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  1. BladeWing24. Loved that guy. Talked balls but he really made my day.
  2. As a rebel player, i hope there's a "collide with A Wing" instant kill option...
  3. Aye, Im about - currently in Exeter, due to head to the top of Scotland (Thurso area) in Sept, then possibly basing myself out of London the month after that. Already scoping out the London armada scene...
  4. I seem to remember @Vykes had an amazing looking whale as well.
  5. Out of four games with the Hammerheads, I've had one Cham assault boat survive long enough to do its thing to an ISD... on turn 6... and the ISD had Wing Commander anyway...
  6. Ooo wooden spoon prize! I could top the (bottom of the) field in this one!
  7. Aye, the space whale is a classic. Here in the UK we have ugly concrete car parks from the 70s that are listed/protected buildings because they're such a good example of horrific architecture. I reckon the AF falls into this bracket - so ugly its kinda cute Save the whales!
  8. Aye, isn't there 18 rather than just 9 rebel ships? I'm a big fan of the MC30 Torp and Pelta Assault, less so their counterparts. GR75 Combat Retro fit for the biggest wooden spoon.
  9. Awesome, was gonna say - poor Luke and friends would be melted in the first alpha strike! Cheers for clarification.
  10. So to clarify - if a double brace ace has one of their braces Sloane'd, they cannot spend their green brace as a token of that type has been spent that attack? Ouch.
  11. On an MC30 it does make for fine double-arc little ship eater. Paired with xi7s it'll munch Arqs and anything smaller easily. As you can double side arc an MC30 on a medium and large base ship, its less useful compared to APTs etc.
  12. Hey bud, sorry, i didn't mean to rib you. I understand how this ruling could scuttle your whole weekend/ fleet prep. Hope either way you go and kick serious ****/ have a good time
  13. Oh im just saying in general. I'm in SW England, safely removed from the effects of this chat!
  14. Ref TF Antilles etc, @Green Knight got an FFG rules clarification saying cards stack unless stated/FAQ's otherwise (like Bomber Command). So surely the likes of TFA do stack. Otherwise Hammerheads really are the wet lettuce i think they are...
  15. To clarify, projector misaligned from an APT is worked out prior to other the other damage hitting shields/ being redirected etc?
  16. Maybe you're looking at this the wrong way - sure, Rebs dont have a carrier like a Quasar with similar upgrade/ alpha strike capabilities, but they do have far more flexible/ useful carrier options when looking at the big picture. The MC80, AF and MC80L (with Leia/Liberty) are all capable of doing other stuff whilst performing carrier duties. The Quasar is great at carrier duties... and thats it. Plus its about as durable as a papier mache U-boat. Also, the GR75. Of course it doesnt have the alpha strike of the Quasar, but 6 squadron command for 46 points, plus arguably more survivability and the additional activation.
  17. MC30, MC30 and MC30. What, there's another faction?
  18. Mothma - she'd add to your fleet's resilience across the board and save points (Im biased, she's my favourite, but still).
  19. Maybe what your railing against (and others have said this in other threads) isn't Sloane but the horrific combos that can be created (Howl/Dengar/ Interceptors/Flight Controllers/ Stronghold) that so far seem ubiquitous with her use. I fell foul of just this combo on my first game vs Sloane and initially blamed her. On reflection it was the combo (and my playing to its strengths) that did me in, Sloane knocking off three tokens the entire game.
  20. Isn't External Racks a "while attacking, you may discard...", so the second front attack wouldn't benefit from the card discarded on the previous attack?
  21. As a completely irrelevant aside, i can say "I am a crab sandwich" in Spanish.
  22. Agree with this. Sloane Interceptors plus Stronghold, Howlrunner, Dengar and Flight Controllers can eat a mass of squadrons, generic, brace or scatter, very quickly before moving onto ships. Certainly not jumping on the nerf band wagon - taking out the carrier/ Sloane's chariot seems a nice solution/mission for a flanking Admo , but those beefed up Interceptors with Sloane also shouldn't be so easily written off. For her points Sloane is excellent - easily in my top 3 Imperial admirals id rather not face.
  23. I reckon the MC30 is reliably good with all the admirals available. It really does excel no matter who it's operating with, in comparison to pretty much all other ships that have preferences.
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