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  1. Did anyone notice it can equip IG-2000? Edit: yes they did, two threads further down. Sorry!
  2. "A friendly figure" includes the figure itself. "Another friendly figure" does not.
  3. Hah. That definition of "has suffered" could've answered this in one post!
  4. The wording in the rules is "A hero cannot choose to suffer (strain) if the amount of (strain) he has suffered would exceed his Endurance." AS does not say "you can suffer strain beyond your endurance". If you count AS as "(strain) he has suffered", then if your strain on your hero card and your strain on AS add up to your endurance you cannot suffer more strain. You can't have it both ways - either AS does not count as "strain suffered" for Subversive Tactics, or it does count as "strain suffered" for the basic game mechanics and breaks things.
  5. For the same reason, when a 3-endurance (wounded) hero has 3 strain on AS, do you never let them take a 4th because you can't take strain if "you have suffered" strain equal to your endurance?
  6. You could argue that the card only lets you reroll all dice, so if you can't reroll all dice then you can't use the card at all.
  7. I don't buy this. When you declare the attack, you can trigger For the cause! but you cannot trigger Ferocity because you are not focused. Once you resolve For the Cause! and become focused, you can't trigger Ferocity because the timing window has passed. From another perspective, at no point did you declare an attack while ... Focused. You declared an attack, and then you became focused later. Consider they could easily have used while attacking instead.
  8. No, you screwed up the reinforcements. "A reinforcement wave is set of 1 or more Deployment Cards whose combined Deployment cost is between 6 and 10. The total Deployment cost of all 3 reinforcement waves cannot exceed 24." You chose two waves of 10 and one wave of 3. This probably gave you slightly more threat on the board earlier than it should have. (The most you should be able to deploy soonest is 10 the first time and 8 the second, bit you would have been able to deploy 10 and 10.)
  9. Every page I load asks me if I want notifications...
  10. I'm planning on turning one of the small expansion boxes into a place to put as much as possible between sessions to store the campaign state: Must-have: Rebel play areas (bought class cards and items, earned rewards, Bounty tokens) - mini American x4 Rebel allies - American Imperial play area (bought class and agenda cards, earned rewards, villains) - American, optional mini American too Agenda deck - American Active missions - American Side mission deck - American Nice-to-have: Rebel hero cards (ease of access; allies could go in here too) - huge Item deck (to separate out sold/unused items) - mini American x 1-3 Supply deck (ease of access) - mini American Story mission deck (ease of access) - American Unbought class cards (ease of access) - mini American x5 Deployment decks (ease of access) - American x1-2 Rebel/villain minis Before I actually sit down and try to lay something out... is there anything I've not listed above that would be useful to track the campaign state?
  11. No, that would just mean it wouldn't work if you are Executive Ordered to attack, or get some other out-of-activation attack. If it were a once per activation ability, it would say "Limit once per activation".
  12. Remember that the development time of an IA product is about a year from concept to production. They got two Rogue One releases out for X-Wing already. If they can manage that turnaround, they could've done it for IA... if they'd wanted.
  13. Interesting spot. And definitely an odd error on FFG’s part. Wonder how that happened? Maybe they don't have her set yet. Or maybe it looks very similar. As a Hero pack, Hera shouldn't even *have* an Agenda set, right?
  14. Isn't that the same for every villain in the boxes, save Vader because he's technically a blister pack?Or does the Jabba blister not give you a way to earn him?
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