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  1. We all mourn in our own ways. I'm very interested in the outcome of all of this and its impact on the upcoming films, and I can say that I unreservedly adored Fisher and her life (and in particular her work towards improving awareness of mental health issues). I'd say she would not be very interested in reverent silence, but in laughter and lively conversation.
  2. Just crushed. But I hope we can all remember her sense of humour, which I will cherish just as much as her Leia. "please honor carrie fisher's wishes and include in her obituaries that she "drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra." ❤️❤️❤️" https://mobile.twitter.com/threelisabeth/status/813807950355517441
  3. Sure, let him carry around a starship-scale blaster. My questions for this PC: 1. How will he power said weapon? Is he able to fit a Novaldex O4-Z Cryogenic Power Cell and an Ionization Reactor in his utility belt? 2. If by some miracle of physics he is able to carry those things, does he expect to be able to hit anything that is not stationary?
  4. These bastards are tattooed on my brain. THANKS FOR THE FLASHBACKS, DESSLOK
  5. I can't resist. Here are my 50. I am not going to win any awards for originality here. I stopped watching "good" movies back in college. (Like, 20 years ago.) I save all my viewing brain power for TV now. In no particular order, in any category: SF/Fantasy Mad Max: Fury Road Dune Man of Steel Starship Troopers Aliens Star Wars Episodes IV, V, VI Star Trek VI, VIII Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Edge of Tomorrow 2001: A Space Odyssey GhostbustersThe Princess Bride Blade RunnerGalaxy Quest Snowpiercer Horror The Thing Dawn of the Dead The Ring The Shining Pan's Labyrinth Detective/Crime/Spy Chinatown Skyfall The Bourne Identity Goodfellas Animated Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind WALL-E Ghost in the Shell Akira Spirited Away South Park: The Musical How to Train Your DragonCloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Comedy Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail Zoolander Spaceballs Mallrats The Big Lebowski Hot Fuzz Office Space Drama Lawrence of Arabia No Country for Old Men Documentaries Grizzly ManBlackfish Western The Wild Bunch WTF Inglorious Basterds Trainspotting
  6. I count 11 on your list that I've seen. I used to work in a VHS rental store because old. Yet even with that, my viewings trended towards the more obscure corners of the mainstream. So I admit this list is humbling, because I recognize a lot of the names, yet have not seen most of them. My Top 50 List would be a LOT more mainstream than yours. I spent most of my best thinkin' years doing a PhD in English Literature, so all of my obscure/unique/non-mainstream contributions to arts and culture lists would be in the form of books.
  7. Yes -- or, a montage sequence like what they had at the end of Revenge of the Sith.
  8. Hey guys, I'm going to be starting up a new PbP campaign for my live-play group (we only get in sessions once a month these days and the group is left jonesing for more). I've played in a few PbP campaigns before but have never run one. There are a few resources online that I've gathered (these are below), but many are generic and/or geared to fantasy games. I'm curious about peoples' experiences with running and/or playing PbP games in FFG's Star Wars: do you have any tips, suggestions, or rules that are specific to the FFG system that I should keep in mind? That others might find useful? Things that worked, things that didn't, and things that you want to try? EDIT 1: I should have mentioned that I am going to be running this PbP campaign on Obsidian Portal. It will also be a Force and Destiny campaign. General Resources: Giant in the Playground http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?257924-Guide-to-Play-by-Post-Games RPG.net https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?123714-Play-by-Post-Forum-Rules-and-Guidelines Roleplaying Tips https://roleplayingtips.com/tools/guide-to-pbp-pbem/ Stack Exchange http://rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/292/are-there-any-tricks-to-a-successful-play-by-post-play-by-e-mail-game
  9. File that fight under "Examples of a Double Triumph rolled on a Ranged - Light check".
  10. This x 10000. As I GM more, I rely more and more on modular resources. A book of well-planned, adaptable modular encounters would be just glorious.
  11. Maybe the Suwantek TL-1200 (Lords of Nal Hutta). It's a common vessel in Hutt Space and the Outer Rim, and smugglers and traders often use it exactly for this reason: "it tends to go unnoticed where flashier vessels might attract the unwanted attentions of pirates, thieves, creditors, or criminal syndicates". It's cheap for its size, is Sil 5, and can accommodate a modified docking bay. It's also a bit zippier (faster and handles better) than the more "standard" Space Master, though it can't handle as much system strain. It's not too pricey for its size, either. It has decent armor and armaments for its class and price to boot.
  12. I do narrate any instances where a PC has a Trait that gives them an initiative to advantage.
  13. Do you file away unused bits for future use? Seems like you could leverage all that awesome prep for later. Everything's on Evernote, so yes, it's all theoretically reusable and modular for future sessions. For example, I had an entire Slave Ship Subplot featuring a Corrupt Guard Captain in our current campaign that never got triggered, and I've adapted it for use in a Prostitution Ring featuring a Corrupt Pimp. A few reskins and name changes and we're ready to go. Heh, well, after the next few sessions, I'll be posting session recaps on a thread here, along with a metagame discussion and resources. I have a full Obsidian Portal site up which is being used as an adventure log, so it will link to that.
  14. Between 6-7 hours per session. About 4-5 hours of writing/narrative design, and two hours of map design, setting and gameplay mechanics, and setting up combat scenarios. EDIT: I would never recommend using my prep methods as a positive example. I spend overly long building characters, backstories, plot hooks, alternative scenarios, and contingencies. Sometimes this pays off, but mostly it gets unused. If I didn't enjoy writing/prep so much, I could probably shave the whole thing down to 3 hours. But for me, I couldn't do it in less: I'm too much of a planner by outlook to not approach my games in this fashion.
  15. http://www.starwars.com/news/donald-glover-cast-as-young-lando-calrissian-in-upcoming-han-solo-star-wars-stand-alone-film This one seemed fated to happen. Can't say I'm disappointed. I think he will strike the right balance.
  16. My Name is Sifo Dyas, Jedi of Jedis! Look on my Clones, ye Sithies, and despair!
  17. I'm still not used to the idea that Star Destroyers are atmospheric ships though. 30 years of thinking otherwise is tough to overcome. Well, it's been canon since Episode II. I know what you mean, though.
  18. Right? It's accomplishing a lot in a very economical shot: densely populated streets in an underdeveloped city with diverse alien races, loomed over by monolith of a ship. It's Egypt.
  19. Pretty much this. Unless your PCs are fighting a Krayt Dragon, there's not much need for monastic Adversaries who don't like hanging out with Minions. Even the best Adversary is not designed to be a "beat everything and anything" combat figure. Every one will have SOME kind of weakness or drawback (as do your PCs). Usually, the biggest weakness when fighting a single foe is not that it dies fast, but that it becomes susceptible to what in traditional tabletop speak (or now MMO-speak) is called CC, or Crowd Control. When you swamp a single opponent with a ton of advantages, you tend to put them off-balance to the point where they are utterly ineffective on their next round. You can reduce the effect of this by distracting the PCs with lots of Minions, leaving even a low-level Adversary to do serious damage simply because the PCs are occupied. This means that Minions act as a kind of force multiplier, rather than a direct threat.
  20. I'd say half the details have changed since I wrote this post -- it's set 15 years ABY; it's EotE, not F&D; PCs are not in a Sith Academy although they do feature in the story -- but the rough sketch of the setting is here. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/202244-advice-on-seting-up-alternate-timelineuniverse-shards-of-alderaan/
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