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  1. Space Rocks still owe me £90, the turds.
  2. Aye, ive even seen Armada players engage in a game of it. Savage - the gaming equivalent of Vichy France
  3. Just wanna say, I love Fabs fleet generator, its my go to. Keep up the great work, is much appreciated!
  4. Sooo, is someone going to start a "bring the Supremacy to Armada" thread? Why settle for the SSD? With this thing you could have Armada battles happening inside a ship that is participating in an Armada battle (Armadception? ) Love to see it do an inside turn with the manoeuvre tool. Not sure Jerjerrod will quite cut it....
  5. if its medium ill get two... if its large ill get two
  6. Cheers for getting back to me , what fleets did you play against and how did they go?
  7. Have just seen the new Necromunda is being released in November... coupled with Wave Heaven its gonna be an expensive end of year. If the MC75 upgrade bar is awesome, it'll be doubly expensive...
  8. Aye, this. It'll be speed 2, no Engine Techs, I'll bet a fine malt on it now. Probably the reason they've brought it out with an admiral that can insta-deploy it close in.
  9. * "ultimate long range death" defined as 3 blues, 3 red, Concentrate Fire order not included in this offer, Turbo Lasers not allowed in tandem with Pelta "ultimate long range death", some experiences may differ from the "ultimate long range death" described.
  10. Nice build! any info on what it went up against and how the games went?
  11. They do, and i can totally see the "trading down" logic of taking the Pelta (MC30 is my fav ship), but the value of the fleet commands shouldn't be diminished. It's THE reason to take the Pelta and build a fleet around it. MC30s jumping from speed 1 - 4 to position a double arc your opponent can do nothing about is priceless. The Pelta makes it happen in its support ship role.
  12. @Blail Blerg surely comparing MC30s to Peltas is like apples and oranges. Of course MC30s do MC30 stuff better, they're MC30s The Pelta can help them do this better (all the fleet commands) and has good AS, something MC30s dont (especially w/regard Stronghold). If "Intensify Firepower!" turns out to be an AS buff the Pelta will help even more so. Someone mentioned earlier having the Pelta as a speed 2 finisher for MC30s. Like this idea. It can just cruise on after them and finish off anything that limps by them.
  13. That would make such an awesome centre piece for a game. And yeah - i tripled posted this morning because the button froze!
  14. i think come "intensify (forward?) firepower" ill be doing similar but in reverse - using permanent Manoeuvre orders (you don't get the extra click with Ent.For.) and having the Pelta give me that extra firepower.
  15. That Sato cruiser is tasty - four blacks at long range, nice! (or maybe some blues in there for the leading shots - either way, im liking it )
  16. Engine Techs as standard, Assault version to hose down squadrons, maybe a tasty ordnance upgrade? Ive had fun with an Assault with expanded launchers playing wingman to my Liberty. Makes fighter balls think twice (especially in these dark, Sloanie times we live in - i know you're not the greatest fan of dem squadrons @Blail Blerg ) and is hard to ignore with a single arc kicking out 4 blacks and 2 reds. Yeah it comes in at 77, but you're not getting a tooled up MC30 for that, plus an MC30 cant do anti squadron duty (hello Stronghold) and doesn't want to babysit a Lib/other big ship. The Assault Pelta does. What with the advent of "Intensify Firepower"/ what ever it is, i reckon a non-squadron pushing Pelta is going to become more of a thing, and certainly so with more hull 3 squadrons about. Not to mention with hull five and good defence token spread, the Pelta can have surprising durability.
  17. Aye, i hope so. If not and you want to field more than 2, its a serious investment...
  18. Getting two will mean 4 Mando assault craft though. Im hoping they turn out pretty special.
  19. Agree with this - its difficult for the Imps to constantly have new large base ships as ISDs where overwhelmingly their thing. With this release they've got two new and very different large ships to play with, along with a more characterful model. Now i'd like a full MC75 preview please....
  20. Im gonna wildly speculate here and say that one of the unspoiled Reb characters will be in a similar vein to Vader to balance life out - maybe Jyn Urso stealing command tokens (maybe even a dial? ) or similar. Not quite as fun as imagining Vader chasing down Adar Tallon etc, but still...
  21. Im liking the idea of a big swarm, will have a play around with that, and 17 A Wings sounds pretty fun! Cheers.
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