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  1. Congrats to everyone.. but what is the washer innovation? Is that the board with all the fighter health dials on it?
  2. Looking forward to using it with Leia mind. With her ability it'll have a built-in Raymus, giving it great engineering in addition to whatever officer you put with it.
  3. Same with myself - it's an amazing ship that can do what other large ships cant, an effective speed four with engine techs, not to mention dual turbo slots. It does suffer to bombers and APTs a lot (combined with user error this kills it very quick), but building a fleet to support/ mitigate is key. ManInTheBox mentioned Walex to help with the redirect, a great idea to bump up the defences a bit. Raymus can also help with engineering (and makes engine tech-ing easier). Its totally not a big Neb. Nebs a flimsy on the attack and defence. The Lib eats everything except ISDs and MC80 christmas trees for breakfast, and even with those two having some engine techs/ Madine action means you'll be behind them/ out of arc before they can turn. It's tough to use, but up there with the MC30 as one of the Reb's best. Really dont get the hate it receives.
  4. Having an MC30 that can shrug off 2 or 3 face downs is a biggie. RBDs on these, in combo with Mothma, Admo/Forderlin makes them solid.
  5. I roll with Walex on Admo. Even with Lando copping a big alpha from an ISD may not make all that much of a difference. Being able to use/burn an extra token with Walex is very handy. Have you considered RBDs? Admittedly with everything else does make them turbo Xmas trees, but adds bucket loads to their durability.
  6. Mothma Foresight with Derlin is one of my regular staples. Absolute legend of a ship. Its take a serious effort of stupidity on my part to get it close to being killed.
  7. Ah, but such changes and removals have been with us from the start - Demolisher, Tycho etc... but ya, since the initial release I agree. I think we just need a lil' article around about now to iron this out, hint hint FFG....
  8. There's been retrospective rule changes/ additions in other boxes (a whole new defence token in Contain with rules on the ship packaging insert, the Interdictor and Pelta adding a whole new world, Flotillas) so having a little note in the Quasar box saying "Rebs can take it" isn't such a big leap. PS Not saying i'm agreeing with this point of view, just assessing the probability.
  9. Yerp, Tarkin with Engine Tech-ing Arqs absolutely wrecked me at my local club a few times, inc two Motti ISDs. The synergy between Tarkin and the engine techs is great. List was: Arquiten command cruiser with turbo-laser reroute circuits and engine techs.Arquiten command cruiser with turbo-laser reroute circuits and engine techs.Arquiten command cruiser with turbo-laser reroute circuits and engine techs.Arquiten command cruiser with turbo-laser reroute circuits and engine techs.Gozanti class cruiser with suppressor title, admiral Monferrat and repair crewsGozanti class cruiser with repair crews, admiral Titus and Grand Moff Tarkin.
  10. Grav Shift Reroute - "Droid Rave" Love it!
  11. Comparing Foresight and Admo is a bit "apples and oranges". They shine in very different situations. With Mothma, whilst both are great, Foresight is spectacularly durable. I run both in my Mothma fleet, despite being in the thick of it they're rarely taken out.
  12. I've pinged off an email about this. 90% sure it wont stack, but if it does... hello my new favourite admiral!
  13. This is awesome, really well put together. I love your soft opening
  14. What is the source of the irking? And more importantly, you got a link for your blog?
  15. MC80 is one of the most versatile ships. It really can be tailored to almost any role. An Ackbar MC80 Assault christmas tree is lethal, a personal favourite I dont get ship-hating in general, like so much it really is a personal preference/ what-works-for-the-individual thing.
  16. From bitter experience, projection experts (indeed multiple projection experts) will not keep the BC alive if it runs headlong against a bunch of Imperial ships and squads (or the likes of Ackbar salvos for that matter). I can of course be proven wrong but im not sure its headlong assault kind of ship, hence I always have it engine-teching to out flank/ get in the rear of my targets. Speed and a good turning circle with Madine will keep it alive far more than projection experts will. Not to mention, your opponent could use your low activation count against you, wait until the AC has depleted its shields to keep the BC alive before sending in Demo/MC30 for a shot at the beginning of next turn (or indeed immediately after with Demo).
  17. You're tight on points, but somehow squeezing in Engine Techs on at least the Assault Cruiser (ideally the Battle Cruiser as well) would pay dividends with Madine as your admiral. Plus the BC and AC kind of want different things - the BC wants to be flanking, the AC tanking. Engine Techs for the AC would help it keep pace.
  18. Wikipedia has a good little snippet on this: "a capital ship is a leading or primary ship in a fleet". With the "primary" bit in mind, I'd say thats the linchpin ship of the fleet, one that drives its synergies/ supports all the others via squad activations, fire power etc.
  19. Sorry to hear that man. Was a nice little event, I made 6th out 12! (ie, i didnt get my arse totally kicked). There's the Kirton Games tournament near Exeter coming up July if you're game (pun intended )
  20. Same. Did you go to the Bristol event the other week @Plagueis ?
  21. Didn't Gink or someone on here run a block of Nebs using interlocking flak arcs with quite some success?
  22. Aye, but then you lose the extra blue for flak. Would rather bin the Z95s and keep the Escorts!
  23. (delayed) April fool aside, it looks a fun list (to make points, the Zs would have to go).
  24. Aye, i was considering this but reckoning ill need them initially to launch a big B Wing assault (2 + a token each flot) before they then bug out and relay comes into play, avoiding his QTTs.
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