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  1. I've been thinking of Latari MSU and forgoing upgrades for more units: Harassment/flanking - my idea would be to use the Scions as stop gap and shoot and scoot with archers and flanking/threat constant madness with Leonx. But I've spent more time painting than playing - so want to work this out this weekend...thoughts? Deepwood Archers x2 [17]--Training: Hunters Guile [4]----------Total Unit Cost: 21Deepwood Archers x2 [17]--Training: Hunters Guile [4]----------Total Unit Cost: 21Deepwood Archers x2 [17]--Training: Hunters Guile [4]----------Total Unit Cost: 21Deepwood Archers x2 [17]----------Total Unit Cost: 17Leonx Riders x2 [18]--Music: Metered March [2]----------Total Unit Cost: 20Leonx Riders x2 [18]----------Total Unit Cost: 18Leonx Riders x2 [18]----------Total Unit Cost: 18Aymhelin Scions x1 [14]----------Total Unit Cost: 14Aymhelin Scions x1 [14]----------Total Unit Cost: 14Aliana of Summersong x1 [33]--Unique: Ambush Predator [3]----------Total Unit Cost: 36
  2. I'm thinking my Uthuk will basically say "red" the way the Daqan say "blue" , waiqar "purple", and the elves "green". I know that's boring, but the board is then color coded, grabbing the right dials, future dice, future movement tools...all work. I'm using army war paints: I'm picking Chaotic red for the cloth, "Tanned Flesh" for the skin, there will be a lot, so dark skinned barbarian, like folks have said above. Skeleton bone for most of the pointy bits, probably go with bone for most of those weapons and Plate mail metal for any weapons that aren't bone. I think the Spined Threshers, will be interesting, I really don't like the pink. I think most mouths will be dragon red with white teeth, I'm hoping the 2 reds clash, creating kind of an "ugh" feeling, in a good way. Forgot to mention, I have the paints in, I'm not at all excited or anything...
  3. Empirically, I have anecdotal evidence as well...I JUST finished painting my collection (crossbowmen and death knights)...again...if history is any indication, they will announce today.
  4. Maybe I have to make a reply: Maintaining by release, much less with tokens proved too much. But here's the base version with all current releases: The Link:
  5. Here is an amazon photo link with some different shots (tried to stick to theme here). Yay! Armies on Parade... Waiqar Army Elven Army: Daqan Army:
  6. Dilly, Dilly!
  7. They are glued and primed, doing color scheme now. I have an internal rule: "Don't paint what you don't see". In other words, turn the mini before I come at it with a brush, don't assume you know what's there. But it also applies to this - If I can't see it, don't paint it.
  8. I have 10 trays of spear men, but 12 trays of cavalry
  9. I can't get FLGS to reliably stock them - so I ordered from amazon. But I did check - FLGS #1 had none in stock release day. I'm trying to setup a "demo Day" with armies at FLGS #1 to generate interest.
  10. I'm busy with all these elves I'm painting!
  11. Ditto. But other than the exhausted card thing, they do have value to us. We are moving away from having to dig around the minis for tokens and keeping them when pulling trays and such, so we were moving to keeping more record keeping on the cards. Might not be tourney legal but seems handier. So these mats might be neat... From: Command Mats are 3 feet wide by 6 inches tall and are printed on a high quality 1/16th thick cloth & rubber play mat. $20 (probably + shipping) which means I might be with @jek could spend that on an expansion.
  12. Punchline- Arms showed up today! Excellent customer Service!! Thanks FFG!
  13. 1) I use little bits of paint in a pallet, haven't tried the "wet pallet" thing yet, meaning I've got to shake that paint vigorously,and pour a little dab on the pallet 2, 3) it's amazing to me how the errors stand out if you miss them. I'm starting to take pictures of the minis before shading, because issues just JUMP out at the camera. 5) I mostly do 1 color at a time, then do 1 color cleanup, at a time, but that breaks down, because while I'm on "green", I see the gold error, and if I don't stop and fix - sometimes I'll miss it (goto #2) 8, 9, 12,13) that's what this list is about, laughing at myself about - or if this thing is successful, having us laugh at ourselves about worrying about this. But #8 is funny because I do - I test figures, do test paints (if I'm not just following army painter), paint, like it - or "mostly like it" finish maybe a couple of trays then get an idea with the next set, go stare and the first set, thinking "how could I fix that now?" Sort of the process of; "wow, that looks cool!", to "I'm not sure I like that" to "no, I'm not sure I like that at all but not sure how to fix" to "no, I gotta do something about that" to " ok, take it on..." No - I don't know about Darkling...I'll google it. 12, 13) take a picture, close up...crikey...I care 14) yes I'm using the army painter quickshade, don't dip, just paint on, getting more careful all the time. The Waiqar I could slosh on and they looked good - elves, I'm using a fine brush. Speaking of which, yes these errors loop - 2 causes 4, causes 2, causes 11... But the whole process is hilarious, frustrating, rewarding, daunting, fun, grueling, and I can't wait to get back to my elves!
  14. Ok, first thing, please accept this in the light that it is presented: This is supposed to be a lighthearted look at those of us that are willing to paint HUNDREDS of miniatures to make a table look "cool". What we are talking about here is why my wife comes into my office and finds me quietly sobbing or whimpering that no grown man (well, person) should experience... ...and I understand this might be my process and/or lack of experience. I can't decide on the most frustrating thing about painting miniatures (I don't even know if I can articulate the list): 1) Putting paint where it doesn't belong on the "final" cleanup, just a small slip that causes one to get out that other paint...again...and fix yet another mistake..again... 2) Not putting paint where it DOES belong: that sort of "How did I miss putting flesh tone on his FACE?! I'm at CLEANUP!!" 3) Seeing a spot that you missed that you can't get to without blasting the entire area in paint and having to cleanup based on that. 4) Finding out at the "shading drying step" that you missed something un-excusable; "how did she get that big GOLD line across her face??" 5) Don't know if this counts as something different but same as #4 AFTER basing. 6) Speaking of which - Causing a flaw (glue on the cape?) such that basing material is now on the wrong part of the miniature (how did I get a rock on his leg??) 7) Painting a spot, messing it up, then during the fix, messing it up such that the original spot needs to be repainted wherein you are likely to make the same mistake that caused the original issue in the first place. 8) Obvously: Deciding I didn't like that color 2 weeks AFTER the miniature was finished (or more likely the group of minis). 9) The minis come grey, you prime them, they look kinda cool, you add the first color, they kinda "pop":"Neato!", you add the second color: "OMG! these look like CRAP!"- Knowing they'll get better, but...C'mon Man!! 10) Transfers, ok Freehand is OUT of the question for me, but: 10.a) The Transfer that won't go to the right spot 10.b) The Transfer is...Perfect...until you shade, which DESTROYS the transfer...during...shading...sticky mess 11) Lines: Cavalry, I talking about you here, plus ALL belts: trying to paint not the outside, but the side lines - trying to get those proper and straight. 12) Finding that you didn't really glue the part on correctly and there's a gap AFTER priming...(I don't get this, I KNOW they were right when I finished gluing them). 13) Finding that you apparently had the spray primer just "a little outside" so EVERYTHING on the mini is grainy 14) You shaded, you checked the shading, it didn't check every 10 minutes for 2 hours, I mean I set a timer! No morning...pooling If you have more, please feel free to add, comment, critique!
  15. ohh...and as for the original post.. this is the wonderful customer service I was hoping to post: the replacement is already shipped, I have tracking info... Less than 24 hours, INCLUDING the fact that about 14 of those hours were NOT during business hours... I've seen posts about how good they are...but wow...impressive, seriously.