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  1. 600 - above that and certain Admirals become very powerful (fleets worth of Ackbar/ Motti etc)
  2. Why Admonition over Foresight? The latter always struck me as the better bet (extra dice on evade, extra redirect zone) rather than burning defence tokens?
  3. I like Pride - a nice little sniper hurtling about the board. Hard to fly what with only blues but cheap for what it is.
  4. MWUHAHAHAHAHAHA People are having issues without Rieekan? Really? Ackbar90's took second at my regionals. Where I also chew through Iskander's Rieekan Fleet. Dodonna is a BEAST! Agreed - runnning Dodonna and MC30s w/APTs along with CR90 w/Dodonna's Pride is NASTY
  5. The Ghost in an Imperial/ Reb aces pack. The Ciena Ree pic released the other day offered maybe a hint that more fighters are on their way.
  6. I reckon the Liberty is going to open up a whole new set of list and deployment options for the Rebs. A Liberty with flanking Nebs hurtling at speed 3 (im hoping it's gonna be speed 3) towards an ISD with a chasing repair flotilla anyone?. A totally different kettle of fish from Ackbar broadsiders or MM MC30 lists.
  7. Has anyone mentioned wave 3 stuff being used in conjunction with the Interdictor yet? I feel like we've had two game changing waves in quick succession. An Interdictor with its 5 Engineering, plus dial, token etc... and a repair crew Gonzanti on hand just in case it cant cope with only the 8 or 9 engineering points it has available....
  8. I'm not so sure they'd cripple the Liberty like that - it's a dynamic looking ship with wings and a fancy(ish) paint job! I'm gonna bet a speed three chart with a lil' less yaw than an ISD.
  9. For my part, Rebels seem to have the upper hand with the 18 point transport being a clear winner. I rarely take more than 3 A wings and Tycho in my fleets, preferring big ships battering other people's big ships rather than mucking about activating little guys. In the lists i'm writing now, that 18 point transport with expanded hangars allows me to really get into the fighter/bomber game without compromising my main focus. With the cheapest Imp flotilla being 23, i feel that extra 5 points (in exchange for limited firepower) leaves Imp admirals scraping about to make ends meet.
  10. How about the much maligned Quad Laser Turrets? You'll be spewing out blues if attacked by a fighter swarm, along with your blue/black combo if you've opted for a Command cruiser. A lot of blues for only 5 points.
  11. @Ginkapo I go to Aylesbury Wargaming club and the Milton Keynes club (which is based in Stony Stratford). There's two players at the former and one with two "potentials" at the latter. Like I said, Im based in Bucks and have a good fleet for both factions so if you want to arrange a game let me know!
  12. Not sure on London groups, but Im based just outside in Buckingham. There's a couple of clubs around here that play Armada, but may be a way for you to travel. Hope you've found some Armada-ers closer to you!
  13. Looking at this from a Rebel player perspective, I'd say Ackbar is a nigh on necessary addition to our armoury. Facing one, two, possibly three ISDs spewing out eight dice to their front (without any upgrades) is quite intimidating. Not to mention it's hurtling about at speed three with a bunch of cheap bombers, Rhymer and maybe Boba Fett, in tow. If my Rebs can add an ISD to their ranks I'll totally let my Ackbar card moonlight for the darkside
  14. Same, Wednesday with hopefully ships on my doorstep by Friday!
  15. Even with Wave 2, im gonna bet a triple Guppie/ Ackar drifting along, with Bs/ As (A wings seem to be the golden boy at the mo - personally Bs all the way) and maybe an MC30/ upgunned CR90a will prove an irresistible lure to a bunch of ISD/VSDs to lurch at. Id go so far as to say Rebel ships (AFs/ MC80s) are designed to fight in a crescent around the field with heavy imperial ships battering down the middle (Corvettes, Raiders, MC30s aside, being a class in themselves). Admittedly im not factoring Nebulons...
  16. TM - with the list you posted, i reckon tantive/ Leia is little wasted. She just ends up being an admin ***** rather than exploiting her huge speed advantage. Personal view of course, but i reckon Corvettes are peacocks Captain - you gotta let me fly!
  17. Game for an Ackbar slash.... but a qualified one with guppies and a sneaky MC30. Ackbar is very much key for a bit of rebel aggression. Im not sure Garm and co lend themselves to a little "in your face" blasting Ardaedhel - ya, the mc30 i reckon is going to add some serious dynamism, hanging back and waiting to catch out Demolisher and friends.
  18. Played a 450 points game on friday, rolling with 3 guppies and 2 corvettes complimented by Ackbar against 2 VSDs, 2 Glads and a host of fighter/ bomber support (i regretted leaving the fighters at home). As the game played out, it became apparent that a broadside focussed Rebel fleet seems quite passive, 2 of my guppies gently gliding from left to right like a couple of whales, engaging in a very savage and decisive engagement with the 2 VSDs towards the end of the game (Motti flagship and 1 space guppie immolated). Reading the best use of the MC80 thread seems to back up this passive "sit back and wait for the Imperials to power into a cloud of red dice and B wings" trend. For an alternative, Im thinking (with the advent of wave 2) a more direct oblique, multi layered charge across the Imperial front, Ackbar red dice going all over the show with Corvettes/ Mc30s wriggling around the flanks. Anyone else have any ideas? Any different ways of taking the initiative and bringing those red dice that bit sooner to the fight?
  19. Hi guys, Ordered a good chunk of stuff for Armada a while ago from Space Rocks and, despite emailing their onsite email address several times have had zero reply. Anyone have Mike's contact details or even a phone number? Anyone else having similar issues/ delays with Space Rocks recently?
  20. Have done a 450 points each game, allowed for great amounts of upgrades and big ships (i dispensed with squadrons... still not a fan). Agree with the above though, 400/450 didnt feel "epic" enough. Looking at a 650 next with at least 5/6 capital ships a side.
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