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  1. Maybe it’s because I don’t have the models in front of me, but aren’t all imperial engine glows blue in armada? Most Rebels are orange. I assumed it was a palatte choice to help differentiate the factions. (Imperial: cooler colors, Triangles, Gray, Blue engines; Rebels: warmer colors, gray w Brown/cream, Orange engine glow)
  2. Idk you’re also dropping the cost of Vader as well. If Vader cost 10 you’re paying 17 for the Tua trick plus another officer. Adds up fast.
  3. No clue, but maybe this: gain 1 additional officer slot. At the start of the command phase you may discard this card and one other Officer card you have equipped and replace them with another officer upgrade card. Vader chokes the officer and replaces him. Could have some fun artwork too.
  4. Ive also had success with him on a Kuat. I view him as an Avenger/Demo deterrent. Which allows the Kuat to be even more aggressive. Just have to make sure you get to use yours first.
  5. 2nd Nebulon-B Assault Frigate Quasar 4 Tie Defenders
  6. Red matches the CR90 and Assault Frigate engines.
  7. Not my first attempt, but my first decent one. (My core set TIEs and Mel’s Liberty never saw the light of day). The ship will replace my Pelta Model. Next to a CR90 Engine Glow: Special thanks to those who’ve provided tutorials and suggested colors to match ffg’s.
  8. Looking for a barebones Imperial brawler for under 132 total points. Wondering about this: Imperial Star Destroyer Kuat-Refit (112) Sensor Team (5) ECM (7) Leading Shots (4) External Racks (3) It hurts giving up ordnance experts, but having a guaranteed accuracy (even out the sides) is great for popping flotillas/corvettes skirting by. Leading shots gives me SOME form of reroll if necessary. At worst I can run 2 black dice (rerollable) and an accuracy. Opinions?
  9. I’m not a fan of including the Tector... isn’t the Kuat-refit the same in a practice? Lower squads, better defense, ‘better’ guns (Ord + Ion).
  10. Yes and no. There are some good cards in the ISD pack, the I & II variants are cool, and running 2 ISDs is fun. But, if you’re running a core set, glad, and Chimaera you might get more play (and variety) getting a few other ships first.
  11. Good recommendations so far. I’d also suggest a couple things: Check out this site: http://cannotgetyourshipout.blogspot.com/p/welcomewhere-to-start.html?m=1 Second: you might consider checking eBay, you can find people selling whole lots (which can save a bit of $$). Third: my personal suggestion would be core set, one dice pack, Rebel/Imperial Squadron 1s, 1 Rebel large (I’d say home one first, but that’s just imo), 1 Imperial large (either is fine), Gozanti & Medium transports, and Mc30/Gladiator
  12. Thanks @Drasnighta Any color suggestions for the dark gray?
  13. I recently caved in and bought a resin Utar Bulk Cruiser. I’m planning on using it to replace the Phoenix Home model. While I know that the FFG paint jobs aren’t the best, I like them. My goal: I want the bulk cruiser to ‘fit’... for a non-Armada player to not realize that the model is not part of the official game. With that in mind, I need a few suggestions. Paint Colors I’m going to use the Nebulon-B’s paint scheme. for the base rebel white, I’m going with Vallejo Ivory mixed with a little brown. I plan on using a watered down nuln oil for a wash. What do I need for the Dark gray front structure, red highlights, body panels, engines etc? Any other suggestions?
  14. GSD2 - I’ve upgraded the stock Demo (Demo, Int/Skilled Officer, Ord Experts, ETs and Ord Upgarde) to a GSD2 to go with a cheap fight screen (48-60pts)... it’s gotten work done. Flak before and after the attack run (frequently right after I’ve made my pass since many heavy squad groups target the Demo). Add in the Jonus angle and it can be worth it in some situations.
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