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  1. I'm interested, this is a good idea and if you can pull it off as outlined you will have no lack of market
  2. nope. card reads "as if" you spent a token. Clearly stating you did not have an actual token!
  3. Indeed, sometimes people build lists that thrive in second. Lists that bring objectives that guarantee a bunch of points thanks to strategic keyword etc. Any honest, seasoned Armada tournament veteran will tell you, sometimes the luck of the draw is as important as your list.
  4. I third that opinion. Amazon Canada Prime day sale = Weird old guy down the streets garage sale.
  5. Amazingly, not everyone plays exactly the same! I run them at speed 1 as anvils. Usually with spinals and often Nav Nav CF CF CF CF. I threaten with things like a rhymerball, an ISD or Demo. Amazingly, people tend to think "oh I'll just go through that vic" and usually eat 4 reds 4 blacks and possibly at least 1 double arc. I will sometimes start the Vic at speed 2, bank first nav slow down and position with second nav and then its 5 reds at anything that doesn't come at me and reds and blacks at anything that does. Obviously that can change and thats why I bank a nav in case I need to speed up but thats rare. Look at a frrekin range ruler and tell me the difference between blue and black range is worth all those points instead of learning how to deploy and fly? I took 4th in a recent store champs with 2 spinal vics, a demo and 2 raiders and a goz no squads. Would have done better but I ran into a really good player with Reikaan Aceholes.
  6. Which is fine. Which also means it has limited value. The question is originally "is it worth it" Sure you can use it to survive an alpha but consider where this means your squadrons even are. If they stay in stronghold range they aren't doing anything, and if you wait and encroach so that you can in turn alpha out from under the bubble, your Quasar is now likely in a precarious position on the board. Keeping all this in mind, it might take a particularly specific build to leverage this title well. Perhaps combined with relay and the Vector title on a goz? Or perhaps flanked by Vics? I don't know.
  7. Can you double post this so I can like it twice?
  8. Don't disagree with this one bit! Instantly will replace Spinals on my standard (and much loved) Vic builds, and it's cheaper!
  9. Uh, keeping your squadrons relevant and in the protective envelope of Gallant haven is much easier and more viable because its on a combat ship the whole thing people have issue with isn't keeping the squadrons in range, it's keeping the squadrons in range while keeping the **** quasar ALIVE.
  10. I'm not sure Quads will have the impact we think they do in big v big combat. I'm especially leery of them on a pickle. These things only fire if you are going slower than your target, not same speed, slower. This means that if you want to guarantee that long-range hurtage you have to go speed 1 and assume your opponent will not do the same (no guarantee of that at all) and going speed 1 makes an already easy to front-bump MC80 even more predictable. Vics I already run at speed 1, very rarely at speed 2 and always with a nav token, but that means any big ships at speed one dodge the quad and also you never catch up to them. I think Quads look like a "big handful of dice all the time" upgrade on paper but in practice it will likely find maximum value in off-arcs as flanker hate.
  11. Ok, now pretend Gallant haven goes on a Neb-B... Assault Frigates have a completely different combat profile than a squishy carrier.
  12. Yeah I've said it before and I'll say it again. Maxing on 1 type of squadron, be it defenders or ties, is not where Sloanes sweet spot will be. I see her pushing Defenders, Phantoms and regular ties, plus a couple of aces. Even Rhymer or standard bombers, stripping tokens is fine but if you are just plinking after that and/or your hammer ship is otherwise occupied you need your squads to do work. I see shooting at a flagship with an alpha of expendable ties as an opening gambit followed up by actual bombers with a bomber command backing them up. Ruthless strategist on a red AS die Quasar may even mean YV 666 can make an appearance. it really just opens up the whole game.
  13. LuLz! Who says the carrier is a Quasar? it can be 3 VSDs with disposable capacitors and quads. Sure, bring them flotillas over!
  14. He's wonderful, but so expensive! And such a hate target!
  15. Some of what you are concerned about is why she is so great for the meta! Over-use/abuse of aces in either reeikan lists or "super friends" lists has really neutered the possibility space in building lists and now knowing that a relatively modest investment in an inexpensive mixed-use squadron complement under Sloane can significantly reduce the value of aces will shift the meta-efficiency of aces down and open things up for variety. I foresee using a couple of defenders plus Ties plus Interceptors and a tie advanced or 2 would be a good Sloane complement. It would also be a good idea to have a serious ship based threat Eg a Demolisher or a Devastator
  16. OP means "original post" or "original poster" depending on context. specifically I was seconding this statement: "And after careful testing, I have found a fundamental truth: Devastator’s ability to trade defense for offense only works when it uses its defense tokens to defend itself as effectively and completely as possible."
  17. Which is why I said "the challenge is that you have to threaten more than 1 asset on the same round" which is generally great advice for any Armada strategy. I have to agree with the OP however, and from my own experience, that you shouldn't "burn" devastators defense tokens but actually use them intelligently and effectively, but perhaps more liberally. In some games I found that when I burned tokens inefficiently rather than mitigate damage the resulting exposure meant devastator and its big point investment was inevitably focused down. This is FINE in casual play where winning by 1 point is still winning so whatever (since devastator will usually manage to "earn itself back") but in competitive play MOV is just too important and a good player will very skillfully focus it down to minimize its effectiveness. A dedicated bomber ball plus some moderate long/medium range ship supporting fire can easily kill a tokenless ISD in one round. It really is a finely tuned skill to get rid of tokens quick enough to power up but not so quick that you are focus-fodder.
  18. Look at how surprised I am that it was an oversight rather than a deliberate omission Spoiler, not surprised at all.
  19. Dangerous race to get into. Again, this used to work fine pre-relay, but now carriers can actively run away, your approach vector becomes highly predictable so a bomber "minefield" can be positioned quite effectively. I agree that the reeikan change makes a big difference, especially since now you have to put him somewhere more juicy point-wise. I expect my strategy would become to aggressively rush the ship carrying reeikan so the opponent has no choice but to use the effect on that ship, the challenge is that you have to threaten more than 1 asset on the same round. Demos threat range has been reduced a good bit so its important to consider that too. All-in-all I think the changes help Devastator as a viable title but IMO relay still makes it a very risky choice in competitive play, its still too many points in one ship where 2 or 3 transports running in different directions can push 4-6 bombers every turn till you die.
  20. CF is not the weakest. Part of the problem is people are not seeing it in the right context. Consider this. Typically, the "shootin'" turn is turn 3 and most generally by turn 6 ships are either largely out of position or largely dead. Therefore, you have a "prime window" of maybe 2 or 3 turns when ships are in optimal range and shooting arcs. Each ship can only shoot 2 times per turn, so basically there are (if you are lucky) 4 times you are shooting per ship. In other words, shooting and shooting effectively happens in a very narrow and concentrated window in this game, therefore anything that boosts this action is highly concentrated and impactful. The concentrate fire command, at the right time, is worth a tremendous amount. Look at it this way, spinal armaments and enhanced armaments and other "add dice" cards are MODIFICATIONS because they are so powerful and often cost 9-10 points. Once you understand this CF (at the right time) can be seen in its correct context. It is a highly situational and powerful command when thrown at the right time by a skillful commander. making it any stronger would viciously unbalance the game.
  21. "Need" haha technically you don't need to buy even 1 I'm going for 3 and 3 out of the gate. also because I'm hell-bent on designing a proper epic campaign. probably will end up with 5 packs of HHs because reasons, that's why. Don't hate. As long as there are us guys that buy too much FFG will have a reason to keep making this stuff
  22. I find it interesting that you would have trouble losing defense tokens from your devastator. It's a "damned if you do and damned if you don't" situation for opponents because if you aren't shooting at devastator, well, you aren't going to kill it and its still an ISD hauling many points! but if you ARE shooting at it you are powering it up! I like the title and the concept and I have run it a few times and always had a lot of fun, my wake up moment when I realized it isn't really a competitive title is when it got wiped out in a round by a Yavaris pushed Scurrg and Ywing swarm. It's very expensive and is really a hate magnet for bombers while the carriers run away (and this was even before relay so its worse now). One fun little tidbit is that if you have no ships in your front arc you can always add your blues to one of your Anti-squad attacks, the look on the face of the squadron pusher when you go to grab 6 blues is priceless, of course, I roll all crits and accs. but still fun!
  23. In my experience old reeikan was always played as a must. Even in cases where it would have been infinitely better for the reeikan player to remove the dead ship. I'm talking precision strike while in the middle of a bomber ball. If it was optional obviously you are going to take that ship off the board the second it dies and deny me 90 pts in tokens. It was never played as optional until now where it is suddenly a question due to it only being able to happen once. Odd that.
  24. Thanks for the great thoughts guys. For the record, I already considered Whisper a solid choice, especially after seeing whisper move a total of 7 in one round (4+ 3 def tokens), I had only run Phantoms in a CC campaign to try them out and they typically melted, even when I covered them with zerttik strom (sp), most players are savvy enough to flank with A-wings and 2 shot them. I like the Idea of pairing them with Advanced I think however, that in the Post-rhymer, pre-sloane period we are in they likely will continue to collect dust.
  25. I think this pretty much settles it. QED. Also, clearly Armada is dead. RIP
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