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  1. Cheers for the suggestions - i've gone for a combo of the two (at least for now..) Admiral: Sato Missions: Most Wanted, Fighter Ambush, Dangerous Territory. Total: 400. 3 x CR90A - each with Engineering Teams. 6 B Wings Nora 2 VCX 100s GR75 TRANs: Adar Tallon, Bomber Command, Boosted Comms GR75 TRANs: Bomber Command, Boosted Comms GR75 TRANs: Sato, ship title "Lifeboat of No Shame" Plan will be to play very much to the missions. Im doubting he'll take either Fighter Ambush or Dangerous Territory, so it'll be pick an ISD and mallet it for double points with the B Wings, survivors of this going onto the next one whilst the Corvettes do their Sato thing at long range.
  2. So, i'm soon to be taking on the following: ISD 2 with Admiral Konstantine, Admiral Titus, Gunnery team and quad laser turrets ISD 1 with tractor beams and quad laser turrets ISD 1 with tractor beams and quad laser turrets And I'm a little stumped as to how to proceed. Of course, I'll be taking advantage of his lack of squad cover and their invulnerability to tractor beams/ Konstantine, but where to invest? Currently coming up with Luke, Nora, Biggs, three X Wings, two Y Wings and a VCX, all in a Rieekan fleet with at least Adar Tallon on a GR75 (to max out on Luke). None too keen on Yavaris but maybe this time i'm going to have to take the plunge... Suggestions? I feel i'm in an MC30/Lib rut that's preventing me come up with something new.
  3. My opponent suffered a crit that gives the ship an additional damage card when it overlaps another ship or obstacle. Now, i immediately rammed him with a flotilla as he could now be damaged by these, however my opponent interpreted it as only when he moves the ship into an overlapping position, not when it ends up overlapped for other reasons. For others who have experienced this, how did you interpret/ resolve? (apologies i dont have the card and exact wording with me, generally dont carry my Armada damage deck around at uni )
  4. How about swapping out the Shuttle for Jendon? Unless you're intent on moving stuff around with strategic, a double tapping Maarek with Rhymer's range bonus gives you a hammer to your ISD's anvil.
  5. Aye, agreed - we're having a rematch next week and i've just been coming up with lists. A solid H9 armed MC30 is in there with Tarkin on its kill list.
  6. Played this Imperial list this evening twice and was savaged. Have played before with both high activation swarms and big ship lists with fighters and it's cheeky either way. Curious to see how would you approach it? Admiral: Grand Moff Tarkin Total: 399. Arquiten command cruiser with turbo-laser reroute circuits and engine techs. Arquiten command cruiser with turbo-laser reroute circuits and engine techs. Arquiten command cruiser with turbo-laser reroute circuits and engine techs. Arquiten command cruiser with turbo-laser reroute circuits and engine techs. Gozanti class cruiser with suppressor title, admiral Monferrat and repair crews Gozanti class cruiser with repair crews, admiral Titus and Grand Moff Tarkin. 399pts Total Mission cards are Targeting beacons, Fire lanes and Intel sweep. With Tarkin pumping out manoeuvre tokens he keeps them engine tech-ing whilst using concentrate fire orders for the most part. Makes them a very tricky proposition.
  7. Personally I have more of an issue with a suicide Rieekan Yavaris than a ramstrosity list. You can block rammers, shoot them out of the sky or RBD the damage away, not to mention worst case its 2 damage and the other offending ship will be half dead afterwards. Given the choice between a Rieekan Ramstrosity list or a Rieekan All Star Bomber list with Yavaris, i'll happily take the former.
  8. I reckon the ramming rules are the best they can be. They (appropriately) disadvantage low hull ships (a double ramming corvette is losing 50% of its hull to an ISD losing less than 20% - so no Rogue One double ISD death apocalypse here) and i reckon they're an important part of ship combat. I don't build ram dedicated fleets but i'll destroy the target ship anyway I can, including blocking it in and ramming it to death. Perhaps most importantly, i fully expect and agree that my opponent should do the same.
  9. In lieu of sDm's answer, i ran the following with Advanced Gunnery, Planetary Ion Cannon and Dangerous Territory at yesterday's Bristol (UK) OP. Admiral: Mothma Total: 387 MC30 Torp: Admo, OE, APT, RBDs, Walex Blissex. MC30 Torp: Foresight, OE, APT, RBDs, Major Derlin. MC30 Torp: H9s, OE APT GR75 Trans: Boosted Comms GR75 Trans: Mothma Shara Tycho 2 x A Wings. With the bid i easily clinched first in two of the three games, with my third opponent (a Cracken fleet) having the same bid so we diced off. First time I've really used H9s in a flotilla heavy environment (not many at my local) - the mere threat of a guaranteed lifeboat kill can really change people's deployment.
  10. As i understand it, you need the Armada ticket and the three day access ticket? Works out at £50. I only realised this week i needed the access one (i had the Armada one) and quickly grabbed it.
  11. MC30 Torps fully loaded with Mothma - ideally either title, H9s, APTs, OE, RBDs and Walex Blissex/ Derlin depending on what day it is. Libs - love 'em. Battle Cruiser for preference, spinal and H9 or XI7, LDs, GTs, Walex Blissex and ETs to hoon it at effective speed four. GR75 Transport - naked, with my admiral, fleeing at speed three across the back line (sorry, couldn't resist) Fully loaded Ackbar assault pickle. Generally any ship that has defences to mitigate my impulsive recklessness...
  12. Combat support, signals (comms), any number of non-fighting roles you need in a fight... as represented by their role in Armada
  13. Got an event with my list coming up on Sunday, so will post results and further thoughts after
  14. A Wings! A Wings! Looking for A Wings! Ideally 3 stands. I've got four boxes of Rebels Squadrons so willing to negotiate and swap one for one from those. More than happy to ditch VCXs, E wings etc
  15. I really want to find a place for slicer tools in my list as well. May have to drop an A wing or two...
  16. Ref. point efficiency, it is't confined to what you see on the card (ie 18 points plus say 38 for Ackbar). Whilst that flotilla may only be 56 points or less depending on Admiral, they have a value way beyond what their points suggest. For example, nail a Mothma lifeboat (a 48 point target) on turn 3 and the rest of fleet lost the very advantage they are built around. It isn't about "on paper" point efficiency.
  17. Im not sure they are an auto include, just like Demolisher and Ackbar aren't (despite representing great value, especially in Demolisher's case). There's plenty of scope to have a very functional multi activation fleet without them. A swarm of Arquittens springs to mind, multi Glads, etc. The assumption that a 2/ 3 ship fleet is dead/ has no utility is also faulty. Twin ISDs with a bunch of fighters are lethal in the right hands, regardless of the opponent's activation advantage. I think it's become "common sense" they are an auto include, but nothing is. Not to denigrate anyone's opinion etc but the limit really is imagination. As i write this I am now thinking "am i trapped in a flotilla dictated paradigm?". It really is only that, a paradigm. It'll come and go.
  18. This. So True. Im taking a 5 ship fleet with squads to an event on Saturday with 3 flotillas in it. Together with kit the 3 cost 62 points. One of MC30s alone is 96, the Squads are 88 points (hell, Mothma accounts for 30). I lost all three playing last night at my local club yet won the game (anecdotal i know, but illustrative). I think flotillas are maybe becoming the latest boogie man similar to the likes of Demolisher, Ackbar etc before it.
  19. The GR75s with Boosted comms and a token do allow for mini surges, with their base 2 squadron value allowing for supporting attacks with the MC30s. Shara is there as the perfect odd one out - she rarely needs activating, which is perfect for this fleet.
  20. Flotillas are very much in strength here in the UK... but they're also going pop quite regularly as well. I would really love to preserve the taking it in turns to move pieces turn structure - going to a "i move my fleet, then you" mechanic ala 40K would lead to the game achieving levels of dullness even the most remotely placed lifeboat flotilla could not hope to achieve. Structurally the game is fine. Maybe a few tweaks to certain builds dominating the game? Happy with that.
  21. Used an EL mc30 alongside an APT variant last night, both similar builds to your own (though opted for Derlin on Foresight and Walex Blissex on Admonition for extra survivability, with H9s on both). Initially my opponent was genuinely worried for me that i didnt have enough damage output... the EL double arc is a beast! Currently running variations on this: Total: 386 Admiral: Mon Mothma Missions: Adv.Gunnery, Solar Corona, Planetary Ion Cannon. MC30 Torp: Foresight, Derlin, Expanded Launchers, Ord.Exps, H9s, RBDs MC30 Torp: Admonition, Blissex, APTs, Ord.Exps, H9s, RBDs GR75 Trans: Boosted Comms GR75 Trans: Boosted Comms GR75 Trans: Mothma 5 A Wings Tycho Shara The A Wings have proved a pretty essential part of this list. If they're not dealing with enemy squads they're following on MC30 runs to peck their wounded victims to death. I make 0 apologies for my life-boating
  22. Cheers for the data @shmitty - big ask but could we compare flotilla usage to fighter usage? Maybe see a correlation between cheaper carriers = more fighters or maybe cheap flotillas enabling smaller but more effective minimal screens? (all hypothetical ruminations, I'm not advocating a "squadrono-pocalypse viewpoint! just curious )
  23. I'd like to try them as an escort for a Liberty (titled) battle cruiser - two blacks anti squad plus 6 sniping blues to give it a little more bite when them bombers come a' calling. Plus an extra couple of bomber reds to augment anti ship (and some flight controller shenanigans if the slot isn't used up).
  24. Maybe reduce to one BCC to increase that bid, maybe even further by swapping EL for APTs on one MC30? They really want that first strike and a 2 (even a 10) point bid doesn't make that likely. Could swap out xi7 for H9 on the EL MC30 as well? Means all that lovely extra black damage (esp on a double arc) isn't getting braced away. Yes it could be redirected, but its still shields disappearing.
  25. A Lando admiral would be great, but what about a Chewie of any variety? He is conspicuously absent...
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