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  1. The reason for both is that Prepare 2 allows you to fire every round still (at the cost of strain for a second manoeuvre). Giving it slow firing means you can only fire every other round, this might mean you use your 2 manoeuvres to prepare or you strain yourself again for an aim action. Btw when you're shooting a player with 2 yellow, 3 green and 2 blue dice with one of these things the damage warrants to the slow firing lol
  2. So I am working on a modern horror / fantasy and an idea i have had is to use tattoos to permanently ink people with magical glyphs as an extension of old world rune magic. Some of the ideas I have had are: - Stylised shields or symbols of defence give the inked the ability to cast Barrier. - Images of appropriate animals can be used for enhance i.e. bull for strength, bird for agility Various effects for utility magic - Key on the hand gives a boost dice to Skullduggery checks to open locks - Anchor gives a boost dice to checks made in the water etc. What are peoples thoughts, what other tattoos would you include?
  3. If you want to make magic rare why not make the user have to flip a story point in order to use it, the idea being that it requires such a force of will to cast a spell that it is a big moment? You could also use a talent for villains that allows them to use magic without flipping a story point but make this rare and only for powerful NPCs
  4. Considering adding the hacking rules from Genesys as I prefer them to the SWFFG Slicing rules
  5. One from a Star Wars game I GM was: Heroes throw grenade into the bridge of the imperial ship; roll ends up being a couple of sucesses double triumph and single despair. Player activates blast and critical with the triumphs killing the minions on the bridge... despair effect they also hit the console controlling the artificial gravity deactivating it. Safe to say chaos ensued.
  6. One simple way around this is not to roll yourself but have the players roll an opposed check. In Star Wars I get my players to roll perception checks and set the difficulty based on the deception (As an example) even if the NPC is telling the truth; it means players don't know if they're rolling to believe them or figure out if their lying.
  7. Seconded, I went looking for this thread but nothing loads
  8. I suspect FFG will move towards timeline books, we already have a force awakens beginner box and a new rebels/rogue one book coming out. I suspect that with the release of "from his nap" (episode 9) we'll see a proper "current" timeline source book. There's also always going to be adventure paths too.
  9. So lots of people have made some great suggestions for FFG IPs that could become theme books and I really hope FFG are taking note; L5R, Android, Runebound all great suggestions but guys I want a Hey That's my Fish book!
  10. ... well anywhere really. So to explain I have a fantastic Age group comprised of a Human, a Droid and a Wookie; to begin with this worked fine as the beginning plot lines when they encountered imperials were usually violent or they talked their way out of it. With the few moments of subterfuge being the Wookie in the pilot seat scanning comms and ready to take off or being able to sneak into a facility from the roof. However as they are heading into wider space I'm struggling to think of ways they're going to get past imperial security without the Wookie becoming a joke. How do you guys handle non-humans in very human environments?
  11. I've checked through there but they all seem to be out of date to various degrees, none including Savage Spirits. Of course I'm happy to be corrected if I missed one lol
  12. I don't suppose anyone can link me to some up to date F&D talent sheets. I've been using the Max XP ones but then only seem to go up to Keeping the Peace. Thanks in advance
  13. The base in Rebels was on Atollon http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Atollon
  14. The position in the timeline is up to you. The books are written to be based around the time of the original trilogy but there's no reason you can set it in the 'rebels' timeline. I would say if the Death Star is under construction then Geonosis is probably the best location for it. Endor is still there; however there is unlikely to be an Imperial base there yet. Depending on how many years it's set before the battle of Yavin will depend on the existence of the base, although it is worth remembering that the rebellion are unlikely to stay in one place for too long. Perhaps it will be a good mission for the players to scout out Yavin so the rebellion can set up the base. Whilst Mothma helped to plant the seeds of the rebellion she didn't really become that much of its 'leader' until after the destruction of Alderaan and the Death of Organa (Rogue One may change this), she still could be used however. Commander Sato leader of Phoenix Cell makes a good choice if you're sticking close to cannon The rebellion isn't a singular entity at this point it's in formation and gathering together like minded groups (as with the crew of the Ghost) and getting allies. You won't find a b he amount of non-EU or Legends information about other asteroid fields simply because if they've not been in a established Cannon they won't get a mention, it's the kind of feature that's best to establish yourself.
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