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  1. As an aside, are we expecting a proper Chimera preview or was the earlier general article considered that?
  2. Yeeeeahhhh, but still. Id venture better than the Liberty, and for a few creds more. Off to amend my preorder...
  3. Ok, i'm not seeing a downside to both MC75s - they seem amazing value for the points. Can someone show me a downside cos im struggling!
  4. Moving to London beginning of Jan. I will do you proud
  5. Saw it last night - marginally better than the prequels Some good scenes (the bombers esp, the royal guard actually showing why they're royal guard - although they looked tacky). Whole film is dripping with Disney (cuddly creatures, over-wrought heartfelt moments), some seriously bad acting (can see why Mark Hamil didn't speak in TFA...), Forced comedy moments alá the prequels, **** script and a clunky feel to the whole film, going from set piece to set pieces with little character development (well, Snoke did well didn't he?) And yeah, the Mary Poppins moment. WTF. Rogue One all the way. Right balance of humour, action, acting + story. Not perfect, but jeeze this new film....
  6. The paperweight/ door stop market? But seriously, I've bought a couple of ships sans upgrade cards (an ISD and MC80), so there are random folks wanting this. Plus modellers? And there'll always be the crazy Mofo for whom one isn't enough... Either way, cards cards cards!
  7. Can always buy the SSD for the cards, selling the model? This will be my approach if it/other epic ships are released. ISDs are epic enough for me, but need all dem juicy cards!
  8. How are we still on the "nerf flotillas/ pass rule" debate? (For my ten pence worth - 3 ISDs is quality of activation, multi flotilla is not). Think JJ just put this one to bed nicely, can we have a new strawman for the nerf-club to thrash please?
  9. Ahhhh.... OK..... Im gonna quickly go dig in the garage.... (Great way to get under-used tokens back in the game! Yaaaay!)
  10. If im reading the "round token" bit correctly, you have to pick which exact turn you'll be using this on? (Im not 100% what a round token is?). Either way, great card and even better article! So good that we're having interesting articles on Armada - long may this continue!
  11. Aye, it doesn't look great... but there's a teeeeny twinkle of a chance!
  12. Well, I put my pre order in yesterday with the supplier (Boardgamesextras, UK) saying there's solid potential for them to arrive before Christmas, so I'm gonna hold out hope. It's what rebellions (and apparently FFG miniature games) are built on If memory serves, didn't we have a similar carry-on last year and they did arrive on time? Or was that the year before?
  13. A minister Tua style officer for the Rebs to give my poor battered Lib a defensive retro. Some kind of Tua style upgrade to give the Victory engine techs would be nice as well.
  14. You're maybe thinking of "stakeholder" in a limited sense (someone who directly owns or is part of the company in some way). A stakeholder is someone who has a stake in a company. We, having bought into Armada (presumably for the relative longterm and with a large and growing cash investment) now have an interest in FFG continuing and maintaining this product. We have a stake. If we hadn't bought into it, it wouldn't have been a success. Its a crowded market out there, and we aren't sheep. Its a symbiotic relationship, not a one way street.
  15. Exactly this - sure, there's two new ship cards within that need play-testing, but with the model itself requiring only a paint job, you'd think this would be a slightly quicker wave with only one original ship mold. At the end of the day we're stakeholders, not just customers, in FFG product - we've invested money and time, on the promise of a long term, evolving game product. To say we're just customers to be dictated to is a limited perception that serves and emphasises only one side of the equation. As stakeholders FFG DO owe us engagement, news and products at a reasonable rate of release. Otherwise, why invest in future FFG products if you know you'll get limited and shoddy service? I'd love an article this evening, but ultimately I'm most annoyed with the constant lack of engagement. An article of any type per month and i'd be happy. ****, get one of the tournament winners from here to write something on a regular basis.
  16. Bit sad about wave 7, but got Necromunda arriving next week to tide me over. GW drew me back in with 1/ great product and 2/ communication on and support of said product (admittedly it's a new release). It's sales (and especially wargames) 101 - support your product, keep the hype alive (to ultimately sell more stuff!). Keen to hear why FFG doesn't do this. I'm amazed we don't have a monthly Armada feature keeping it fresh.
  17. Got curious, checked the top mini games as of Spring 2017: 1 Star Wars X-Wing ANA/Fantasy Flight Games 2 Warhammer 40K Games Workshop 3 D&D Nolzur’s Marvelous Minis WizKids 4 Star Wars Armada ANA/Fantasy Flight Games 5 Warmachine Privateer Press I mean, FFG "could" decide to bin off the 4th best seller overall (in a tough field this year to boot - 40k and Warmachine upped their game), BUT.... Really? I think we can hold the line against the Admiral Nelson acolytes a while a longer... Well, til late November, then the prack withdrawal may get the better of me...
  18. Aye, with your itinerary i reckon squeezing in Armada (sober) would be a bit much. Have an amazing time in the Highlands, its the best place in the world (not biased much )!
  19. When do you arrive in Inverness? Ref. an Armada game i have my stuff if you wanted/ had time to play a game (of course bearing in mind its a family holiday). Ref. things to do, look up the North Coast 500 for certain - as I mentioned there are certain parts of it that are best (the Western edge of the course) so doing the whole thing isn't necessary. Im assuming you're renting a car/ camper van etc? Of course there's Loch Ness near to Inverness (west), a tourist staple. Cawdor castle (of Macbeth fame) is to the east as well. If you're really ranging about, a trip to the Isle of Skye is a great option. Its a trip of approximately three hours from Inverness to the island capital Portree, with some amazing sights along the journey (including an absolute classic example of a Scottish castle on a loch, whose name escapes me - its directly on the route so you wouldn't miss it). The area works well for people who like to explore, and this exploring combines your aim of taking in as much as possible with your open exploration time.
  20. Shame you wont have your stuff, Im in Reay (about 2.5 hours north of Inverness, but I regularly head down there). There's a few good pubs but apart from the GW im not up on hobby locations there (there's a club in Thurso and Wick near me). If you're vacationing there and fancy an adventure, there's the north coast 500! The area around Lochinver and Ullapool is best. Apologies most of this isn't related to Armada, but have a good time!
  21. Only just seen this thread today, and know its been said to death buuuuuuut.... 2 Contains? Seriously? Im hoping this ship really has something up its sleeve to make that worth it. Or one of the new officers is "swap out one of your utter pants contains for a defence token you may find useful". Should totally work for FFG
  22. Aww c'mon, it's so much more (and indeed, so much less in some regards) than an ISD! It's ISD offence AND the ability to get into amazing firing positions and avoiding enemy arcs, for the cost of 8 points (and further enhanced, perhaps necessarily so, by Madine). I find it a hard ship to use correctly, and have suffered a lot using it, but when it does do it thing it's beautiful.
  23. Totally agree with this - its currently the only large base ship with effective speed four. Thats a unique feature that, in my mind, makes it worth the points. Why leave it hanging with the regular speed three crowd?
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