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  1. Again, still very rough. Really there's no right way to handle this system.
  2. I have an idea on how to eliminate the RNG of the system, but it is still very rough. What if conflict is awarded, but doesn't do anything till the end of a story arc or milestone? Rather, it stays there like a weight on your mind. That conflict WILL lower your morality by an equal amount if you do not "resolve" the conflict. For this system to work, there has to be a second awarded "morality investment" (as I like to call conflict) for the light side. I'll call this "resolution". For each point of resolution a PC has by the end of a Story Arc or Milestone, their Morality increases by an equal amount. When a PC clearly makes the morally correct decision, they are rewarded a minuscule amount of resolution. However, if they make a more risky/emotionally charged decision, they are awarded a larger amount of conflict. Conflict can be "resolved" by either the PC redeeming themselves or learning from their mistakes, thus they receive two resolution for every conflict resolved. This means that in order for a character to climb to Paragon, they must dabble in the dark side in order to learn from their failures. As Yoda said in the Last Jedi, "The greatest teacher failure is." Paragon is a very difficult rank to get to, and if the PC just says "I make the right decision cause I'm a goody two shoes (derp)" as a Paladin in D&D would, they are awarded a meager 1 point of resolution. They didn't learn from their experience, and they didn't change in the process. They still made the right decision, BUT only because a book or a jedi master told them so. And then when those paladins make the wrong choice, they receive 5 conflict. This pretty much negates all five of those correct decisions. PCs that don't change simply stay at around 50 Morality. PCs that actively try to act in character and try to learn from failures will have a much easier time reaching Paragon than murder hobos or complacent bystanders.
  3. Just made the roll. Maybe the advantage could be used to say that Gael thought of it within a short period of time?
  4. 2eA+1eP+1eD: 2 successes, 1 advantage [2eA=A, S] [1eP=S/A] [1eD=Th] Gael reached into the corners of his mind, thinking of his experiences and the rumors he has heard of Talus. Bingo! He had an idea.
  5. My interpretation was that the Underworld check would be to know a good place to land outside of ports or towns that would also give us relatively good access to the city without raising suspicion.
  6. I'm just waiting for Away to give permission for the roll and give the difficulty. Slow week.
  7. Ah, your right. That Underworld check would definitely be worth it. Perhaps we could assist each other on such a check? I have 2 Ability and 1 Proficiency. Does assisting another character just give them a boost die, or is there something more?
  8. I really don't know enough about Talus to really understand what kind of personas would cover for us in the city. I hope at least someone can roll the appropriate knowledge check. Would Knowledge (Underworld) work to figure out at least the criminal scum of Talus? That could also help. Also, Away, I asked a question in the conversation about Gael's blaster. It's about that whole "blaster grafted to arm replacement" thing. Don't know if it's allowed. I know you got a lot of things to worry about, so you can take your time.
  9. I'm glad that almost everyone has responded. What skill would I roll to craft a disguise? Perhaps Gael and Marsten can work together on this.
  10. "Agreed." Gael said. He looked to the others for comments on a plan. He had to sneak on streets and take on disguises most of the time anyway, so this wasn't something he wasn't used to.
  11. It is truly quite sad that when someone states their opinion on the internet, they fully expect to be mutilated for saying such a thing. I really can see why you hate TFA Absol, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Like deraforia said "You are entitled to your opinion". (I'll just ignore the small text.) I'm happy to join the discussion about this book guys. So far I have been disappointed with how the Sentinel has been treated (many of the talents and lightsaber options are very underwhelming and usually leave me craving for other careers), so I'm happy they seem to be addressing these problems. Hopefully the Sentry can add some much needed more Parry and Reflect ranks.
  12. He means them, Gael thought. "No unnecessary risks" was probably a snide at Gael's attitude. Gael shifted uncomfortably in his seat. He hated all this military BS, as if the Order really took them seriously. Plus the fact that they could be planning on how to save Dev'rios, but instead they were trying to find some intel. Why would this dead drop be any different from the rest? Gael looked over the rest of his squad's faces. Seeing the determination in Lavin's face, and the serious gaze Kell gave the captain, Gael decided to put his lust for action on a leash. It wouldn't do him or anyone else any good if he decided to pick a fight. Are we moving on, guys?
  13. Right. I'll go with the one where I introduced myself and my character.
  14. How do I hide info as spoilers? I don't want the others to know certain details. Perhaps we could discuss it in a private conversation?
  15. Away, since I am remaking Gael's backstory, would it be okay to create an Obligation for him?
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