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  1. This is a nice idea. It reminds me a little of the way the user Plarfem did adversaries in his pre-Genesys fantasy conversion of SWRPG. He basically had something akin to 4E D&D roles like artillery, skirmishers, bruisers, etc, that used the same simplified stats, then you would add 1 fluff type special ability or tweak based on race or monster type. I've co=opted it on occasion in Genesys when making up encounters on the fly, it makes things fairly easy to run without dumbing it down too much.
  2. Thanks for having me on, Chris and Tony! Was a lot of fun. Here's a link to the last update of my setting we discuss, Cynemis. Here's a link to the worldbuilding game my family used to create it, Microscope. Other World Mapper GMBinder
  3. Sweet! I ran my gaming group through the Deadlands module Coffin Rock using the original Edge of the Frontier adaptation last summer and it was a ton of fun. This system is perfect for Wild West / Weird West settings, what with all the social skills and all. Love to see it getting some love now that Genesys is out. Keep up the good work!
  4. Awesome, saethone! I'm on travel right now, but when I get home and have some time I'll convert my doc to your new template to test it out. Thanks for the hard work!
  5. I kickstarted this, and it has really come together nicely. It's not overly complicated like Campaign Cartographer, and it has lots of nice features for making RPG maps. I've used CC, Autorealm, Inkarnate, Hexographer/Worldographer, and others, and Other World Mapper is my favorite by far. It isn't free, though, as mentioned. For free, easy, and not bad looking it's hard to beat Inkarnate (even though every map has that undeniably "made with Inkarnate" look). Here's an example of my world map made with Other World Mapper. I'm by no means anything other than a mapping noob, but I thought it turned out pretty good. The program allows you to make political boundaries, roads, trade routes etc that follow rivers and things, and you can toggle on/off every type of map feature and label for different kinds of map views - physical, political, trade, etc.
  6. @dipicacyx yes I used Scribus. I had been wanting to learn to use it for awhile but I had no idea how to start. Your sheet was a perfect way to get my feet wet Here is the file I am using. Please keep us updated on any changes you make! On the old star wars rpg sheets we had a method of displaying skill ranks vs ability so you could get the pool easily while still knowing your pool. I think your intention was to actually show the pool here but I think I could use it to show ranks instead. Just color in the diamonds for each skill rank you purchase. Then color the outer edge of the hex at the die symbol for your associated characteristic. I don't know, it worked easily for us before and I never had any doubt about how many ranks I had purchased. ETA: I added a Talent Pyramid Sheet in the PDF linked above and in the scribus doc. I didn't notice before the doc was in A4 paper size but it printed fine on letter sized paper when I printed the PDF earlier.
  7. I really like what you've done here. I too liked the landscape one. I kind of went to town on it and made a kind of Terrinoth-esque version for my group if you don't mind. I also have no idea about aesthetics, but I tried to compact it a little more and fit everything in, including Heroic Abilities.
  8. Oh I almost forgot, I did have to make 1 more change to avoid the "first line getting chopped off" issue that you may have seen before. You have to change the margin-right and margin-top values a bit for the following section: /* Makes the bigger "first letter" in paragraphs under H1 and H2*/ .phb h1 + p:first-letter, .phb h2 + p:first-letter { font-family: 'Bolton'; color: #761213; font-size:24.3pt; line-height:100%; margin-bottom:-9px; margin-right:4px; margin-top:0px; float:left; }
  9. Um... its, uh, because they eat fish? They are great fishers? Woops! It's actually because the world was the creation of my wife and daughters and me, using the Microscope RPG system. My 11 year old daughter made up the race and the name. No idea where it came from in her head but, yeah, I guess that's kind of strange. We'll just say it's a strange coincidence in the world of Cynemis that there is any similarity to a Latin word... My other daughter came up with the simians, my wife the dragonkin. I named them later when fleshing out the setting, and added the minor races as well. There was a judicious use of Google Translate to come up with Chinese names for the simian, and I wanted the dragonkin to be Roman-esque so all their placenames are Latin-ish (probably don't hold up under intense scrutiny though). Thanks for looking, though!
  10. Oh man, lol I didn't even notice those were missing! Thank you Updated doc.
  11. Well I'm not expert enough at CSS and markdown and whatnot to know what's missing, but it looks great to me! I did up the default font size to 11.5 though, but that's just cause my eyes are old. Thanks again for the work! Here's the current version of my doc using your theme.
  12. I hardly call quoting entire multi-page sections of a barely-two-week old supplement "doing what you can to respect FFG's copyright". The fact that your players aren't ready to pay money doesn't give you the right to publish huge sections of copyrighted material and make it freely available to the world. If you want to provide it to your players at your table, that's different than putting it in a pdf and making it available for download on the web.
  13. Thanks saethone! I'll give it a look. For anyone else playing along, you want JSL Ancient not ESL Ancient
  14. I would like to check it out as well.
  15. You've obviously put a lot of work into this, but you also have entire sections lifted directly from the Terrinoth sourcebook. I don't think that's generally considered ok. I usually refer the readers to the appropriate section of the core rulebook or sourcebook, and only flesh out additions to or changes from what's in the official books. If we want to ensure a long and mutually happy history of user created material for Genesys, I think we should be careful to respect FFG's copyright.
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