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  1. Let us know how you get on with this - whilst it is limited in activations/ deployments, solid play can mitigate these/ make the most of our big guns. All the best with your competition!
  2. Love this idea. Maybe add Toryn to create a fighter escort of death (4 Xwings with 20 blues and a re-roll each... rapidly warming up to Leia)
  3. I think like a lot (most) Rebel ships it takes a lot of practice, maybe especially so with the Lib (the MC30 is another one that takes getting used to). Time and practice - the Lib is a monster in the right hands. Myself and another player both turned up to an event last year with a 7 activation Lib list each (no fighters - i think we were the only players there out of about 17 without them). I had a similar experience to yourself and my Lib got hammered in 3 games. The other guy got to the top three on the strength of his Lib flying. A player experienced in Lib handling is dangerous prospect.
  4. ... but with the right load out (two turbo laser slots - that's unique to date) she can savage an ISD by getting behind them (engine techs and Madine make this easier). Walex Blissex helps add some defence (you can burn that single redirect safely knowing you'll get it back) and the Endeavour title adds a contain if needed. As with all and any ship, sorry to say but problems with them are down to pilot (ie us) error. The Lib is a particularly potent speed 4 laser monster in the right hands.
  5. 13 points for 3 blacks he can use to happily whittle away generics with impunity is pretty good no? Compare to the Defender or an E Wing which have far less survivability and therefore less damage output. For Valen, anyone is his escort, with his scatter protecting him from dedicated ship anti squad fire. (as a Reb player I am eternally jealous of him)
  6. Agreed, Shara Bey is point for point amazing value. She's pretty much six dice in combat, 3 using crits. Has anyone mentioned Valen Rudor yet? For 13 points he is excellent without his special ability. Including it I think he is the best value ace in the game. (Admittedly not so great on the bomber front).
  7. I reckon cost has got to be a deciding factor that ultimately swings it - but then if you're looking for a solid multi role fighter bomber, the Defender may be a bargain the list builder's eyes as it meets expectations. Maybe i'm just cheap, but 16 points for a non unique is a point too far. I think whether you have a preference for ships/ squadrons in damage delivery will shape how you perceive squadron point costs. For me, squads are the side show supporting my ships so I can rarely justify a huge squad outlay.
  8. I can see the appeal of Defenders... but at 16 points apiece? For 6 points more i can have two A wings which nicely handle a Defender. Great squadron for sure, not sold on their cost effectiveness (however, having been on the receiving end of a Jendon'd Marek for the last few weeks, i can testify to his awesomeness).
  9. Whilst this has no doubt been touched on previously, with the advent of wave 5 fighters there's a whole new bunch of contenders to assess. However, have taken most of the rebel wave 5 additions for a whirl since their release, i keep coming back to the good ol' X Wing and A Wing, especially the latter. Both have solid anti squadron, anti ship and the A Wing has great economy at 11 points and speed 5 to boot. There doesn't seem to be a contender in the new wave within those criteria. With wave 5 in mind what do you guys think? (Being a rebel player i don't have much of an idea on the Imperial side of life, so I wont venture a half ar$ed opinion there).
  10. @Ardaedhel cheers for the awesome number crunching on ExL, very much appreciated! Not sure i'll stray far from APTs for competitive stuff, but i may give ExL with Xi7s a proper whirl in the coming weeks. I have no idea how this Gink quote box got here?
  11. How come Expanded Launchers doesnt get a look in? An MC30 Torp with OE and EL comes out at 80, vs a Gink special MC30 (ST and EA) @ 78. The EL MC30 is throwing out ten dice in a double arc, seven of them blacks with rerolls. Factor in points saved by not having to buy Ackbar (lets say for sake of argument we revert to a traditional Mothma build - so we immediately have extra survivability for our ten dice monster) and give it XI7s - thats a tasty gun ship thats easy to double arc with, and surely the stats for that beat the Ackbar mc30 torp?
  12. Reporting a most excellent and Gammony trade with @ManInTheBox!
  13. Guy at my local club has been using Fett to great effect the last two weeks now... would be wonderful to empty a whole Ackbar broadside (with leading shots) into that little fecker...
  14. I have no skin in this fight... but i did use a Lib with Ackbar (supported by 3 TRC90s if I remember correctly) It crashed and burned so hard..... maybe not my greatest fleet list...
  15. A two anti squad dice flotilla would be an absolute gift for those not squadron inclined. A twin Lib list with supporting flak-chariot GR75s is a dream...
  16. Indeed, it does very much depend on ship cost - im betting high 50s? - certainly not less than 50 anyhow. At that points cost (and bearing in mind its command and control abilities that cannot be costed) i'm far more inclined to send a tooled up MC30 to bump it off then i would be a squadroning Gozanti. Like i say, Quasars will be easy meat - and a priority target to boot. It'll need babysitting from more savvy players.
  17. Engineering down to 2 on the Quasar? Ooof! Combined with only two Defence tokens and being what I'm guessing wont be the nimblest of ships, they are some juicy meat for the Rebs. A couple of TRC90s or an MC30 broadside can end their (and Sloane's) fighter shenanigans very quickly. So much love for this wave already.
  18. 5 points to add a dice of a colour already in your anti squad pool maybe? Either way, some anti squad augmentation is very welcome.
  19. 2 of each, if only for the cards. If the Hammerheads are cheap points wise, i reckon i could squeeze in a third box for maximum ramming shenanigans! Im not a big Imperial player yet, but between the Quasar and the Arquittens i think I'm slowly coming round...
  20. Agreed, but in total on a turn when EF is used, along with a Leia'd manoeuvre, there's potential to ramp up down 3 notches of speed in total (1 EF plus 2 order/Leia).
  21. I'm still hoping this stacks - for the 38 points along with the limitations it really wants to. Whilst it is treated like a token, it isn't... Def a FAQ. That said, the Pelta/ Entrapment formation will be amazing as is!
  22. Nailed an ISD will 9 hull left last night with an Admonition APT/OE/Xi7 double arc just last night as it happens... Just saying. Demo is not the be-all and end-all. (as an aside, said Admonition then limped away and got nailed by an Interdictor side arc of all things...)
  23. MC80 Christmas tree with Ackbar (or indeed any other admiral ) is a tank and a half. It takes the most savage beatings and puts out the most red dice in the game generally. There's a flaw in your comparison - Rebs dont have dedicated brawlers because thats the Imperial's turf. Rebs do lightning surgical strikes, which they excel at in this game. The MC30? The Liberty (a potentially speed 4 large base ship)? And wit squadrons, the rebels can out brawl all but a swarm of defenders - and who has the points for that?
  24. Agree with Mad etc - the Rebs have got so much diversity compared to the Empire, its why Ive only played Emps twice despite owning a fleet of them. These new additions will entice me back in. On the Reb side of life, we've kind of had it our way since wave 3 (18 point flotillas, Lib, E wings) and we're still getting great stuff here. Leia as admiral is potentially huge (esp if her ability stacks with tokens) and formations of cheap ramming Hammerheads will wreck that hull 6 Quasar. As a Rebel player, Im very happy.
  25. Hmm so far yes it does look a bit savage, but then we haven't seen everything the wave has to offer - there could be some hard counter cards in there (those quad lasers could be some serious anti squadron?). Not to mention, the Quasar isnt exactly the hardiest of ships and Im betting it'll have a speed chart not too dissimilar to the MC80 or Vic. Wont take much to get to it before its fighters get to you, and as someone mentioned before, a swarm of X wings is a great counter for a Sloane/ Quasar Tie swarm. They'll still be one of the most fragile fighters in the game... Maybe Ten Numb will see some serious use breaking them up as well? So far, great wave. Loving the savage ram title.
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