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  1. Exactly as i thought. Like i say, wasn't going to insist when they were so adamant til I had reference, so thank you
  2. Sell all your Imperials and buy MC30s? Best double arc-ers in the game.
  3. Can you opt to "Snipe" attack at range 1 to avoid the enemy's counter? Im reading the distance 2 as essential to sniping (as per the Snipe description), anything at range 1 being a regular attack (Of course, i'm aware you can snipe outside of your current engagement at range 2 if you're not engaged an Escort squad). However, recently had an opponent who insisted they could do this (in this particular instance, opt to Snipe Shara Bey at range 1 rather than initiate a regular attack to avoid her Counter). Went along with it for the purposes of game flow, but not sure they had Snipe correct here...
  4. Poor ol' Garm, still not really getting a look in...
  5. Someone with a better memory than me (i think @Madaghmire) pointed out that as per the original article, this is exactly what FFG intended as one of the uses for flotillas. They are intended as an 18/23 point pass with some other great stuff/ abilities. Rather than nerfing anything, augmenting big ships would be the appropriate positive step forward, and allow new stuff to be added.
  6. Totally agree, and don't think flotillas or Rieekan are particularly bad either (despite having suffered at their hands many a time). Most folks seem to want ways to play their super big ships (i very much do) so why not forget passes, flotillas etc and look to some great new upgrades for big ships? Enhanced AA, more efficient ways of melting small ships swarms etc. Lets actually make big ships great again rather than nerfing other stuff. A positive change rather than negative.
  7. Yup, im in for breakfast. Should be arriving first thing on the friday.
  8. Egg banjo and a Kronenbourg, the perfect start to the day!
  9. Totally game for breakfast. Is there somewhere decent and local to the NEC?
  10. ... but not as costly as a GH fighter ball running rampant through your fleet. If you conceive of Slicer flots as offensive ships rather than flotillas, they're a bargain at 25 points, their utility potentially outweighing a timely engineering or movement command in addition to extra activation/ blocking shenanigans. A counter that can cripple a Rieekan/GH squad blob or 50/60 points (Rebs/Imps) is a bargain. If you're a pro-ship guy (as i am) its also nice to have a counter that doesn't rely on having your own squads.
  11. Someone (correctly) mentioned earlier the best GH counter is taking out GH. Now with Rieekan in the mix this will mean it still gets to do its (potentially devastating) thing with squadrons... so how about including some slicer tools? Had a game last night against a Dodonna Yavaris bomber list and slicing Yavaris at the right time paid huge dividends. Allowed my ship killers (in this case a Christmas tree MC30) to then mallet it secure in the knowledge it wouldn't be caught in a double-tapping mess. For Imps could have a tooled up Demo with two slicer gozantis for this role? (im not an Imp player, so just an off-the-cuff suggestion).
  12. Why not have spam AA flots? A dedicated flak platform supporting big ships would add novelty/ variety and mean big ships aren't again reduced to chasing down squadrons - they can concentrate on trading blows with their opposite number whilst the flak-flot (patent pending ) deals with evil Rieekan zombie hordes. Plus, if big ship does want to have a go at AA, it'll add even more firepower to shredding squads with the flot. Flak-Flot: For A Brighter Armada.
  13. I haven't quite managed to follow the full 152 pages of this thread... whats the current consensus on when we'll get a wave 6 article?
  14. Could throw in a little Valen Rudor to really stick it to 'em? (with a bit of a re-jig - maybe ditch a shuttle?)
  15. Tie fighters should be useless/ facing certain death if they hang around big ships. They're dogfighters, and if they're unfortunate to get the attention of large capital ship they should melt appropriately. Tie Bombers have that little bit more to get them through, but not enough so they can just park.
  16. Exactly this. So rather than hanging around for two or three turns savaging a big ship to death, those bombers will want to get in, hit hard and get out... so friendly big ships can then exploit their efforts
  17. I didn't want to dip into this, but... If we are doing a wishlist for changes, instead of nerfing existing stuff just make big ships AA fire that bit more potent? A few upgrades to allow crit hits, maybe concentrated fire adds a dice to all AA attacks rather than a single squad? Indeed a red dice upgrade would certainly change things up. Just something/anything to ensure taking on an ISD/MC80 becomes a dangerous undertaking for massed squadrons that does not have a foregone conclusion. As for flotillas, they're big ship's friends (and a realistic addition to boot). No to nerfing flots, yes to more anti squad firepower.
  18. 0800 on the Saturday... ouch. I'm gonna be flying my MC30s under the influence.
  19. Great vid. Arqs are such great little ships, would be curious to know how well represented they were at worlds.
  20. Following on from @BrobaFett, i like a list that feels good/ fun, but also plays well with my personality - for me thats a fast, hard hitter that can survive the silly positions i put them in. I think tailoring a fleet to you the player is infinitely more important than tailoring it to the meta.
  21. For UK folk, i reckon a 2 or 10 pence piece could suffice here
  22. I read sanctioned the other way This is good, will start using it my end!
  23. Doesnt the attacker apply all their dice modification first and then the defender applies defence tokens etc?
  24. It sounds a great solution... and yet it was reprimanded at Worlds? Under "using a second tool" im guessing?
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