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  1. Two of 'em with Mothma, 1 OE, APT, Admo, Walex and either H9 or XI7, the 2nd same with Foresight and either Derlin or Lando, used as flag ship. Love 'em.
  2. Cheers for confirming Quick edit/ follow up: so on the timing, you could DTT for a red, add another red for concentrate fire and then use Leading Shots to spend a blue already in your pool to reroll your two fickle reds? And a further edit! Say your attacking ship had two turbo laser slots (a lib or future ship), you could DTT, add concentrate fire AND THEN TRC one of the reds? (not saying this is cost effective, just ruminating...)
  3. Sorry to necro this thread but got a Q ref DTT: looking at the wording on the card, this seems to fall into a similar word category to external racks... and therefore could be used to add a red die to your anti squadron pool? Clearly not at red range unless you already have an anti squad red, but allows a red to added and whatever dice rolled removed from your pool?
  4. Situation arose last night: Quasar with expanded hanger used boarding troopers on my Liberty. Now, the Quasar had a squadron value of 5 to my Liberty's 3 defence tokens, and my opponent asked if the spare two squadron points could be used to discard (after the first 3 squadron points had exhausted) two of my defence tokens. I said not (there isn't a precedent for this kind of spillover) however am curious as to how the community answers this?
  5. Funnily enough played against a Sloan Interceptor swarm last night using a Biggs/Jan ball (though notably not with Rieekan). Sloane combined with Stronghold, Dengar, Howlrunner and flightcontrollers made for Interceptors not only dishing out 6 blues on the attack, but 4 on the counter with my attacks being obstructed. X wing ball was utterly ruined by turn 3, with Jan alone fleeing the fray to mitigate point loss. Like someone said earlier, Biggs is "a" counter to Sloane swarms, but maybe not a good one.
  6. I was hoping more for a Bladewing24 thread. He was fun...
  7. Well, we already have a fast gunboat (MC30) and two big ships... so maybe a Braha'Tok would be nice to add more variety? @D503 a special themed wave would be awesome.
  8. UK, arrived this morning. Tuesday is big Wave 6 day!
  9. UK release arriving today. Opening my (over packaged) Hammerheads this very moment Edit: And the Quasar model is great!
  10. I have run/am running a very similar fleet in tournaments but with a bid about 10 - 12 points lower. Maybe go all A-Wings for the screen (Shara and Escort dont work) and i agree with Madcat on dropping to Torps. Maybe put Mothma on Forelin - its arguably the safest ship, maybe more so on a Scout (i like your 5 dam mitigation logic) plus if Mothma goes, your MC30s lose so much. A turn three hit on her flotilla could be disastrous.
  11. Its not bad with Madine and Engine Techs along with Ordnance upgrades. Nice wing-mate for the Liberty... but as Xerpo says there are maybe better options for the points.
  12. This, million percent second this.
  13. Not so - once the Demolisher of one fleet was gone it was pretty much all over - going head to head with an ISD and tie bombers using Gozantis isn't ending well. Im not saying it isn't an advantage, I'm saying its an advantage with trade-offs.
  14. Aiming not to sound like the "git good" crowd here (if anything, I am in dire need of "gitting good"), however deployment and activation advantage, whilst great bonuses, aren't the be all and end all. A fleet heavy in flotillas, naked ones or with a purpose, has sacrificed serious killing power across their fleet and potentially put all their eggs in one basket (Euro finals fleets for example). That is a huge trade off to gain deployment and activation advantage. That's how 2 ISD fleets with supporting elements continue to do well. They may lose out on activations/ deployment, but make up for it with sheer killing power and resilience. 3 - 5 flotillas in a fleet dont really have either. Summary: lots of flotillas gives you a particular advantage, but not necessarily THE advantage. Pop that fleet's main ship and they're floundering.
  15. Soooo, away from the whole back biting side of this thread.... Do flotillas still need nerfing ref. activation advantage? The two most egregious uses for them (multiple bomber commands and life boating) have been nerfed. Given, Relay is a bit of an issue, but padding out fleets with activations isn't the sure fire win strategy people take it for, and generally if a flot has a role (slicing, being a carrier, even comms netting) it'll end up in someones arc in at least red range. Im all on board with the recent nerfs but i reckon we need to be a little circumspect with beating the drum for yet more. Before we know it we'll have nerfed ourselves back to wave 2...
  16. Just received email from my supplier - Wave 6 due for release 6th of July
  17. I generally go for option 4 (sometimes to my detriment) - the likes of Mothma on a fully loaded MC30 makes a fine flagship, either Admo or Foresight plus suitable defensive officer makes them far tougher than their hull four would suggest.
  18. Yeah, that is a serious shitter with slicers when you mostly encounter lil' one dial ships - this happened to me a lot at the Euros!
  19. I said I was going to use a similar list (initially 6 flots and a tooled up Lib, dialled it down to 5 flots, the Lib and some Awings) in the "nerf flotillas" thread. Had a similar experience to yourself - activation advantage isn't all that, doubly so with flotillas when they don't really kill much! I reckon 5 activations with the Lib and a couple of smaller fighting ships is the way ahead.
  20. Wasn't the speed of the Liberty/ Interdictor announcement to release pretty unprecedented? Could happen... I'm hopeful! (so i can tear open the packets, discard the ships and tokens to immediately read the quad battery turrets card..)
  21. Ultimately, i just wanna know what Quad Battery Turrets do...
  22. I think you missed the point - flotillas aren't padding, they have a role. Just because a ship doesn't shoot, doesn't mean they don't participate in a meaningful way. I explicitly stated that activation padding isn't good and flotillas should have something equipped. The focus of my argument: flotillas make big ships more useable/ relevant. Big ships make the game more exciting. Ref. the "extremely boring" comment, keep it civil. Plurality of opinion is a good thing, don't resort to insults. @Kikaze - Slicers? they need to be in the thick of it, and are key tactical elements in a fleet. Comms net: less in the front but cant quite run away. Repair crews? They need to be nigh on sitting on the big ship to take effect, IE right in the thick of it. Agreed, if someone has naked flotillas that runaway solely for activations, thats bad. Flotillas that have a role, potentially a decisive role = good.
  23. List were posted in Euro thread i believe. A great mix to be had with a great bunch of folks (who roundly and soundly savaged me )
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