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  1. I think that if we scored the matches as 200 - (points remaining on the board) it could resolve the bidding wars but I've put in 0 testing so what do I know.
  2. Landos Falcon is there but there is no escape craft
  3. If an upgrade came in a large ship for Rebels but a small ship for Empire would you complain that it was only available to Empire because to buy the Rebel ship for more copies would not be a smart economic choice? Because that's what your saying here
  4. Because higher initiative comes at a premium?
  5. just to reiterate, this isn't about third party component use in tournaments, it is about their distribution as prizes or being for sale in the store.
  6. My local game store has alluded to FFG or a distributor putting pressure on them not to stock 3rd party components (templates, tokens, ect.) or provided them as prizes, i dont know if that applies to official events or any events that the store runs. Has anyone else heard of similar things occurring?
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