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  1. Excellent work! Brilliant ideas on the Scions for sure.
  2. Let me first say, this is a great tool, love it! I'm having an issue with sorceresses. It only gives me a choice of Verdant or Dreamweaver (no Storm!) , but if I build a new army, I get the storm sorceress option. There are no other sorceresses (that I see anyway) in that army - its called "stormyEnts" if that helps. Have the points (191/200) available to add (that's what 8 points are for - 1 storm each on 2 archer units). I did some testing, when I create the army, they are there. Save and then open - they are gone and can't add them.
  3. Entry advice

    My vote: Buy 1 core set, they aren't going to go up in price, so minimize your investment. Play a bit, if it is fun, then get another core, I agree with @Daverman that it might get stale with just 1 core pretty quickly - just like XWing or Armada. Add expansion as budget allows, but no need to rush, you don't need 2 of everything to enjoy the game, but like any good game - your wallet will hate you. You'll know fairly quickly whether this game is for you. How I got to runewars was through looking at A LOT of different games, miniatures mostly. Almost all of them you can download at least starter rules, which, for me were very informative to whether I liked the game. I also really like the openness of this universe, there is not a lot of fluff, which isn't great, but the great thing is: there is not a lot of fluff if I want my spearmen in Oregon duck colors and you want yours in Washington - so be it (someone did do their spearmen in Washington colors, with the "W" - they look incredible). I can't see storm troopers with a yellow "O" on their shoulders - Legion, not for me. (Full disclosure - I painted my Daqan and Waiqar pretty much the colors right out of the guides). Welcome to the game!!
  4. Playmat Options -- What's best?

    I like the FFG mats, already had a space set for armada/Xwing. Based the Daqan to "sort of" match the grassy mats(2), looks good on the table.
  5. Runewars Players Global Map

    very cool - added myself
  6. wow and terrain, awesome job, I really like the left carrion Lancer...very cool
  7. Some Runewars Love

    Ditto. I tried Battletech, tried to find the "right" rules to even look at 40K or Warhammer, it felt like I needed an advanced degree in it to get started. too many tables, record keeping... I played Advanced Squad leader as a kid that was the same exercise ("After having rolled and compared the number to about 5 tables, now roll again to see if the shell passed THROUGH the Barrel of the target and explodes harmlessly outside, then the target takes Yet Another Moral Check (YAMC), and remember to add modifiers because you fired through a graveyard, in the rain, in March.") XWing is a great game, fast. Armada is a great game, slow. FFG has a great track record for me. Runewars is a great game, fast again and NOT in star wars AND with a fantasy setting.
  8. Best mission statement I ever heard was: "Have fun, make money". clear, concise, and easy to measure.
  9. I think, er, no, I mean, er, yes, but it's all wrong That is I think I disagree - Beatles, Strawberry Fields Forever. You are right, I suspect, they are interested in profit, and if a game was to go on long enough without making one it would be dropped. I also believe even though the IP was rather universally panned when the game came out (less than a year ago), it is one of the better games out there. But I do believe they are not solely interested in profit, but putting out a good product for a good value, we have fun, they get to eat and pay their mortgages, everybody wins. FFG has a good track record and as far as I can tell from interviews and articles I've seen and read, that they themselves are gamers and they have considerable latitude in their operations. So I'm not ready to buy into the "money-grubbing rat b**tards, 2nd up against the wall when the revolution comes"...type mentality, myself.
  10. ohh man, snorted wine out of my nose from this one. Well played @Daverman, well played.
  11. It's letting me catch up on expansions. Just ordered another Scions. But it would be nice to see the rest of the Uthuk and I am anxiously awaiting the Wraiths and Elven melee infantry.
  12. Tabletop Admiral Overhaul Live

    Wow that was fast!! Awesome!
  13. Tabletop Admiral Overhaul Live

    Great site! really like the look and feel if I update (I bought another Scion pack) my collection, it doesn't update. Do I have to clear cookies or something? It did save it. Even if I set it to 4 Scions it still only allows me 2.