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  1. Late to the thread so only had a brief scan, but why so much hate for flotilla activations? They're bringing big ships back into the game, especially against nasty (potentially undead) squadron balls. They allow big ships to thrive via cheap activations, support and carrier abilities. I agree taking a swarm of naked flotillas for activation advantage is a rather cynical and gamey - they should have a function, even if only Comms Net. I'm a big fan of the Liberty, but it generally gets wrecked against bomber lists. Im running a 7 activation Lib list (a fully decked out Madine Lib plus 6 flotillas - 2 slicer tools, 3 comms net, one repair crew with Leia) and a Shara/Tycho/ 4 A wing escort at my local on Tuesday against an ISD/Raider/Gozanti/Firespray swarm and its going to be a blast - because the flotillas allow the big ship to get out there and do its thing in a bomber heavy environment. Summary: Flotillas help me field the big ships i love and more squadrons to support them. They're thematic (Star Wars films and cartoons are dripping with GR75s and Gozantis) and fun (nothing like constantly slicing someone's Yavaris the whole game ) but can still be easily popped with H9s or a little Engine Techs-inspired nudge. More power to the big ships (with lots of little ships following behind)!
  2. Yeah, do have any list details to hand?
  3. Number 5 was probably my favourite game of the weekend - tense and fun throughout, despite my 9/2 loss! Your token-accruing abilities were sublime!
  4. The high admiral is ironing her top... will try to meet you there but may be a bit later
  5. Was utterly savaged in my first two games 10/1 and 9/2 (the 10/1 my near untouched Admo was sliced and sped off the table at speed 4! ) Third game: 10/1 to me! Ended on a high note, the fight back begins tomorrow!
  6. Two Vics working in tandem, maybe with a lighter load-out mind, to maximise focussing down threats. Love a good Vic 1, great design @Visovics !
  7. I'll have a look in my box mate, should have a spare Do we require anything else out of the norm?
  8. Aye, have a got a pretty solid bid. Opening Salvo is looking tasty...
  9. I went to an Irish pub in Ecuador that was exactly that - a regular ol' building which they'd thrown some Irish knick knacks at! These and a name change to Finn McCools and boom! Irish!
  10. In Bmingham beer in hand, choosing missions for my MC30s...
  11. Of course, i was referring to the much anticipated Wave 7 "use two admirals" card...
  12. I wish Irish General Grievous was my best friend
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irish_diaspora Ever noticed there's an Irish bar eeeeeverywhere?
  14. Yeah, i totally agree it'll be safer to rule on the side of caution until clarification... but I just want an Ackbar MC80 with effective 8 engineering soooo bad!
  15. Im leaning toward Leia being that bit more restrictive than Tarkin. With the latter you can assign a bonus token for another order in addition to what you already have (on a dial). In addition, this neatly allows you to plan fleets around this (engine techs with tokens every turn, allowing you to concentrate fire with the dial for instance). With Leia its great you get an augmented dial, but if you're an AF/MC80/Lib wanting to add a shield via a token, change speed via a token, you're buggered. Leia in a way is quite constrictive. With this in mind I can see her be 38 for a stacking ability. With the Quasar title allowing an effective two dials its even more plausible.
  16. I'll aim to get there at 0800 and grab one. 'spoons aren't really a "book a table" kind of venue...
  17. Aye, what time for breakfast? Im able to do pre 0800 but would like to see the whole forum crew able to attend.
  18. Yup, did mean troopers instead of engineers. And ya, this was my reading of it as well. Lethal!
  19. Were any conclusions reached on the above? Is there potential for a ship with Boarding engineers, backed up by Sloane Tie swarm, to completely discard a large ships defence tokens? IE Ship activates, uses boarding troopers to exhaust all four of large ship's D.tokens. Then, either with this ship (assuming it had a dial and a token) or another, they activate a bunch of Sloane Ties who come along and "spend" the defender's exhausted tokens with accuracies, potentially stripping all their tokens in a turn. Am i reading this right or is there a timing issue? Cos i cant find one...
  20. The GammonLord is totally down for Wetherspoons breakfast. And maybe a gin.
  21. Quick question: Are we required to have a neatly printed out fleet list in a particular format or will my usual "hastily scribbled on a napkin/ nearest bit of scrap paper" suffice? How pernickety are they on this?
  22. Ive been playing for a while and im still not sure what MSU/ DMSU is It pertains to a fleet with lots of ships right?
  23. Sooo, decided to branch out away from my usual MC30s this evening and play a twin pickle Ackbar conga line... only for it to get blocked by Demolisher, ending up with Demo and a pickle nudging each other with the latter unable to escape. Demo was happy to stay there as could ram, and then due to its placing would finish its move on the station, healing the damage. The question here (and we only noticed/ spoke about it after) is if Demo had used Engine Techs to then do a second ram, would it also then heal that damage from the station as well? We reckoned yes, anyone else with experience of this rather unusual situation?
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