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  1. Have/ can we clarify: Does Leia's ability stack with an already owned token? For instance if I have an engineer token, get an engineer order and then Leia on my MC80, am I now doing 4 + 2 + 2 engineering points? It says no additional commands, but nothing about buffing the same... If yes then Leia is yaaaaaaas. If not then, well, she's still pretty good i guess...
  2. Aye, I did mean a dedicated buff outside of Sato who uses, rather than buffs, squadrons, but I agree a bit with Blail and other posters to a certain degree - there'd need to be an effective counter upgrade to balance a squadron specific admiral.
  3. Maybe an Admiral who is Squadron specific? We have ones that manipulate ship dice, speed, yaw, survivability but not their ability to muck about with squadrons.
  4. I ran Foresight and Admonition on Tuesday, each loaded out with RBDs, Xi7s, APTS, OEs, along with Derlin for Foresight and Walex Blissex for Admonition, Mothma as admiral. Amazing the amount of punishment they can take. Allowed me hurtle headlong into an enemy (Rebel) fleet with confidence and come out the other side pretty much in one piece. RBDs really give them extra mileage.
  5. With an escort in the ball to mitigate this?
  6. Anyone have any experience playing these together? I'm thinking there's potential for lots of shoot and scoot shenanigans, using Jan's intel and braces to ensure they stay alive and at distance 2.
  7. Gotcha. I was placing the "immediate" side of APT as immediately before the third bit. Cheers!
  8. Obviously timing on APTs has been done to death, however a particular situation where the timing was exceptionally relevant cropped up this evening... My MC30's APTs hit with a crit, so a face-up was dealt immediately... which allowed me to reduce his speed 1 to speed 0 (cant remember the exact name of the card). There was a still 4 damage after this to apply - being reduced to speed 0 at the APT stage, is he now prevented from using his defence tokens in this attack? We played it as no (I thought the APT damage should apply before defence tokens in this case, but as we couldn't decide and I had a double arc anyway, we agreed he could use his defence tokens), but would be interested to hear the forums thoughts.
  9. Ive seen folks with SW7s on a Lib Star Cruiser, and can understand why - guaranteed damage is a nice "have" in this game. However, for me its all about getting doubles on those reds and ill want as many chances as possible to get them. A Lib BC with Spinal Armament and XI7s? - gonna want those Leading Shots...
  10. Hmm... I'm not a facebooker, nor on any other social media so im not quite the guy to do it. Real shame there isn't a central place to advertise - I wanted to go to the Bristol OG event happening this sunday, however only found out about it when it was sold out...
  11. Yeah, a lot more interaction from FFG, even if its just the occasional article on tactics/whatever. More big ships for the Rebels
  12. Anyone know where I can find out the above? Searched the net to no avail....
  13. UK Based, looking for a reinforced blast door card or two? Have got spare VCX 100s to trade
  14. Cheers chaps... list building for the weekend!
  15. Say i have Ahsoka on a flotilla next to my Liberty as it activates. The Liberty has 3 tokens with it, an engineering, concentrate fire and squadron. I use the engineering to regain a shield. Can i, immediately after using this engineering token, then convert one of the others to an engineering token using Ahsoka to then immediately use it to regain another shield? Basically using two engineering tokens in a single turn with the help of Ahsoka. Timing-wise the Ahsoka card says "during the activation of a friendly ship"... so no definite timing. However, saying you can and not saying you cant are two very different things. Thoughts?
  16. I think hunting life boats involves more than just a points value calculation. Whilst taking out an Ackbar flotilla for 56 points, or Mothma for 48, may be small fry on paper, the effect their loss can have on the greater fleet is huge. From personal experience, losing Ackbar on turn 3 lost me a game at regionals, even though i didn't lose my biggest ships. With this in mind, i reckon deploying 100 points or so (for example) to take out 50 points of life boat can pay huge dividends towards the end of game score. Even an MC30 can be justified as an assassin if it can get the job done in a timely manner.
  17. I think this is a wee bit pessimistic. Getting a gunnery teamed Lib behind an enemy fleet, hosing down a couple of ships for a good three turns isn't unattainable and is at least as good as massed squadrons, if not better (squads cant have xi7s, MK, intel officer etc). That's some serious efficiency, taking on ISDs etc from behind with the rear. The panic effect as the player desperately tries to counter a speed 4 monster inevitably cruising behind their fleet is worth it alone from a tactical viewpoint and general entertainment - it'll skew their planning, and combined with 2 mc30s (or even a tooled up 1 mc30) he/she doesn't know where to look first. I don't want to get into the "squads vs big ships" debate (both have merits IMHO, and ultimately its down to the player), and i certainly agree that Reb squad combos are immense, but the Lib, flown well (always the caveat with this game), is for me far and away the best value large ship in the game. Perhaps more importantly, its dynamic and fun + isn't too hard to make a dual Lib fleet what with the base SC being 96. Lib til i die
  18. Share Bey all the way. Having the potential to kill Ties outright with her counter attacks alone is great. She rarely survives a game, but watching enemy squadron ball limp away after burning through her brace, scatter and savage counter warms my cockles. Paired with Tycho, you have the Armada equivalent of Butch and Sundance. Never leave home without 'em.
  19. I've trained against myself using an opposing fleet of 450 points (with the list im training with having the standard 400). It makes playing against yourself a more worthwhile experience as it's an up hill (space) battle for your fleet to win. An Armada version of "train hard, fight easy", meaning when you face a standard 400 pointer you'll instantly be that bit more comfortable and used to pressure.
  20. It's a solid list, but i saw nigh on exactly the same in many lists at regionals, and they were spread far and wide throughout the rankings. That said, the way you tell it Norsehound, it does sound like this guy has practiced using it to a tee. Agree with Ardaedhel - he does this all the time at your casual game nights? Kinda sucks the fun out of it for all involved, himself included.
  21. As an aside and out of interest, what does/did the "Utah" list consist of?
  22. Heartily agree with this. Deploying with an in-depth knowledge/ experience of the various combos for/against you is such a critical aspect of the game in my opinion, one I still occasionally struggle with after playing for a year and a half The ISD example in the article perfectly illustrated this (and is something i have near exactly, and fatally, replicated recently). Love these articles Captain Weather, stuff like this is what makes the forum worth logging on to - please keep 'em coming!
  23. We just got a ship a piece, a load of awesome fighters introducing new abilities, plus a campaign with a swathe of new aces... and folks are already wanting more?! Jeeze.
  24. Totally agree with this. Indeed buy what you like and play what you like, regardless of whether in a casual or competitive setting. Even getting a severe kicking in Armada is fun if you're playing a great fleet you love.
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