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  1. Let's see if I can articulate my confusion... I am a long time collector of xwing but rarely play. I bought conversions for the thousands of dollars of xwing I bought. All good. So I'm thinking ok, time for me to step up and create a xwing scene at flgs... First off i see that 5 blue squadron x wings played in the above discussion but if i look in ffgs app they are 41 points each meaning you cant field 5 of them, that changed from...yesterday? But in yasb 2.0 they are 40 and you can. Ok, ok. Things change and i cant tell who is or is not keeping up. Pick one and go. But this discussion, from a really newbie point of view..hyperspace..good for new players, bad for new players, good for folks with collections but bad for folks with collections...all of a sudden I'm channeling oogway...quit...dont quit... noodles... dont noodles... I mean wow, I should go back to 40k with my 8 different rulebooks and 150 d6...that'd be simpler. But really, I am asking based on the above discussion..let's say I wanted to get myself and others back into this game...what format? Who's points? Does that sound confused? If it does it is dead on.
  2. I gather you dont care for gw games.😉 I personally like them better than runewars. I would have stuck with runewars had ffg done so, but life goes on. I didn't experience GW games before 8th edition, stayed away. Kill team is, in my opinion, quite good. The game play is fast and tactical and 3d terrain that matters really sets up the story, the game, and the view of it all. It becomes much more than pushing plastic around a table. Or yelling "YATZEE!" or "WAAAAGH!!!" And does not have the high cost of entry that either runewars or 40k have. Which I think is fun. I like 40k, it is long but much much less fiddly than runewars and does not have the component based limitations. I dont need cards or dials to define what I can create or do. Nor will I miss a charge because my opponent went 1" to the right and my movement guide led me past my enemy, exposing my flank. So it is quite easy for me to fathom why the game itself is the single most popular miniature game on the market for the last 10? 15? Years? It might just possibly, have something going for it, just maybe. Imho. But I dont need this to degrade into a runewars v 40k, to each his own. My main point was that the money I would have spent on runewars went into a very popular gaming system by another company because ffg failed to support their game. I am in agreement with hepitude that I'm not going to support ffg and their off games anymore. My point to ffg is that while they did well in increasing the overall population of miniature gamers, which is good, their lack of support for something that needed a long term view actually led me away from their company, both acknowledging and supporting hepitude's experience and reaction.
  3. Games workshop should be thanking FFG. Runewars got me into painting minis and then as it died, moved to 40k, kill team and the like. FFG helped GW make a lot of money from me.
  4. I did something similar with my dining room table. 4x8 11 ply 3/4 plywood. Had the store cut it in half on the 8' (so 2 2x8) Varnished the heck out of both sides, put big floor felt feet (that protect wood floors from furniture) on it and then a latch on each long edge. Then there's a roll of edging that you iron on. So the whole thing sits on my dining room table at 4x8 and can take a hot drink set on the table.
  5. Thanks! I'll check it out.
  6. My issue is with the conversion kits. I have some of more ships than the conversion kits and some with no ships... How does it, in its present form tell me? Need to ID which 1.0 ships I have and then how many conversions I have, by faction. Double tough.
  7. Yep, Tried to add it to my collection. Wasn't there either.
  8. Yep, me too including newly created squads and on the pdf. Don't worry about the list too much just playing, but that isn't 204, its 197 On mine the issue is obi wan What's funny is the points show correctly...the math is wrong 47+4+3+19=73 != 80 X-Wing: obi and 2 naboo
  9. Adun42

    What is an "NPE?"

    These are some amazing and insightful responses. Mine is much more simplistic: "Did you have fun, want to play again?" No. = npe Doesn't matter about lists or winning. It was no fun.
  10. Just a thanks to all of you for this discussion, I've peeked but then built my own list with obi wan, 2 jedi's and a v19. Got my head (well, not my head, but I'm being polite) handed to me by my wife playing 2 phantom + 2 adv x1 Twice. Can't arc dodge with my list as well as she can, came away thinking "I dont know how to fly these ships!" Which isn't bad because neither of us have a lot of experience. I'll follow some of the above suggestions now. Thanks again!
  11. Just coming back to xwing and 2.0. It might be the thrill of FINALLY getting 4 xwings on the table, but between the new rules and good t65's, I'm thrilled. My wife turns all ships into jousters so they'll be perfect for her.
  12. Since the first millennium falcon came out off and on. Lived through fat han, tie swarms, palp aces, phantom , pancake dominance. Got into armada Went to runewars minis and got burned badly by ffg. Last purchase/game was c-roc before just this weekend picking up a core and conversions. I had 3 factions, now I have 5. Imagine my surprise.
  13. With the core, and the conversions, I've just got back into xwing, like yesterday, so I have 5 factions and have dropped $200 to play. That's plenty me thinks.
  14. Don't know if this is ok - but I'll take the chance. Massive Daqan army with all the essentials to start playing is up on eBay. Fully, lovingly painted, based and magnetized. Depending on how this goes - more to follow...
  15. yep, "Hear that Mr. Anderson? That is the sound of inevitability" I just...couldn't...anymore...needed 2.0
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