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  1. I've seen no wording that would indicate you can stack the same ability that requires force dice to be committed. There is even a paragraph that suggests if it is not stated you can then there is no point stacking. pg 281: "For convenience, however, most basic uses and upgrades have clarifying text indicating whether or not they can be activated multiple times as part of a single use of their Force power. Some basic uses and upgrades may not have this clarifying text because they are passive upgrades or because their specific effect would not change due to additional activations." I would not allow the brawn or agility upgrades to be used more than once. They are two very different upgrades, the first ups defense the second ups attack. That is clearly rolling force dice to enhance a piloting(space) check which requires no extra action and gives you more bang than committing a dice for agility would. Committing dice mid battle is an action, it's part of the trade off. It's an incidental to free up your committed force dice for a strong use of the move power, however it will take actions to re-commit them later in the same battle. Where is this rule in FaD? I can't find it. As far as I can tell soak is calculated off currant brawn plus other sources no exception for where the brawn comes from.
  2. So looking at Fallen Apprentice and Fallen Master neither have any force powers listed and the master only has Hawk Bat Swoop that uses force rating. This leads me to believe that the GM is meant to give them whatever force powers he feels appropriate for that character. An apprentice might only have basic move and sense while a master could have high level move, sense, and enhance up to force jump. Maybe even more, whatever fits.
  3. Pg 271 for Upgraded Weapons "Hard Points Required: 0 if replacing an existing weapon system. 1 if adding new weapon system. Weapon systems combining two or more weapons al­ways cost one hard point, even if replacing an existing weapon system" In the core book a weapon system never costs more than 1 HP. If you where replacing a single laser with a twin laser it would still take that 1HP and if you installed a twin torpedo launcher from scratch it would cost 1HP. Note there are not actually rules (that I know of) for removing "factory" equipment, just upgrading or replacing weapons. Such a process would be long and complicated.
  4. By raw a weapon system only ever takes one hard point to install. No matter how many lasers you link together it takes 1HP to install them. When replacing a system if you are installing a liked multi weapon system it still costs 1 HP instead of 0 However I would house rule, as people have said here, that if the system is being replaced with the same number of weapons it still takes 0 HP. Bringing it all together, upgrading twin med lasers to twin large lasers would normally take 1HP by RAW but most people would wave it to none since it's the same number of weapons. If you wanted a triple or quad liked heavy laser it would take 1HP even if replacing a twin med laser The same goes for removing a factory installed weapons system, it will only net you 1HP.
  5. To clarify what people have said this is how I understand it works: If she hits the mods will generate two advantage. If there is no threat then she will have enough to crit. She could hit and have one threat netting one advantage not enough to crit. Hope that helps.
  6. Why not? Mechanically, what if one of them picks up a force rating later? Well it would be nice to have kept track of their dark or light impulses and be on the way to paragon(dark or light).
  7. The problem with limiting move in such a broad way as "Can't effect living creatures." is that it also limits narrative use of it. The character who didn't take Bind because immobilizing/choking/ripping enemies with the force isn't his thing now can't save his friends with a well timed use of Move that he did take to retrieve objects and the like. It's far more flexible to say that move can't copy the primary, or unique, effects of bind. Like holding an enemy in the air to keep them still or trying to tear off a limb (dealing a critical). The movement part of bind is not it's main purpose, it's something you can do while immobilizing/choking/ripping your target.
  8. And what about moving objects at all at extreme range? That's not done in any canon source. They only ever use move at medium range maybe the edge of long, weather throwing an object or holding back a space craft. Move says you can try to disarm an opponent with a control upgrade, so with enough range and force pips move could pull a sniper's rifle from his hand, at extreme range, to the force user in one go. Or attack said sniper with a barrage of sil 3 trees. The issue is not whether move can effect living creatures it's using it at extreme range at all. The simple solution is to decide on each situation what works. Want to push a storm trooper off a nearby cliff? Okay. Slam them into a wall with the control upgrade? Sure. Toss them strait up into the air because you don't have the control upgrade? No, that doesn't fit the narrative we're building here. Bind is also problematic because of its other effects. You immobilize the target then if you have extra force pips you can move them. What about all the times the force is used to help an ally move? Not quite going to make the jump onto the fleeing ship so the force user gives their friend a boost, it's never depicted that the booted character is immobilized by it. Bind is an attack power that can also move the target with enough skill, in this case the control upgrade. Again, as long as the action being achieved with move fit's narratively it should be able to effect living beings.
  9. If I where GMing a FaD campaign and someone wanted to be a force sensitive Indiana Jones I would give them the Force rating for jumping into a FaD specialization, like with Force Exile. This is assuming that every player is force sensitive, if it was a mixed group I would be more wary but would probably give Lightsaber or other Jedi skills from the holocron.
  10. Okay looking over the Hammerhead it is roughly the length of a Nebulon-B. The Nebulon costs 8,500,000 so Repairing the Sanctuary would cost close to that with a discount for still having the hull. That's a lot of credits and the thing needs a big crew. Honestly I do not think it's a good fit for EotE, Maybe to get on the Hutt's good side by giving him the salvage but a ship like that attracts a lot of attention. Though I can fit a light freighter inside if you want a mobile base of operations. Also for a slower less well armed version the Star Galleon is also similarly sized and far cheaper at 1,500,000 but still has a crew of 150. Both of these serve just serve as base lines for what a ship like that might have stat wise. It's up to you and maybe the players to figure out the exact stats. Maybe strip it down but leave lots of upgrade slots to play around with.
  11. My understanding of this: Players start as Light Side Users (LS), when you hit 29 morality you become a Dark Side User (DS). Then a DS user needs to hit 70 morality to get back to being a LS user. 70 morality and above is LS paragon and required to affect destiny pool, the moment you drop back down you are still LS user but don't change the destiny pool. So as long as you use LS pips normally you can heal. It's once you fall to the dark side that you can't.
  12. I've been thinking about that issue. In F&D there are so many talents and skills that I want to increase that I feel force powers get put on the back burner and I may never pick up things like move and sense. My suggestion to help with that would be to give out the normal amount of general XP (10-25), then give out more just for force powers. Say half of what the normal reward is. So a good session getting a lot done might earn 20-25xp with 10 bonus. Also you could explain a big chunk of xp gain with a sort of training montage. Done with a major plot point and have some down time? Have 50xp as you spend a month training, sparing, and getting better.
  13. Potentially yes, there is no rule I know of stopping it. However that said there are other ways to make such things more interesting or limited. -Give out strain for failed attempts. You can refuse to tap into the dark side but it takes a toll on your body to try and fail. -Time may be limited, if security is on the way to stop the party they may not have time to spend reattempting the check over and over. The longer they mess around the more guards show up to stop them. Get creative with the consequences of just retrying the check.
  14. In the detailed description for heal it has the line "The user may not activate this multiple times." That's what the strength upgrades are for.
  15. What is it about Force and Destiny you don't like? I'm curious as I've loved it so far but it's also my first table top Star Wars RPG.
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