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  1. Be careful giving Cassian Rage. I thought that would be a great build with Inspiring Recruit as well until I reread the card and he can clear the stress of "another" friendly ship at range 1-2. So Rage isn't as easy to clear as I first thought it was.
  2. I was building a triple T70 list and came across the idea to combo Pattern Anayliser with a Targeting Astromech, possibly including Stay on Target EPT. The logic is that you can Stay on Target to make the right maneuver and count it as red, choose a focus action (or whatever) before receiving stress and get the target lock thrown in. Now obviously that is a much more expensive option than 3pts for Push the Limit, but is the added option from Stay on Target to change direction if needed yet still get focus/TL enough of a bonus to be worth it? Opinions? Here's the list I was going to try it with, using Nien Numb to help shed the stress Resistance Fighters Prototype (100) Nien Nunb (35) - T-70 X-Wing Stay On Target (2), Targeting Astromech (2), Pattern Analyzer (2), Integrated Astromech (0) "Snap" Wexley (34) - T-70 X-Wing Veteran Instincts (1), BB-8 (2), Pattern Analyzer (2), Black One (1), Integrated Astromech (0) "Red Ace" (31) - T-70 X-Wing R2-D6 (1), Primed Thrusters (1), Integrated Astromech (0)
  3. Simple but effective can work often. If you are yet to lose then kudos! What types of opponents have you faced? I think you have an average strength alpha strike with the proton rockets but what if you are facing cloaked aces and high agility ships like Soontir Fel? I think you may have difficulty if you dont manage to kill your primary target with prockets, especially if they also have regenerating ships. Try facing lots of different opponents and report back
  4. Some players will look at this and think "It doesn't do what I want, so I don't like it" and some players will look at this and think "Now I know what it does, how can I make it work for me" And that will be the difference between failure and victory.
  5. Some other discussion and ideas on this build in a previous thread https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/202978-keyan-rage-theory/
  6. If you have the points to spare then Shield Upgrade is exponentially better than Hull Upgrade, especially when you can regenerate it. A hull upgrade can only mitigate one extra hit. An additional shield can be regenerated an infinite number of times of you are still alive.
  7. Guidance chips will be making an appearance as soon as they ship :-)
  8. Phoenix8472

    Wave 8 PSA

    Limited means once per ship•Unique means once per list
  9. I fly BBE against my friends often and it has about a 60/40 success rate but my BBE is this: Etahn has the Blues (99) Blue Squadron Pilot (28) - B-Wing Advanced Sensors (3), Plasma Torpedoes (3) Blue Squadron Pilot (28) - B-Wing Advanced Sensors (3), Plasma Torpedoes (3) Etahn A'baht (43) - E-Wing Predator (3), R2-D2 (4), Shield Upgrade (4) Adv. Sensor Bs can action before red manuevers to improve their options and use plasma torps to reduce shields. Once shields are down Etahn makes it a crit-party whilst R2D2 and an extra shield make him a tough tank to kill. Often my opponents target Etahn as the support ship but it is actually the Bs that hit the hardest. Works great on big ships ( have given the Decimator 6 crits in one combat phase), harder against swarms. Can deal with turrets and aces with clever flying.
  10. Fun and stupid aren't mutually exclusive
  11. I have found Intelligence Agent to be a brilliant crew member to help get the Kwings in good positions, especially when deciding whether to SLAM or not. So IA on one to set up the shot and Tactitian in the other to pile on the stress?
  12. Nothing says you can't take more than one, but I don't expect many people to buy them unless FFG release a shuttle only expansion otherwise this list is breaking the bank! Follow it up with four Ghosts list for epic play maybe? Good dial, good abilities but I don't see Intelligence Agent being the best use of a crew slot, definitely not on all of them at the same time! Being able to see where you opponent goes can be beneficial but it's not massively game changing. If all your shuttles carry the same crew you will at best be using three of the four and probably less on average. IA with Hera is a smart fit because she can change her manoeuvre after seeing where the opponent will go. The others, I'm not convinced it's worth the crew slot. Here would be my attempt Shuttles! (99) Hera Syndulla (28) - Attack Shuttle Outmaneuver (3), Autoblaster Turret (2), Intelligence Agent (1) Sabine Wren (23) - Attack Shuttle Veteran Instincts (1), Intelligence Agent (1) Ezra Bridger (26) - Attack Shuttle Push The Limit (3), Kanan Jarrus (3) "Zeb" Orrelios (22) - Attack Shuttle "Chopper" (0), Shield Upgrade (4) This version may not be any more effective but it gets the whole gang! Hera uses IA and her ability to change moves to strike with Outmanuever if she can or Autolasters if she can't. VI Sabine gives you another high PS arc-dodger who can again use IA to decide if she should boost or barrel roll. Ezra can use PTL to gain a stress token for his ability and Kanan helps him clear it (& can help anyone in range) Zeb is the blocker and if he gets stressed Chopper can let him use actions if he needs. If I didn't want to get the whole Ghost crew in the list I would swap Kanan to Jan Ors on Ezra. He could then evade, PTL for Focus but Jan turns that into a second evade and he has a stress token acting as a focus for his two agility dice giving him 2-4 evades, something that will definitely help him survive!
  13. The theory appears to be that if Kylo Ren can use the force to stop a blaster bolt in mid-air then maybe he used the force to adjust his lightsabre blade to bypass Han when he was stabbed, appearing as if Han was killed but actually wasn't. Except that there was nobody watching the confrontation that would need to be fooled into thinking Ren had killed Han, also why would Han react like he was impaled when he wasn't and lastly, there was also a massive drop that would have finished the job even if the lightsabre hadn't! So sorry to be cynical but I'm pretty sure he is dead. From a story point of view I would find it much more dramatic and satisfying if Han had deliberately let himself be sacrificed as a final effort to make Ren regret his actions and turn back towards the Light Side, eventually...
  14. You can always use Keyans ability to lose stress even if you don't roll any focus results (it's in the FAQ) so I'm not worried about that. Adv Sensors rage sounds good but the B-Wing is seriously lacking in green moves! Was thinking FCS to have a TL when you can't action the turn after rage but adv sensors & Kanan to shed stress on greens and whites sounds like a better option. Anyone have any other crazy ideas? (Edit: ninja'd! Nice list ideas Panic)
  15. I'm trying to decide if Keyan Farlander and Rage work well together. The plan so far is this Keyan Farlander (34) - B-Wing Rage (1), Fire Control System (2), B-Wing/E2 (1), Hera Syndulla (1) Rage gives focus token and two stress plus a three dice reroll. Use one of those stress to activate Keyans ability turning focus results into hits (pseudo-focus) with a reroll (pseudo-target lock). FCS gives us a TL. Still got Focus token for defence. Next turn can't action but have a TL from FCS previously so don't need TL action and can use another stress token to act as a pseudo-focus so it is almost like performing a focus action anyway. If we really need to then we can reveal a red move due to Hera. The only thing being sacrificed is easy access to barrel roll actions. Now we don't use rage unless it is going to be a good attack, is this going to work or is it too difficult for a B-Wing to lose stress? And what if we take Kanan Janus instead to lose that extra stress token with a white move and Rage again next turn?! Crazy idea or could it work? Comments and criticisms welcome!
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