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  1. I don't think it would work. You are not allowed to reroll only those dice that were rerolled already - hence Han was OK to reroll everything but results rerolled, i.e. by Predator. Though, if you spent your focus token to change some results from eye to hit, you still have to reroll them in case of Han Solo or FOV.
  2. We have RAC. Though, we have a little of imperial only stuff..
  3. I am afraid that this is working RAW, but should never be the case (RAI)... I hope the 6. point will be extended with:
  4. There is no uncancelled critical results in TLT shots, same as on Ion Cannon and similar weapons. You cancel all your dice. And Xizor's FAQ ruled on that this way.
  5. Ow, c'mon... nothing bad would happen if it would be available to ONE pilot in Empire... Maybe other of the FO's pilots would find a place on the tables as well.. Still, he would have 4 hit points only and would be able to lock only one opponent. In late game 1v1 he would be as bad pain as he is now, but honestly, he is cheaper than most of other threats...
  6. "Action: Perform free Barrel Roll action. If an enemy ship has got a Target Lock on you, you must remove it and get a stress token. You cannot use this Action if you have any Stress tokens." - that way for 2 points you get Barrel Roll action, which may cause you to get a stress token if you are locked. Plus thanks to the condition in the end, you cannot use it with Primed Thrusters.
  7. Good point. Plus, there are scenarios in which you may have different value of agility on either roll (Stealth Device, crit card, Tractor token, etc.) which means that technically it is possible as well...
  8. Yea, then you would like to have this Attani Mindlink, but hey, you EPT slot is already occupied... He is one action on Action Bar short or one EPT slot or... He is just missing something to be really good. Now it seems that you won't e able to maximize the use of his skill.
  9. Range 3 does not give you additional green die, because the opponent is using Secondary Weapon (TLT). EDIT: my mistake as per @thespaceinvader below. I was searching for different options of using Hel's pilot ability consistently and my best shot is Stealth Device at the moment, though it is not very reliable, even with EU and AT. No option to do evade action is so painful on this kind of ace... But I think Hel has some good builds, not top tier but good and versatile (i.e. SD and BMST = every other round you are able to use BMST).
  10. The attack that applies Harpooned condition cannot trigger effect on the condition card... The attack is resolved when the whole chart is completed. This should be confirmed by FAQ for Double Edge or Wes Jason (even earlier): “Double Edge”: When resolving the ability of "Double Edge," the ship can choose to resolve an attack with either its primary weapon or an equipped ? or ? secondary weapon that it did not just perform an attack with. If a ? secondary weapon was not discarded due to Munitions Failsafe, the ship cannot use its ability to attack again with that weapon. Wes Janson: When a ship is defending against Wes Janson, it may use focus, evade, and target lock tokens during the attack. Wes Janson’s ability does not remove a token until after the attack has been fully resolved. Therefore I would risk a statement that after the attack resolves is different than after attacking.
  11. I would suggest to look at it from another side. The Harpooned card checks for any "uncancelled" critical results which means that it is waiting until dice modification step is completed for checking if any uncancelled resulsts are left. That would fit in line with other similar cases, like Xizor. Although, I do agree that this is not clear. Anyway, Xizor is an interesting case. What if he is Harpooned and gets a crit and passes it onto a friendly ship? I would say that yes, Xizor may pass the crit, but anyway the splash will occur and we will measure from his ship. What about Bossk? If he hits, and decide to change the critical result into two hits? I would say the trigger is not met because the critical hit was in the end cancelled. I would define "uncancelled critical result" as a result that deals critical damage in the end (no matter if it is passed onto another friendly ship or not).
  12. @Jimbawa I was refering to the post by @sharrrp : Then I suggested that this would need to be 'the' not 'your' because 'your' is already well defined and means something done by a specific ship (hence 'after you execute your maneuver' is nothing more than a maneuver that you performed, not the same as you assigned - may be changed by other means as well). X7 is totally different story and that is not really related. It was simply nerfed and now works different way than it used to..
  13. So what do you think about Feedback array's FAQ? Is that a confirmation that you cannot use TS & ATC or rather the other way around, because ATC has not used word instead?
  14. I haven't noticed it, but that was clarified in the FAQ: Q: If an ability triggers when a ship is destroyed, if the ship is destroyed during an attack, when does this ability occur? A: The ability occurs after the damage cards are dealt. Typically, this is during the “Deal Damage” step of combat. Although the ship is destroyed, effects from the ship’s pilot ability, Upgrade cards, Damage cards, etc. are still active until it is removed at the end of the attack. So yup, the Destroyed effect will not take place.
  15. So... 3 Binayre Pirates goes into a bar with big bad Bossk... Anyway, the story is rather not interesting, in the end they put 3 harpoons on the same target and Bossk pushes through another crit result. I am wondering what happens now? Notice that there is no "OR" between the effects but they are triggered at different phases of the attack, hence cannot happen together. Moreover if the target was destroyed by the Lets look at three different scenarios - target is U-wing. First 3 Harpoons pushed no crits thanks to Guidance Chips (you can change the crit to hit as well!). Now, scenarios: 1. Initially U-Wing lost 4 shields. Bossk pushes 1 crit, but it is not a Direct Hit. Each other ship at range 1 suffers 3 damage in total and the U-Wing get 3 facedown damage cards. As I read Then discard this card and receive 1 facedown damage card. - you deal 1 damage and discard one card at the same time, hence you will not do the splash damage on the second condition when the 3rd card is dealt because you already discarded all 3 condition cards. 2. Initially U-Wing lost 4 shields. Bossk pushes through 3 damage total, including an uncancelled critical. At this moment the U-wing is not yet destroyed. Now, we need to resolve each Harpoon: 1st will do crit splash and facedown to U-wing. But the U-wing is not yet destroyed hence you go to 2nd and 3rd critical splashes of harpoons, U-wing gets another 2 facedown damage cards, discards all harpoons and is destroyed. The same happens if Bossk did 4 damage with crit (would kill U-wing but first splashes would clear all the condition cards) or if Bossk did 4 damage without a crit (U-wing is destroyed and hence deals 3 splash damage upon destruction but that is not . 3. Initially U-wing lost 4 shields. Bossk used his own Harpoon and dealt 4 damage including uncancelled Critical hit. Due to the critical splashes, all ships in range 1 suffer 3 damage in total. Additional, in step 10 (Remove Destroyed ships) the new Harpoon is resolved and another 1 damage is dealt to ships in range 1. Or it should be considered as the same trigger (assigning new Harpoon if this attack hits assign condition card and when you are hit by an attack)? Then it would be up to the initiative on whether this Harpoon is dealing damage sooner or later but in the end the effect stay the same - all 4 harpooned cards resolve altogether. Interesting for using scavenger cranes on all... In the end it looks like there is no option to deal 6 damage by splashing harpoons (unless you use 6 harpoons) because although the wording seems unfortunate it still resolves in only 1 of 2 steps of combat. Did I miss something? Is there any other interesting mechanic to use those harpoons with?
  16. D. is that Jostero decide to skip that opportunity, then activates, performs his maneuver and gets another shot later, now with bonus... Don't forget that the ability is optional and you do not have to resolve it immediately, important i.e. if your opponent is rolling for bombs damage and there is Jostero waiting with his shot - you do not have to use your first opportunity. @EdgeOfDreams It is not 1+null, because you may add additional dice, while in that case you may not add dice because you did not perform any maneuver (condition for adding dice is not met), hence it is just 1 = 1. Without difference in the end, though still fun to analyze in theory at least I find it fun...
  17. I am afraid that ion is considered as a normal maneuver for all purposes that is only not started with usual "reveal dial" portion... That is confirmed by few instances described in FAQ, like SLAM while ionized (if you have SLAM in action bar you can use the action with 1-speed maneuvers) or Nien Numb (the ion maneuver is green). So, no matter if you assigned it or not it is still considered as your maneuver.
  18. Good point but I am afraid that would need to be "the" not "your". "Your" here indicate only a maneuver performed by the ship. So although I am also not sure I would expect that to work as you suggested if the wordnig was: If you are equipped with a bomb that can be dropped when you reveal your maneuver, you may drop the bomb after you execute the maneuver instead. Note that "your" is used also in first part of the sentence and it refers only to ownership of a dial (so you cannot drop the bomb after any dial is revealed) and the same is in case of latter, it refers only to who performs a maneuver not which one it is. Otherwise if a ship was having Navigator and Genius you would not be able to drop the bomb after maneuver if you adjusted the dial (as it is different than the maneuver revealed). As it is today, Genius works with Ion... As for that I was always suggesting that Ion effect should not be considered "a maneuver" (to avoid similar interactions) but become separate effect, similar to maneuver.
  19. As per the title. I am wondering whether I should take some interesting - or rather effective - Dengar build for up to 58 points, but that leaves nothing for initiative bid so I would rather end up with 55-56 points OR a simple but efficient twin tlt y-wings with Unhinged Astro and (maybe) some Plasma Torps & G.Chips? I consider Nym as the main ship in the list. His guaranteed 2 hits and infinite bombs should be devastating for the enemy. Though with only 1 green is quite fragile, so he needs something that will be able to either finish off the battle or become the main target for the opponent. For ships that are considered "immune" to bombs like decimator or other big ships with a lot of shields and hull, the Y-Wings will be killers. Also if the opponent focuses on taking down Nym, hopefully I will be able to fire the torps in the initial exchange. On the other hand in the end game, y-wings are not the best but I hope to stay will enemies that I am able to take down with low agility easy to get TLT through because those with low HP are dead.. Dengar is Dengar.. But with the points you can't do whatever you like with him.. Plus it would be great to take Cad Bane onto him, but in such case he needs PtL for better action economy and Unhinged (for more greens). That build on the other hand seems not optimal in the points (with Glitterstim and Counter Measures) - or at least that is my gut feeling.. And Dengar is here at PS9, so he has to go before Nym (while the flexibility is order at PS10 is very nice).. What's your view?
  20. I see your point though I mean, like you are using Autoblaster Turrets - hence you want your enemy to be in your R1 after your movement. At the same time the bombs you may place are placed after your movement (and you also just finished in R1 from the opponent), so you cannot effectively (without harming yourself) end up in R1. If you do not focus fire then.. hmm.. the 2 damage per round is not that bad... especially if the enemy is able to shot back (Dengar, QD, etc.).. Plus most probably on the initial run the enemy is also close to each other / in formation hence you lose a great opportunity to drop the bomb...
  21. Bomblets will hurt your own ships if flown in formation... It's only Nym who can ignore friendly bombs...
  22. I think I might know the answer but I would like you to confirm my logic... SO, Kanan's pilot ability allows to reduce the pull of red dice of an enemy ship by 1. Same is with suppressive fire from Rex. Now, if the opponent rolls no dice (Autoblaster Turret after these reductions) is he still allowed to use Accuracy Corrector to cancel zero dice results (all dice results) and add 2 hits? I would say yes, same as you can modify 0 dice with Focus etc.
  23. Ghost has simply too low low PS to be effective with ABT even with his large base..
  24. I think I would dump the Dauntless title if I were you (and as @Captain Pellaeon suggested take SD instead of TC). That title makes RAC easy to focus fire at - you have very limited choice of maneuvers and they are not very good, while not having option to boost away is also big minus imo. With those changes you can either keep 2 points for initiative bid or take Ion Bombs - occasionally these can be really useful. Placed wisely they will make the enemy ship fly out of the table or fly onto a rock... At least try for fun
  25. The FAQ for Kanan is quite old and it was introduced when Check Pilot Stress step was a separate step after executing maneuver. Then there was a FAQ and then there was a move of that step into the Execute maneuver, before clean up step. This is now kind of out of date (because maneuver ends after clean up step in fact).
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