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    What is an "NPE?"

    These are some amazing and insightful responses. Mine is much more simplistic: "Did you have fun, want to play again?" No. = npe Doesn't matter about lists or winning. It was no fun.
  2. Just a thanks to all of you for this discussion, I've peeked but then built my own list with obi wan, 2 jedi's and a v19. Got my head (well, not my head, but I'm being polite) handed to me by my wife playing 2 phantom + 2 adv x1 Twice. Can't arc dodge with my list as well as she can, came away thinking "I dont know how to fly these ships!" Which isn't bad because neither of us have a lot of experience. I'll follow some of the above suggestions now. Thanks again!
  3. Just coming back to xwing and 2.0. It might be the thrill of FINALLY getting 4 xwings on the table, but between the new rules and good t65's, I'm thrilled. My wife turns all ships into jousters so they'll be perfect for her.
  4. Since the first millennium falcon came out off and on. Lived through fat han, tie swarms, palp aces, phantom , pancake dominance. Got into armada Went to runewars minis and got burned badly by ffg. Last purchase/game was c-roc before just this weekend picking up a core and conversions. I had 3 factions, now I have 5. Imagine my surprise.
  5. With the core, and the conversions, I've just got back into xwing, like yesterday, so I have 5 factions and have dropped $200 to play. That's plenty me thinks.
  6. Don't know if this is ok - but I'll take the chance. Massive Daqan army with all the essentials to start playing is up on eBay. Fully, lovingly painted, based and magnetized. Depending on how this goes - more to follow...
  7. yep, "Hear that Mr. Anderson? That is the sound of inevitability" I just...couldn't...anymore...needed 2.0
  8. I've been waiting for this for so long...I am sooo IN!! let me put it this way, I will hold off building the 40k custodes, sorry runewars minis you too...and I wanted those wraiths... to save for this bad boy... WOOOT!!
  9. Nobody said it had to be YOUR plasma (old joke)
  10. In the gap between expansions, and the fact I can't get anyone to play RWM, I've gone to the dark side: 40k. Instead of no players, there are 10-12, that's kinda nice. The reviewers of RWM kept saying the same thing: "It's 3 things, 1) setting. 2) the Minis. 3) Most importantly, the game" And yeah, Terrinoth...."What-in-oth?" -no pun included...is the most blah setting I could have imagined, haven't they had that setting for years? 3-4 games out in that setting? After playing with this 40k group there's a 4th thing: I could buy, build, paint, base some reasonable miniatures...and got sort of "meh" from the group. They don't care about "tournaments" or "painting" they care about being able to build inexpensive miniatures. They are amazingly ingenious with their ability to kit bash and create miniatures, "look I took the bottom of a space marine and ork bits from ebay, parts of a hair dryer and made a Space Marine captain in Terminator armor" and it LOOKS like a space marine captain in terminator armor!! Most of that group might play RWM, but even if they can afford it - they can afford to kit bash thousands of points for 40k from the dollar store and ebay. They don't need dials, tokens or all the other component based (expensive) stuff. They need their minis, a tape measure...and an ungodly amount of dice - and those are good ol' D6, something they can get anywhere. It doesn't matter about the top 3 reasons, the 4th is why they won't even try RWM. Empirically, for this local minis group (except, of course - me) 40k is VASTLY less expensive than RWM . And 40k released the "simplified" 8th edition that made it much more accessible to new players. RWM does fill a nitch however, because I haven't seen anyone play AoS either, and apparently AoS went from trays to 40k style (individual units) and folks weren't happy about that. Another potentially validating thing: the setting for Legion is great, (Star wars, yay!...I'm rather "ugh" about that) the minis seem to be good, I don't know about the game, but they aren't playing that either. Until they can see a way to play without spending several hundred dollars to even start, the barriers to entry are just too high, I haven't found a way to "set the hook". I'm still in swinging for RWM and continue to collect and try to promote without being "that RWM guy" but haven't got much traction yet.
  11. Excellent work! Brilliant ideas on the Scions for sure.
  12. Let me first say, this is a great tool, love it! I'm having an issue with sorceresses. It only gives me a choice of Verdant or Dreamweaver (no Storm!) , but if I build a new army, I get the storm sorceress option. There are no other sorceresses (that I see anyway) in that army - its called "stormyEnts" if that helps. Have the points (191/200) available to add (that's what 8 points are for - 1 storm each on 2 archer units). I did some testing, when I create the army, they are there. Save and then open - they are gone and can't add them.
  13. My vote: Buy 1 core set, they aren't going to go up in price, so minimize your investment. Play a bit, if it is fun, then get another core, I agree with @Daverman that it might get stale with just 1 core pretty quickly - just like XWing or Armada. Add expansion as budget allows, but no need to rush, you don't need 2 of everything to enjoy the game, but like any good game - your wallet will hate you. You'll know fairly quickly whether this game is for you. How I got to runewars was through looking at A LOT of different games, miniatures mostly. Almost all of them you can download at least starter rules, which, for me were very informative to whether I liked the game. I also really like the openness of this universe, there is not a lot of fluff, which isn't great, but the great thing is: there is not a lot of fluff if I want my spearmen in Oregon duck colors and you want yours in Washington - so be it (someone did do their spearmen in Washington colors, with the "W" - they look incredible). I can't see storm troopers with a yellow "O" on their shoulders - yeah..no. Legion, not for me. (Full disclosure - I painted my Daqan and Waiqar pretty much the colors right out of the guides). Welcome to the game!!
  14. I like the FFG mats, already had a space set for armada/Xwing. Based the Daqan to "sort of" match the grassy mats(2), looks good on the table.
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