to another group and this helps the story. I'm thinking of borrowing this idea and having th players enter a force vergence as they enter they will lose consciousness and become in 'control' of a squad of soldiers during the Jedi Civil war. Through this they will learn more about the force and hopefully learn how the force power Battle Meditation works and lead them to another power vergence and a chance to find some new lightsaber crystals. What I can't figure at the moment however is how much of themselves do I let them take back with them. They will be in control of soldiers not Jedi, so do I strip all their force powers away or do I let them keep them / a lesser version of them? Is there anything else of modern them that you wouldn't let them remember? Also anyone think of any awesome KOTOR era moments they could experience, I was considering Taris so they can fight some Rakghouls.
  14. Episode 7 is the first part of a Trilogy that Disney are keeping as close to their chest as possible. We're being introduced to new species new villains and force traditions, as well as vehicles and weapons. But there's 2 more films to come out where we will likely learn more about the things we've seen so far and more. Until they're released FFG don't have a huge amount of new trilogy to work with. That said its a really easy conversion to the time period
  15. Triumphs alwways count as successes but also get the extra triumph bitbon top.The sucesss can be cancelled by a failure but the triumph extra bit can't be cancelled. I can't think of and talents that directly manipulate discipline however I am AFB. That said you shouldn't need to often if you're doing a lot of discipline checks simply put a good number of ranks in, if you're playing a Will and Disp heavy character put some starting exp in and ramp a few ranks, 3 WP and 3 Disp and you're rolling trip Yellows which ain't bad.
  16. I'm confused as to why a role play that is designed to follow the basic idea of Star Wars is a surprise
  17. Although vthat said I will always give F&D characters morality in addition to any group Duty or Obligation as it's much better when its personal and is key to their conflict.
  18. The EotE and AoR sabres are bog standard to fit the system where force users are rare. F&D opens up the rules to give more depth you can mod both the light sabre and the Crystal allowing for similar or better damage than before. Disruptors haven't changed. One thing to remember is that books are designed to tell different styles of stories. The principle focus being a group of people living of societies fringes, or fighting te Empire for freedom or delving into the mysteries of the Force. Nothing stops you combining them, I ran an AoR campaign where one of my rebels was a Jedi in training to a master who survived order 66, and my F&D group had Heavy with them for awhile after my players came up with the idea of hiring him to help protect them after a death. But in terms of using Obligation, Duty and Morality think about what the focus of the campaign will be.
  19. Most of the time I try to keep things simple too, but sometimes the crazy plans of players require a bit of complexity lol
  20. Yeah, though many people consider that event in Force Unleashed to be a cautionary tale against Force power OPness. I personally, find it perfectly fine, "Size matters not" as Yoda would say, but that's just me. Some people will say "I will set any of my players on fire if they try and do that Starkiller trick in my game". Others, like myself are like "Hell yeah! Pull that ***** out of the sky!! ...if you can pull it off!" But, it would be costly as hell. This is just my very rough, top of my head rundown of how that would be done. Don't have my books in front of me so some of it might be incorrect but: Add a house ruled talent bubble in the tree, just like Battle Meditation. Purchase it, can spend...I think it's 2 strain (?) to upgrade the scale to Planetary. Then, as an extended action over many turns, you could move it several range bands. Each turn, as you maintain the effect (probably requiring you to commit 2-3 of your force dice to do this), you are also suffering strain every round, and are basically stationary. Anyone attacking you will get an upgrade to their check. Possibly just a boost die, but maybe a full upgrade. And if you used Dark Side pips to activate everything, and then commit over time, you will incur conflict every turn as well, as you are basically fueling the continuous action with your *insert dark emotion of your choice based on situation*. If you don't use any dark pips, then you just sufferer the strain cost and vulnerability to attack. So yeah, you could potentially pull it off, but it's not going to be easy, or pleasant, and it's going to potentially cost you. But personally, as the GM, if one of my players devoted that much time and XP to be a Move powerhouse, and he came up with a badass stunt of describing how he's going to pull this *insert crazy big object* and smash it into *insert threat/challenge of the scene*. I'm totally going to let him do it. I'm about awesomeness in my game, and if he makes it sound awesome in my head, I'm all for it. Yeah...my time playing Scion/Exalted has definitely colored my brain with "Go Big or Go Home" Again, that's just my take on that. Others will have their own opinions I'm sure. If one of my players wanted to pull a Star killer I certainly wouldn't stop them out of hand I'd make it difficult however. Probably do it as a cumulative roll of successes as I imagine the destroyers pilots would try to not crash. Every roll as a combined move and discipline check getting a step harder each time until you reach the target number. Advantages healing strain and triumphs giving a boost to next roll, threats giving you strain and despair reducing your Force rating temporarily due to exhaustion.
  21. Using the dark side to heal someone is fine, think of it in terms of the narrative. The heroic Jedi fighting alongside his fellow Rebels when one of his friends takes a savage strike to the leg from a vibto axe, [roll 2 Dark 1 Light] the Jedi dives toward his friend panicking that he may bleed out before he gets there but is able heal him just in time. His fear of losing his friend is allowing his connection to the dark side, he gets conflict (mechanically for using the dark side) but thematically for allowing his fear to control him
  22. Because the hilt will always have 5 hard points. The crystal takes up 2 of them so they are in use rather than removed from the weapon.
  23. There's no such thing as a truly sandbox RPG and if you give the players too much freedom I find they end up wandering directionless. You're right when you talk about the illusion of freedom that's what you have to create, the trick is to do it without seeming to force them through the plot anyway, giving them open choice when it will work for both players and GM or give them structured choice when it doesn't. For instance you mention the idea of the players avoiding the cops only to run into a bunch of goons with the same stats. Why do the cops and goons have the same stats? Why does avoiding one fight have to turn into another at all or if it does why do the players need to know that wasn't the intention all along You can't write for every contingency, I had to ignore huge amounts of the second act from Lure of the Lost with my F&D group after they went completely out of the box with their brilliant scheme but what I was able to do is take parts of it and rework it into the adventure. Having a rough script is necessary to keep the pace but you have to be willing and able to either think on your feet when the players start going off reservation or the time to plan for it.
  24. It depends on when their noticed. You're right to go with the agent tracking scholar as a good first call and as others have said if they swipe the items that's going to draw attention too. I have a third contingency; my players are being hunted by bounty hunters after they botched the heist in Lure of the Lost. If they avoid detection and the bounty hunters the hunters are going to get caught up by the ISB anyway and give the information about their target. Leading the agent to follow the players. It's unlikely you can do the same but all it takes is for a previous enemy who they may have upset to be at the space port, gun fight ensues and the players escape but it's enough to get the ISBs attention.
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