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    16 minutes ago, Drasnighta said:

    Its usually written along the terms of "Deployment in both Number and Position, as well as Maneuver are very important parts of Armada to Learn and Master.  Raddus allows you to ignore the very concept of Deployment Numbers (as you go 'who cares', my big hitter drops LAST and not part of deployment), as well as Maneuver, as you're simply placed in the "best position" you feel like when its time.



    As a Raddus player, this doesn't really marry up with experience. 

    Deployment is still critical, as you need to get your marker ship/s to a good spot, else you'll waste the big opportunity. When building a list I try to maximise my deployment numbers to ensure I can at least equal my opponents. It matter to the success of Radduss-ing. 

    As to simply placing in the best position, this is again impacted by deployment but also reality on the field - Raddus isn't an auto 'deploy where you want'. Your main marker shop could be neutralised in some way, or a fighter screen could be used to prevent you landing where you want. I've managed lots of 'great', 'pretty good' and one 'nigh on perfect' Raddus deployment having used him a lot. He isn't a license to go where you want - your opponent has agency in all this. 

    On top of all this, with Raddus you have one shot. Muck it up and you've wasted your admiral, your big hitter and potentially the marker ship who has been left hanging. 

    He adds a new experience to the game I think, one that is dramatic, thematic and fun, but very much something that can be countered. 


  2. 4 hours ago, Deadshane said:

    Its been so friggin long that FFG has seemed to drive me back to 40k.  2 factions in Legion is boring me and Armada being my primary game anyway has left my hobby bored, uneventful, and tournament-less.  (tournament play is my favorite thing about minis gaming)

    During this heinous drought Ive actually amassed an almost complete Drukari (Dark Eldar) army and a bunch of books to jump back into the game after a 2 edition hiatus that started with X-Wing.

    Thats around $700-800 bucks FFG has missed out on. 

    I know its a drop in the bucket and Im only 1 person...but Im sure Im not the first to give my entertainment bucks to someone else due to boredom.

    Armada has been my jam since release and I love the game intensely.  Ill watch for news but like Green Knight and unkown others....my patience is at an end.

    8th edition 40k on the other hand....mad release schedule and evidently the rules are in a good place right now.

    I used to hail FFG as the AMERICAN GW without crappy pricing and actual playtested rules.  I was concerned when Asmodai bought them out.  Right now it seems that concern was prudent.

    Shame.  It was a good run and FFG has gotten my GW hobby money for several years.  Like a recovering alchoholic though....Im back off the wagon.



    This post is without ******* or salt.  Im just bored and going back to a company with a fantastic IP AND a rapid release schedule and regular news.

    No salt needed....my entertainment dollar is just keeping my mini gaming hobby fresh and fun....as it should be.

    Yerp, similar. I've bought into 40k Killteam big time, and with the new arena expansion I'll look at tournaments as well. My intent when I got into Armada was to play it and it alone, but the lack of releases and comms is demoralising 

  3. I used it as an escort for a Madine Battlecruiser once - engine techs helping with movement, the extra flak keeping off fighters - I may even have put expanded launchers on it for added fear factor. Think it worked once.... Maybe not cost effective tbh, but fun - I reckon in epic play a Pelta will come into its own.

  4. 2 hours ago, The Jabbawookie said:

    ECM on the 75 will serve you vastly better than H9s on the 30.

    Very much agree with this. Lando on the 75 would also be handy - it may have to tank some shots before it gets to fire.

    And is it important to have a bid with Raddus? Your Raddus-ing ship can't be the first ship to activate when it arrives, but that includes your opponents - so if youre second player it can be your first. 

    That said, I'm currently running a Raddus fleet with a huge bid (21 points) - if you set it up right you can last/first with a double arc nicely. Handy in our brave new ISD-heavy world.

  5. Howdy, 

    Tinkering about with the following, looking to use it in an upcoming tournament. 

    The logic behind choices are as follows:

    The Lib i think is the best ship for Raddus-ing (gunnery teams, lots of lasers etc), hence its inclusion. Toying with putting Mon Karen on it as well.

    The Raddus MC30 is a threat all on its own, that'll pair with Lib on arrival to hopefully set up some nasty situations for my opponent. 

    The CR90B is there as a mini threat/ torpedo frigate.

     List as follows, constructive criticism mightily appreciated:

    REBEL FLEET:  382

    1 • MC30c Torpedo Frigate - MC30c (63)     - Admiral Raddus (26)    - Ordnance Experts (4)    - Assault Proton Torpedoes (5)    - XI7 Turbolasers (6)    - Admonition (8)
        • Total : 112    • Code : r17c20w5n4t4f17
    2 • MC80 Battle Cruiser - MC80 Liberty (103)     - Gunnery Team (7)    - Leading Shots (4)    - XI7 Turbolasers (6)    - Spinal Armament (9)
        • Total : 129    • Code : r30w1i3t4t9
    3 • CR90 Corellian Corvette B - CR90 Corellian Corvette (39)     - Dodonna's Pride (6)
        • Total : 45    • Code : r2f1
    4 • GR-75 Medium Transports - GR-75 (18)     - Comms Net (2)    - Quantum Storm (1)
        • Total : 21    • Code : r29b2f27
    5 • Shara Bey A-wing Squadron - A-wing (17) 
        • Total : 17    • Code : r35
    6 • Tycho Celchu A-wing Squadron - A-wing (16) 
        • Total : 16    • Code : r12
    7 • A-wing Squadron - A-wing (11) 
        • Total : 11    • Code : r13
    8 • A-wing Squadron - A-wing (11) 
        • Total : 11    • Code : r13
    9 • GR-75 Medium Transports - GR-75 (18)     - Comms Net (2)
        • Total : 20    • Code : r29b2
    10 • Objectives - Objectives (0)     - Station Assault (0)    - Contested Outpost (0)    - Superior Positions (0)
        • Total : 0    • Code : r0a15a5a12

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