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  1. ok fixed Hawthorne and changed the expansions to links to wiki
  2. Talking about in the purchases sheet, I take it. so you have the Core, and Elves expansion , and uthuk in the core section? Then differentiate between released an unreleased expansions (until such time as FFG splits them into Waves, because we have a WHOLE BUNCH of elves coming on 10/5/2017)? Someone will certainly argue with me about what constitutes a "wave" if FFG hasn't defined them. This is the problem with talking to programmers - we have trust issues. You mean like this? GAAA! Missed Hawthorne - will fix that a bit later.
  3. New version: Sorted upgrade cards to make them easier to find. added links to the minis so you can click and go to the wiki site. Changed the name so I don't have to zero out my inventory So it now becomes go to place for me so I can open the spreadsheet, and click on the card or the mini to get details, dials...
  4. Look at the other sheets in the workbook - that's were the goodness is. My wife and I build armies from the same pool, so we need to know without digging through cards if there are any left. But also tells me how many Mini's I've painted...another number you might not want to know...I'm on 184, also calculates trays on the miniatures sheet.
  5. I don't know if anyone else would find this necessary or even desirable, but here is a spreadsheet that I borrowed the format from Any2Cards from his Xwing spreadsheet and made an Runewars Minis inventory spreadsheet. I haven't seen another Runewars inventory thing, so I made this, I did one of these for Armada and it seems useful. I just need to know how many of what upgrade cards I have. Just fill in the yellow boxes and it figures out minis, trays, and upgrade cards. Version 0.9. Alpha test - if you use it and it needs changes, please feel free to let me know. The Link: I should say that I used data from Runewars Minis Wiki site and prices as a general gauge from miniature market. Please let me know if the link doesn't work right, you shouldn't have to ask, if you have the link, you should be able to grab, edit and have fun.
  6. hmmm...for a point less too. Yep gotta try that.
  7. I was thinking 3x2 instead of the normal 2x3 for more threat, then 2 re-rolls to get max dmg as well as better chance (wider area) to collide during the charges.
  8. First list I've posted for critique, please be gentle: Not a lot of upgrades, but a spearstar supported by Cav with hawthorne passing out inspiration and thrasher. It needs an open field, me thinks. (not a lot of constricting terrain). I bought the Cav expansions specifically for 2 6-tray units, reconfigured to 3x2 with rank discipline. List Name: 1st cav 2nd Faction: Daqan Points: 200/200 Lord Hawthorne # of Trays: 1 ( 34 points) = 34 total unit cost Spearmen # of Trays: 9 ( 59 points) - Front Line Rune Golem ( 7 points) = 66 total unit cost Oathsworn Cavalry # of Trays: 6 ( 46 points) - Rank Discipline ( 4 points) = 50 total unit cost Oathsworn Cavalry # of Trays: 6 ( 46 points) - Rank Discipline ( 4 points) = 50 total unit cost
  9. Ohh, I wasn't clear. Contrapulator's work is cool and having all the dials is valuable, not sure of the value of my idea of an inventory spreadsheet.
  10. nice work!! I was thinking about an runewars inventory spreadsheet. pick which expansions and it gives you total cards, dials...But without an army builder to match, don't know how much value that has.
  11. I'll post pictures in a couple of days, but I ended out shading the elves with the soft shade. I tried it and found I liked it better too - A little less cartoon look, a little more gritty. Thank you for the suggestion!
  12. yes, the are transfers from Quite worried about the Elven command unit with the standard. having a hard time finding a transfer that I like.
  13. I followed the painting guide here: I'm shaky and generally do not have the patience to paint, almost passed the game for the need to paint. Turns out, I'm not great at it, well compared to a lot of folks that post here, I am not even very good at it, but actually enjoying it. I wasn't going for professional award winning quality, I wanted painted minis on the table. I just bought the elves the day they came out and on my last 2 trays of archers, Heros, and Leonx are complete (haven't posted pics yet). But I have managed, on several occasions to paint, not just an army, but my entire collection: I say all that to suggest it is not only possible to paint rapidly, but against all logic, reason and expectation, I've found it fun! I paint in blocks - yes using army painter spray primers, limiting colors where possible, only shading once. My process is I have a block that I am painting, and a block "on deck". So as I begin detailing and cleaning the current block, I'm taking breaks by "base painting" the "on deck" block. I don't know if that's the correct term, but "base painting" to me is the large swaths of areas I can paint and not worry too much if I make a mistake. I am doing smaller blocks than I did to start. I did 16 spear men at one time, and that was a mess. I tried to do 4 cavalry at a time and that still gives me nightmares. 2 cavalry at a time.
  14. These look completely awesome, love the mechanic. Gonna need death knights and wraiths for sure. Well played, FFG, well played.