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    SaszaPL reacted to falveryn in Krennic got screwed in 2.0   
    People so entranced by 2.0 they still think anything, including krennic is any good... Nope. It is really boring for people to think the change is perfect. It has good and bad things.
    Krennic's best ability is providing a targeting computer to a crewed ship, in a faction which most ships have one. And the TL action is nerfed to possibly miss, so it is not a big deal for the reaper to have TL.
    The condition itself could have been blank text, and it would have been 90% as effective. As it stands, it is almost worthless.
    Too situational: Requires a ship with a crew slot to acquire and maintain a TL, and another ship to attack that same ship. So it requires having 2 ships alive, one close enough to acquire a TL and another in arc and range for the attack. Then, it also requires to spend a potentially useful dice (crit, hit or eyeball).
    Effect is too weak: It only nets a positive result if you wouldn't had hit or can consistently flip a nasty crit worth at least a hit (very unlikely for a ship to only have nasty crits, and just flipping for the information is not as worth as 1 more damage). It would be worth canceling eyeballs if you have no modifiers just for the information, but this effect has very little value, even less than flipping the weakest of crits.
    Ships that would want to use it: You are more likely to be slapping this prototype on a high ps ace so it is easier to keep the TL'd ship in range and arc, but it would also be a waste to use this on a force user, because force users can just infinitely modify eyeballs. Ships with low attack, being more likely to not hit and use the effect more often would make the upgrade more costly relative to the ship, so not worth it. The most appropriate user so far is Fel. You would have to come in with Krennic, TL and then run forever, most likely in a Reaper. Is this effect better than palp? Even with palp being nerfed, palp is still stronger, and only 3 (6) points more expensive, and if reduced to what it should cost, but what FFG is likely to cost Krennic (3/6 points, instead of 2/4 points), then the difference would be around 5 (10) points. Another good vehicle is the Phantom (if they keep the crew slot, and have access to FCS). This way, the Phantom can TL, shoot and still be able to modify its attack without spending the TL, allowing the prototype to benefit from the effect. This would be a different type of support, a very aggressive one, but one you would still want to keep alive to prolong the effect. This is more likely the ideal support, rather than a Reaper running away forever.
    So, how much would krennic be worth on whisper, prototyping Fel? between 4-6 points. On a Reaper? between 2-4 points. I think those are good numbers to even consider running Krennic. Costs for ships are otherwise mostly the same (doubled), even for fully armed ships (but increased for high ps ships, where you would ideally want to slap krennic and prototype), so what else can accommodate Whisper and Fel? Maybe Countdown if the effect and cost are similar, most probably just a tie fighter. So whisper + fel is strong, but the remaining points can't be spent effectively. The last option would be RAC + Fel, if RAC kept 3 crew slots and had no gunner slots instead, since RAC has a passive modifier plus palp, so it is less likely to need the TL reroll. It also can live long enough to make use of the prototype effect. The cost of krennic should be near the cost of him on the phantom. People will eventually realize they are better off with another crew on the support ship anyways, unless imperials keep getting more underwhelming crews, which is also likely. I am still not impressed and it needs a moderate (in phantom and decimator) to severe (everywhere else) cost reduction to be usable... on Fel only. And since the target of the prototype can't alter the cost of the crew of the host ship, Krennic will have to suffer the whole burden of the cost (leading to common builds, reducing diversity), and always be limited by its best prototype target. So basically, 2.0 krennic is bad design, very situational, has a weak effect, leads to very static builds because only a few hosts and targets are able to use it effectively and because it is hard for the cost to be balanced because it buffs another ship that can't modify the host's cost. Another bad side effect would be if the best krennic targets, like Fel, received increased costs just because they can be used together. Krennic is one of the few bad things of the change, just analyze properly instead of being blinded by the hype.
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    SaszaPL reacted to thespaceinvader in Capt. Jostero’s pilot ability does NOT trigger from the facedown damage card dealt by the Harpooned! condition.   
    Yes to both.
    Because bomblets cause things to suffer damage, they don't  deal damage cards.
    If the text says it deals damage cards, it doesn't *ever* trigger Jostero, because his ability triggers off things suffering damage, which is a different thing, explicitly, in the rules.
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    SaszaPL reacted to SkullNBones in Hairy rules interpretation: TLT or Cluster Missiles vs Viktor Hel with Stealth Device   
    The closest analogous situation here (in my opinion) would be the interaction of Maul (and his stress removal) and TLT. So (via OP's option 3) I would look at each attack from the TLT to see if VH's trigger was met, if either of the attacks from TLT caused the ability to trigger, then after the TLT has finished the attacker would receive one stress.
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    SaszaPL reacted to Frimmel in Final Table and players won't play   
    The Top 8 is just his good fortune especially if the guy dropped before pairings were determined. That Top 4 situation should be a DQ for both of them at any level of tourney. 
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    SaszaPL reacted to Dreadai in Final Table and players won't play   
    There was a regional in the UK this year where one player (Ash Hemmings) got two byes at top 8 and top 4 and went on to win the tournament.
    Top 8 - his opponent was really tired, had won dice and wanted to go home, so he dropped.
    Top 4 - paired against his brother in a (pre-nerf NymMiranda exact mirror match) rather than play, they opted to final salvo and rest for an 1h30
    He then won the regional, playing against another player.  Clearly in the final, there is an advantage to the player who has had 3 hours rest going in. Should the TO have forced Ash to play his games? Revoked the prizes for his opponents and promoted someone else?  I don't think so. Under tournament rules, he won the games he won, and his opponents dropped/scooped and gave the win.  You could call it collusion, but that is a stretch.  If you start promoting up people who lost a game because the person who beat them drops next round, you needlessly overcomplicate the tournament structure.
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    SaszaPL reacted to thespaceinvader in Final Table and players won't play   
    In theory the first game should have been offered to the next player down in the swiss rankings, at the very least.
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    SaszaPL got a reaction from D00kies in "Harpooned !" and TLT   
    There is no uncancelled critical results in TLT shots, same as on Ion Cannon and similar weapons. You cancel all your dice. And Xizor's FAQ ruled on that this way.
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    SaszaPL got a reaction from MalusCalibur in "Harpooned !" and TLT   
    There is no uncancelled critical results in TLT shots, same as on Ion Cannon and similar weapons. You cancel all your dice. And Xizor's FAQ ruled on that this way.
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    SaszaPL got a reaction from Schu81 in "Harpooned !" and TLT   
    There is no uncancelled critical results in TLT shots, same as on Ion Cannon and similar weapons. You cancel all your dice. And Xizor's FAQ ruled on that this way.
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    SaszaPL reacted to DR4CO in Chopper Astromech = EXTRA Shields?   
    No. The phrase "up to your shield value" has been superfluous since the TFA Rules Reference included this line in its entry on "Shields" (p.17):
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    SaszaPL reacted to skotothalamos in Coordinate lets you do any action?   
    what they said. I'm betting there was a sentence or paragraph about how Coordinate is almost like PTL or EI for that ship, but PTL has this restriction and EI has this other restriction, so Coordinate is better because it doesn't have those restrictions! And then that got edited out, leaving us with "Coordinate has no restrictions! wow!"
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    SaszaPL reacted to Stoneface in Coordinate lets you do any action?   
    If this came from the article, they are historically filled with misinformation. In this case I think it means that you're not limited to just your action bar or just your action cards. You can use either. The free action has to come from one of those two sources.
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    SaszaPL got a reaction from Funkleton in "Harpooned !" and TLT   
    There is no uncancelled critical results in TLT shots, same as on Ion Cannon and similar weapons. You cancel all your dice. And Xizor's FAQ ruled on that this way.
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    SaszaPL reacted to HolySorcerer in Pulsed ray shield thoughts   
    Which only works if he lost his one shield.
    Look, I understand that OL would love to have this upgrade and it would make him stronger, but why is it always the Empire that is restricted from getting useful new toys while the other two factions get to run rampant?  It just feels like the Empire is the only faction still playing X-Wing, while the other two are playing bad fan-service Mary Sue versions of the game.  The Empire has no identity anymore, there is nothing that they have that nobody else has. 
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    SaszaPL reacted to RufusDaMan in Pulsed ray shield thoughts   
    Where is this enthusiasm of not allowing certain synergies when designing scum or rebel?
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    SaszaPL got a reaction from Marinealver in Pulsed ray shield thoughts   
    Ow, c'mon... nothing bad would happen if it would be available to ONE pilot in Empire... Maybe other of the FO's pilots would find a place on the tables as well..
    Still, he would have 4 hit points only and would be able to lock only one opponent. In late game 1v1 he would be as bad pain as he is now, but honestly, he is cheaper than most of other threats... 
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    SaszaPL reacted to UnitOmega in Torani Kulda - My favorite Star Wars character!   
    Yeah, because everybody loves [all ships not X-Wings, TIE Fighters and the Millennium Falcon] ONLY for all those 15 minutes they were in the movies. And who could forget how many of them had names! Like Gold Leader, Y-Wing Extra #1 - the one who gets a line, and B-Wing Extra #2 - the one who doesn't get a line! Oh, and my favorite TIE fighter pilots - "guys who flew with Darth Vader and didn't speak"!
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    SaszaPL reacted to Parravon in Torani: Can I choose to discard focus and evade tokens even if I don't have any?   
    I think you've hit the nail on the head, @Stoneface.  
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    SaszaPL reacted to Slugrage in Torani: Can I choose to discard focus and evade tokens even if I don't have any?   
    Only if we're going to concede that logic plays no part in anything at all.

    Spending a token to modify no dice, is not in any way the same as spending no tokens to generate an effect. If someone thinks those are the same things, I'm not sure how anyone can actually help them.
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    SaszaPL reacted to joeshmoe554 in Torani: Can I choose to discard focus and evade tokens even if I don't have any?   
    I can't discard a focus token, or two focus tokens if I don't have any, but I should be able to discard all of my focus tokens since all of them includes the possibility of zero.
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    SaszaPL reacted to theBitterFig in Viktor Hel and TLT   
    I strenuously disagree.
    I don't really think it's about the timing windows, it's about whether it makes any sense to perform arithmetic at all.  It's about whether this a qualitative or quantitative test.  A logical or versus an arithmetic sum.
    We have disagreement about qualitative tests like Cluster Missiles and Munitions Failsafe.  We can understand that two qualitative logical tests happen, and that they're joined by an inclusive or.  If (first attack hits) or (second attack hits), then you don't have an attack that "did not hit," and Failsafe wouldn't prevent the discard.  With an inclusive or, (hit) or (miss) does not equal (did not hit).  If we interpret Viktor Hel the same way, if either (on the first attack Viktor Hel did not roll exactly two dice) or (on the second attack Viktor Hel did not roll exactly two dice) is true, then the attacker would receive a stress.  However both are false, and in terms of the logical syntax of an inclusive or "either (false) or (false)" is false.  If it's a qualitative test, [rolling exactly two defense dice] twice is still [rolling exactly two defense dice].  In the language of formal logic, by idempotency, A or A is A.  You can't take an inclusive or, plug in the value "A" both times, and come out with "not A."
    Viktor Hel presents the first trigger I can think of where a check applied to a "perform this attack twice" weapon might be arithmetic.  As written, any Viktor Hel interpretation will either have to discard logic (where the union of A and A is A) or arithmetic (2 + 2 =4).  Personally, I think it's silly say Viktor Hel rolled four dice, since wasn't a defense dice roll of four dice.  I'm sure some folks would find it silly not performing arithmetic.  There are times, however, where it isn't mathematically appropriate to add numerals.  A silly example is two people who are individually too short for a "You must be this tall to enter" ride don't get to combine their heights to enter together.  Likewise, I just think it's illogical to add the dice of the two rolls, when no roll of the dice was other than two dice.
    Off to the side, if a TLT/R3-A2/Title Y-Wing attacked Viktor Hel at range 2 and used the stressbot twice, you wouldn't take 4 stress.  Non-attack "after attacking/defending" abilities happen before abilities which perform attacks.  The primary weapon attack of the Y-Wing would happen first, Victor would roll exactly 2 dice in Step 4, and his ability wouldn't trigger in step 8.  Then after step 9, you'd perform a pair of TLT attacks from step 1, which would bring us to another "after defending" check in step 8, which may or may not provide a 3rd total stress.
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    SaszaPL reacted to jmswood in Thweek mimicking a docked ship   
    I have one other gripe. I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it until it happens. 
    Not everyone buys every expansion. Rule inserts need to be publicly available as PDF’s like any other rule document. 
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    SaszaPL reacted to Androniq in Vaksai - upgrade order   
    The new Title Vaksai for Kihraxz fighters leads to an important question. When do we satisfy the requirements of an upgrade card - when we equip this exact card or when we have the final build of the ship? E. g.:
    1) can I equip Engine Upgrade and then Autothrusters, since I already have Boost icon in my action bar? (I guess yes, since similar situations were already presented.)
    2) the trickier one: can I equip Pulsed Ray Shield and Shield Upgrade? If it is possible to order the upgrade cards in any order I wish to equip them, it goes like this: Shields = 1 -> equip PRS -> equip Shield Upgrade -> Shields 2, but nobody cares (as with Boba Fett stealing a required card, but not crashing the other upgrades which required it when equipping). Or do I have to meet all the requirements stated on cards at the end of the build? (And then opposite situation is possible, where for example one card says "Your Action bar gains boost. You cannot equip this if you haven't Barrel Roll" and the other "Gain Barrel Roll, require Boost" but we still can equip them 'simultaneously'.)
    So, is the process of equipping upgrades 'simultaneous' or 'sequential'?
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    SaszaPL reacted to thespaceinvader in Viktor Hel and TLT   
    Range 3 gives you an extra die against the primary, then the secondary being TLT gives you the stress again.
    Note that BTLA4 is being discussed...
    Stealth Device/Scavenger Crane is how I've tried to run Viktor but it tends to fall off very quickly and then he just dies.
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    SaszaPL reacted to sharrrp in Harpooned ship killed by Harpoon Missles - how many splash dmg 1 or 2?   
    I would tend to lean toward this interpretation myself, but it's really not clear either way.  If "after attack resolves" is suppossed to be different, like after the complete end of the timing chart, it would be nice if it was more explicit that that was the case. If it's NOT suppossed to be different, it would be nice if they could have just said after attacking instead of using different wording.
    Thematically it would actually make more sense for the Harpoon to go ahead and do the splash damage if it kills the ship the same turn it's fired, because preaumably the idea is the missile is detonating when the ship explodes. However I realize that thematic relavance has zero weight in a rules discussion.
    I went ahead and shot an email asking for clarification.
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